Reader Recommended Truck Camping Gear

We have compiled a page of reader recommended truck camping gear from past Question of the Week responses.  From camping chairs to coffee makers, to back-up cameras, readers share their favorites.

Best Binoculars For Camping

The Best Binoculars For Birds, Bears, and Buffalo
TCM readers reveal the best binocular brands, magnifications, and features for wildlife viewing, hikes, and night sky gazing.

Best Pocket Multi-Tools For Camping

32 Essential Pocket Tools For Camping
TCM readers share the pocket tools they carry along with them camping. By far the most popular multi-tool mentioned is a Leatherman.

Best Camping Tables

30 Recommended Camping Tables, And 45 Beers
TCM readers share their favorite camping tables as well as their favorite beer that they put on those tables.

Best Camping Chairs

The Most Comfortable Camping Chairs
TCM readers reveal, after significant back end research, the most comfortable camping chairs.  Bring out the comfy chairs!

Best Flashlights and Lanterns

The 50 Best Flashlights and Lanterns
Whether you’re looking for a handheld flashlight, camping lantern, or a headlamp, here are some time tested and proven recommendations from experienced campers.

Best Coffee Makers for RVs

The Best Small Coffee Makers
Truck Camper Magazine readers reveal the best small coffee makers and the different ways they make coffee while truck camping.

Best Portable Grills For Camping

The Best Portable Grills
TCM readers reveal the best portable grills for RVs and camping.  Find out the most popular portable barbecue.

The Best Maps, Apps, and GPS Devices
TCM readers reveal their navigational preferences.  Here are the best maps, GPS devices, and smartphone apps.

Recommended best vacuums for truck campers

The Best Handheld Vacuum Cleaners
TCM readers reveal the best handheld vacuum cleaners for RVs and camping. Why pay to haul around dirt?

Best Off-Road Recovery Gear

Essential Off-Road Recovery Gear
TCM readers reveal their off-road recovery gear. These are required tools you need to get unstuck when you’re off-road, off-grid, and beyond cell range.

Best Portable Air Compressors

The Best Portable Air Compressors
TCM readers reveal, after many miles of off-road research, the best portable air compressors they have used in the field.

Best Portable CB Ham Radio

CB and Ham Radios For Truck Camping
With the help of TCM readers with CBs and Ham Radios, we tune in to the advantages these technologies offer for traditional RVing and off-grid travel.

Best Hiking Gear For Campers

Essential Hiking Gear Everyone Should Have
TCM readers share what they bring on a hike, and why. We are completely blown away by the depth and breadth of what folks take on a hike.

Back-Up Camera Recommendations For Campers
TCM readers reveal the back-up cameras they use on their truck campers.

Protective Covers For Truck Campers

18 Recommended RV Covers For Truck Campers
Readers report on the longevity, quality, and installation experiences with generic fit covers, custom-ordered truck camper covers, and tarps.

Best Bike Racks And Packs For Campers

The Best Bike Racks and Packs For Campers
Bikes of every description get racked, strapped, hitched, stored in, on and around all kinds of truck camper rigs.

The Best First Aid Kits For Campers
TCM readers share the best first aid kits for truck campers.  Medical professionals and readers with extensive first aid training responded.

The Best Diesel Fuel Additives For Truck Campers
After reading through the 84 responses, we found the top 5 diesel fuel additives while truck camping.

The Best Holiday Gifts For Truck Campers
TCM readers submitted their (mostly) Santa’s Workshop Code compliant Christmas gift wishes.  Here’s what TCM readers want under the Christmas tree this year.

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