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The Most Comfortable Camping Chairs

Truck Camper Magazine readers reveal, after significant back end research, the most comfortable camping chairs known to truck camping kind.  Here are the best camping chairs from Truck Camper Magazine readers. Bring out the comfy chairs!

Best Camping Chairs

This week’s Question of the Week was, “What camp chair do you recommend?”
“Without a doubt, the best folding camp chair is the Strongback Elite with lumbar support.  They are expensive but, in my opinion, are worth every penny.  The only problem is if anyone pirates your chair it will be a while before you get it back.  They are that comfortable.

The Strongback Elite chairs come in a great travel bag with shoulder straps that make it convenient to transport to a remote location.  I carry mine in the travel bag standing up behind me in the back seat of the truck.” – Eldon Rhodes, 2008 Chevy 3500HD, 2011 Lance 1050

“I have a Kijaro dual lock chair.  They have a stiffer seat than other camp chairs.  They lock closed and open.  We stack the chairs in the back seat floor board when traveling.” – Mary Sue Miller, 2006 Ford 250, 1981 Shadow Cruiser

“I have the Brown Club Chair from Camping World.  The only drawback is that it doesn’t have cup holders.  We store them in their original plastic bag in the cab of the truck.” – Jen Padgen, 2007 Toyota Tundra, Lance 825

“The chairs we bought after numerous tries are the telescoping Pico arm chairs.  They are the only ones that do not give you a back ache after an hour.  They do not have a sling construction like the five pairs we had before.” – Tilly Maddux, 2008 GMC 2500, 2013 Hallmark Ute Everest

“I have World Outdoor Products Prime Time Iridium graphite gray portable folding lawn chair with a drink holder.  They are well made chairs; more comfortable, and longer lasting then any umbrella chair I have ever owned.  They are $69, and well worth it.” – Gary Goyette, 2011 GMC 2500, 2011 Northern Lite 8-11

“We have two director type chairs that we bought from Costco so long ago that they no longer have brands on them.  If we were getting them again I would choose the model with the side tables.  We also carry a zero gravity reclining chair as I am an avid book reader while camping.

All three chairs, along with our screen house, fit neatly under our dinette table while traveling.  We put the chairs either under the truck or in the back seat at night while parked.” – Tricia Mason, 2009 Ford F350, 2008 Montana Ponderosa 9.5


“Well, I know that the most comfortable camping chair that Angela really enjoyed sitting in was Bruce’s fancy rocker chair.  It has the nice thick padded material, and it’s a rocker!  It has a high back to support the head and is the most comfortable chair ever.
We also have a lower-back rocking chair that we also got from Camping World.

Our camp chairs are folding rocking chairs.  We like them because they offer some lower back support, they rock and recline, they are insulated/padded, which is very comfortable for winter camping.  We still like our fires in the snow.

One drawback is they do not like sand.  We still use them in the sand, but the act of opening and closing becomes more difficult until grains of sand get out of the places they shouldn’t be.  We have two models.  The first one is their standard model, and the second one offers a taller back and rocks/reclines further back.

When traveling, these chairs find a home either in the trailer, if we are taking one, or on our bed until we arrive.  When we travel, they’ll go in the back of the truck if they’re dirty.  Then, they are moved to our ladder rack.  These chairs are insulated/padded, so they take more time to dry out than non-padded chairs.

They do not have any built-in cup holders, but you can add clamp on beverage holders found at most bike stores.

They weigh more than a bag chair, at 16 and 18 pounds each, and they also do not fold as small.  Although these chairs are constructed with a steel frame, they do have some plastic parts holding things together.  The plastic parts can wear out with constant use.  I would I buy these again or recommend them to a friend – absolutely!

Good luck on your chair purchases as there are a ton of chairs out there to review!” – Bruce and Kim Scott, 2005 Ford F350, 2006 Northern Lite 10-2

“We have a folding director’s chair.  It is aluminum and has a small folding table on the side with a drink holder for snacks, books, etc.” – Bill Billyard, 2000 Ram 3500, 2008 Palomino Winter Creek 115RS


“I have a homemade camper chair made out of 2×12 wood.  We sit on it, level the truck with it, throw it under the truck if you’re stuck, or cut and split it if we get short on wood.  I strap it to the rear bumper.  It’s very easy to make!” – Dennis Thorell, 2010 Chevy 3500, 2009 Northern Lite 10’2″ Special Edition

“I like the traditional web style folding aluminum chair.  I have one with a high back so I can rest my head back on it.  The webbing is cool on warm days, allows water to flow through, and is easily dried if I accidentally leave it out in the rain.  No butt pinching folding chair for me.  My traditional aluminum folding chair folds flat and easily stores in the space behind my driver’s seat in the truck.” – Arn Chamberlain, 2000 Ford F-250, 2004 Palomino Maverick 8801

“I’m still looking for the perfect chair.  I like the Costco Timber Ridge chair, but it’s too big to pack in my FWC.
I’m trying the REI Stowaway folding chair on our trip next week to Glacier National Park.  It folds small, but it’s made of steel, so it’s heavy.   I’m looking forward to reading about what is the best chair.” – Bill Harr, 2005 Tundra, 2013 Hawk shell custom build interior

“I use a GCI Outdoor Recliner.  It’s comfortable and very compact, which given the space considerations in a truck camper, makes it really useful.” – Al Stebbins, 2005 GMC 2500, Northern Lite 8′ 11” Queen Classic

“I have the Ranger Tripolina camp chairs by American Camp Chair.  They’re stored in the back of the truck.” – Bruce J Smith, 1997 Ford F-250, No camper yet, still using my shell


“It has to be a rocker.  I bought Gander Mountains $80 rocking chairs when they were on a two-for-one sale.  I add a small pillow for more lumbar support, and it’s nap time.” – Philip Tron, 2009 Chevy 3500, 2012 Lance 1050


“Currently we travel with two EasyFold chairs bought at a large box chain camping store.  We chose this particular chair because it is a rocker.  The base of the chair frame allows one to sit and rock whether the ground is smooth or uneven.

While these chairs do not fold down at compactly as standard camp chairs, they do fold flat easily with the pull of a strap.  The chairs have solid arm rests and a cupholder.  When we travel, we carry the EasyFold chairs strapped in the back seat area of our crew cab truck.” – Chuck and Jodie Ramsey, 2012 Chevy Silverado 3500, 2014 Adventurer 116DS


“I have a Kermit’s Camping Chair.  They are also bought by thousands of motorcyclists.  If it breaks, they repair it free of charge.” – Tav Walraven, 2004 Dodge, Four Wheel Camper


“I have Cabela’s Zero Gravity standard padded lounger.  I use this tray attachment from Amazon, which is a must have, and works on all of our camp chairs.


We store our camp chairs right in the back of the camper along with all the other gear. It’s among the first things out and one of the last things to be put away.” – Neal Haymore, 1990 Ford F250, 1987 Four Wheel Grandby

“We faced the same issue with finding the right camp chairs.  We sat in a couple of the Zero Gravity chairs at Camping World and we were immediately sold.  We bought two chairs and used to store them on the queen cabover bed.

Since then we have purchased a ladder rack for the roof ladder and now carry them there.  With a few bungee cords, they stay securely attached and we have had no problems with them.  They are very comfortable chairs!  My favorite part is being able to lock the chair in any reclined position.” – Hugh Redmon, 1997 Ford F350, 1998 Lance Legend 990

“For upright chairs, we love our Coleman Sling Chairs.  They were about $55 each.  We sat in every chair in every store for ages until we found these. They are very comfortable and fold up and store easily.

We store the chairs on one side of the bed in their covers when traveling.  They have solid arms that you can use to push yourself up and out of the chair, which is more necessary with every passing year.

Paula says she is too old for the old folding chairs that sort of suck you down into them so that you have to climb out.  We look for the right angle on our backs, not too much or too little and the right height from the ground.  These are “Goldilocks” chairs – not too high, not too low; not too soft, not too hard and generally, just right.

For lounging chairs, we love our REI Comfort Lounger XL Chairs.  They are a type of zero-gravity lounger, wide and roomy and extremely comfortable for that all-important afternoon nap.  In them, we are like those old fashioned china dolls – we sit down in these loungers and as we lay back to a flat position, our eyelids close (and the snoring begins).  We carry these on a rack on our rear camper ladder.

Both chairs have mesh fabric in the seat and back that allows them to breathe and keeps you quite comfortable.  Best of luck finding that “just right” chair, Goldilocks!” – Mike and Paula Bostic, 1999 Ford F-350, 2012 Chalet R95S


“We have the GCI Xpress lounger director chair that fellow truck campers recommended to us.  We bought them on Amazon.” – Susan Goll


“I have a LaFuma FGX XL Folding Director’s Chair.  I keep it behind the dinette seat-back.  It fits nicely with the Walmart aluminum 18″ x 20″ camping table, and secures with bungee net.” – Mitch Johnson, 2015 Toyota Tacoma, 2015 Four Wheel Camper Fleet

“I use two Mings Mark Marine Captains chairs when camping.  They are comfortable and sturdy.” – Chuck Matson, 2010 Ford F150, 2015 Outfitter Caribou Lite

“I like a chair from Sportsman Guide called the, “Stylish Camping Rocking, Full-Back Folding Director’s Chair”.
My chair has some pockets that hang down on one side for a bottle of water or a book.  It folds flat and has two small handles for carrying.  I love it because the chair seat is stretched out flat, and you are not all crunched down into it like you are in an umbrella chair.  And my fellow campers seem to love it too.  If I vacate it for a few minutes, I invariably come back to find someone else rocking away in it!

Since I went over to the dark side and traded in my truck camper for a twenty-two foot motorhome, I store it in front of the passenger’s seat in the cab of the motorhome.” – Cheryl Lane, 2006 Bornfree on a Ford chassis

“The Oztent King Kokada!  Or any chair Oztent sells.  They are comfortable and bomb proof!” – Lane Noyes, 2012 Chevy Silverado 1500

“I have Cabela’s Loungers.  You can sit up or lay back, and take a nap.” – Newtie Frost, 2014 GMC 1500, 1988 Skamper fold down

“We have tried a few camp chairs and settled on the Coleman Sling Chair.  We purchased it at Camping World after sitting in every chair they had on display at their Houston location.  It is the only Coleman chair they carry and it only comes in black.

It is very comfortable, has a high vented back, and bungee chords attach the material to the frame.  They come with a storage bag for carrying.  We store ours in the back seat of our truck.  It’s a Coleman, Part #2000020292.” – Glenn Blount, 2012 Ford F350, 2004 Lance 1010

“We are currently using lawn chairs that I purchased at a Kmart.  They were very reasonably priced, have a light weight but sturdy steel powder coated frame, and are very comfortable.  The webbing that makes up the chair seats and backs can be replaced, making it possible to have long life.

We carry the chairs on the rack that hangs on one of the rungs of the roof ladder.  I use a long bungee cord to keep them safely on the rack and out of the way of the camper’s rear door.” – Dave Riddle, 2015 Chevrolet Silverado 3500, 2006 Host Tahoe

“I use and recommend the Travel Chair Teddy.  I do a lot of river rafting.  Rafting is tough on gear.  I’ve owned and trashed a lot of those cheap camp chairs over the years.  The Travel Chair is the one that holds up.

The Travel Chair Teddy is my go to chair whether I’m truck camping, rafting, or going to a concert.  It’s the one that gets used.  The seat is made of a mesh material so it dries quickly.  That’s important so you don’t have to wait hours after a rain to use it.  I store it on the floor in the back of my cab.” – Bruce Norring, 2004, Chevy Silverado 2500, 2003 Hallmark Guanella

“I am unable to make a recommendation as I have never had a camp chair that I found comfortable and well made.  I am really looking forward to some good ideas from this question of the week.  I carry my camp chairs in my tag-along trailer in a zippered waterproof compartment.” – Bill Peters, 2013 Chevy Silverado 1500, 2013 Four Wheel Hawk

“I have the Legacy Comfortsmart Chair from Coleman which delivers “Zero Gravity” comfort.  It has integrated drink holder that keeps cans, bottles, and even wine glasses secure and within reach.  The steel frame folds for convenient storage and easy transport.  The nylon mesh allows cooling air to reach your back on hot days.

I am a large person and this chair supports my weight.  Over the last fifty plus years of camping, I have owned and destroyed many different camp chairs.  This chair is by far the most comfortable chair I have ever owned.

It is stored in its carrying bag underneath the dinette table when traveling.” – Jim Bennett, 2014 Ram 3500, 2011 Lance 1050S

“After thirty-five years in the Army, I have a lot of problems with my back.  Most lawn chairs just leave my back in pain.  My wife, Amy, looked online and found Strongback Chairs.  I was skeptical, but we bit the bullet and paid the money to have two shipped to us; a tall back, and lower back.

The tall back Elite model was out of this world!  It costs a lot more than cheap chairs, but the lower back support was a life saver.  The lower back chair, not so much.  So we sent back the lower and got another Elite shipped to us.

These are the only chairs we took on our forty-day trip following my grandmother’s journey this summer.  For forty days, 8,926 miles, and sixteen states, I had no back issues with this chair.  We love them!  Strongly recommend!” – Mark Dyvig, 2001 Ford F250, 1969 Avion C-11


“We have a Coleman Comfort Smart Suspension chairs.  We like large size chairs with a tall, mesh back.  This gives the best back support of the many, many chairs we sat in to try.  This chair does not cut into either of our under-thighs.

We dislike large chairs that are too bulky to store.  We don’t like the chintzy cupholders made out of dangling chain.  We’re thinking of replacing the chain with nylon cording.

Reviews say the rivets break easy, but we haven’t had that happen and the chairs are on their second summer with pretty frequent use.  Since the bags are black, they are sometimes hard to find without the chairs in them.

We store the chairs on the floor of the back seat area making the floor nearly a platform for Molly, our dog.  If she can’t sit between us, she likes to at least have her head on the console.” – Bonnie Pascucci, 2011 Chevy 3500, 2012 Adventurer 86FB


“We have ARB Expedition Sport chairs.  The best price we have found is $50.00 each on the Northridge 4×4 website.  Anyone who sits in them wants one.  The Aussies know something about outdoor comfort.  We store them in the rear cab area.  We have removed the rear seat components to increase the storage space.” – Jim and Anne Beach, 2009 GMC 3500, 2012 Arctic Fox 865

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