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The Best Truck Camper

The most common question readers ask us at a RV show or truck camper rally is, “Who makes the best truck camper?”  Here is our official answer.

the best truck camper

Long time Truck Camper Magazine readers know we have been to every truck camper factory in the United States and Canada, seen every truck camper brand in detail, and actually been truck camping in dozens of truck camper models over the past decade.

Knowing this, it’s no wonder that readers often pull us aside at RV Shows and truck camper rallies to quietly ask, “Who makes the best truck camper?”  After everything we’ve seen and experienced, we have to know who makes the best camper, right?

In fact, we do.

So, who makes the best truck camper?

No one does.

Buying a Truck Camper is Like Buying a Refrigerator

When we needed to buy a new refrigerator two years ago, we looked at Consumer Reports, read reviews on, scanned consumer forums, and talked to sales people at local appliance stores.  We wanted to know, “Who makes the best refrigerator?” and sought advice from refrigerator experts and owners.

During this research, we asked an appliance salesperson at Sears, “Who makes the best refrigerator?”  He immediately answered, “What size do you need?  Do you want a side-by-side, top freezer, bottom freezer, or french door?  Do you want an in-door ice maker or filtered water dispenser?  Stainless steel, white, creme, or black finish?  Standard or cabinet depth?  And how important is operation cost per year?”

Angela and I had considered some of these variables, but were unprepared to definitively answer all of the salesperson’s clearly important questions.  Honestly, we didn’t know some of these variables existed; like cabinet depth versus standard depth.  How could we find the best refrigerator – for us – if we didn’t have answers to these questions?

There Is No Best Camper, For Everybody

The first lesson from my ridiculous, but hopefully poignant, “buying a truck camper is like buying a refrigerator” analogy is that there is no refrigerator, or truck camper, that’s best for everybody.  In fact, the problem with asking, “Who builds the best” of anything is that the question itself is incomplete.

Imagine going back to Sears and asking that same salesperson, “Who makes the best cabinet depth, side-by-side, stainless steel refrigerator with an in-door ice maker and filtered water dispenser?”  This detailed and specific question would have helped the sales person to immediately narrow our refrigerator choices down to a select few models and likely given us the results we hoped for.

Fred Asks the Wrong Question

Let’s have some more fun with this.  Imagine a reader, we’ll call him Fred, meets us at an RV show and asks, “Who makes the best truck camper?”

Rather than answering with our usual, “Tell us about what you need and want in a truck camper”, we point to few truck campers across the way and state, “That brand makes the best truck campers”.

At first, Fred is thrilled that we told him who makes the best campers, until he sees that it’s a hard side truck camper brand.

“But I want a pop-up camper,” Fred replies.

“Too bad Fred, those campers over there are the best.  No pop-up camper for you.”

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