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The Best Diesel Fuel Additives for RVs and Campers

The question of best fuel additives for truck camper rigs set off a firestorm of passionate reader responses both for and against the popular products.

This week’s Question of the Week was, “Do you use a fuel additive for your truck camping truck?”

After reading through the 84 responses, we found the top 5 diesel fuel additives are Diesel Kleen + Cetane Boost, Stanadyne Injector Cleaner, Opti-Lube, Howes Lubricator Diesel Treatment, and Lucus Upper Cylinder Lubricant.

“I do not use fuel additives, but I run the truck every two weeks when I’m not traveling.” – David Weinstein, 1999 Ram 3500, 5.9 Cummins, Diesel, 2005 Arctic Fox 1150

“With the lack of lubrication properties of Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD), I add a quart of two-cycle oil to each tank of fuel.  My research indicated that it’s the most cost effective treatment for restoring lubricity.” – George Bennett, 2006 Chevy 2500HD, LB7 Duramax Diesel, 2015 Wolf Creek

“I use Diesel Kleen + Cetane Boost.  It’s a total injector cleaner and performance improver.  The Max HP Formula of Diesel Kleen + Cetane Boost is loaded with cetane, detergent, and a lubricity improver to provide peak diesel performance.  I have been using it for as long as I can remember.” – Craig Miller, 1999 Ford F350, 7.3L Powerstroke Diesel, 1999 Lance 11.5

“I just don’t feel fuel additives are necessary on a newer truck.” – Steve Stewart, 2015 Chevy 3500HD, 6.0 Liter Gas, 2012 Arctic Fox 992

“I only use diesel exhaust fluid (commonly called DEF), as required by our overseers in Washington.  I would not use it if it wasn’t required.  At the advice of a very good diesel mechanic, I do not use any additive.  Ford also does not indicate the use of it.” – Glenn Yauney, 2013 Ford F350, 6.7 Liter Diesel, 2000 Arctic Fox 1100

“Yes, I use Lucas fuel injector cleaner.” – Ronald Fithen Sr., 2005 Ford F350, V10 Gas, 2015 Lance 855s

“I use Opti-Lube in my fuel.  I do a lot of city and short trips and the additive helps.  There seems to be less regens and smoke when I use it.  The engine also seems to run smoother.” – John Evans, 2010 Ford F250, 6.3 Liter Diesel, 2016 Lance 825

“Over the years I have tended not to believe in additives.  I had a sailboat with a diesel engine that was having injector problems.  The diesel repair shop rebuilt the injectors and recommended using Stanadyne Diesel Fuel Additive.

When I got my truck it was the first year that would safely burn low sulfur diesel.  The sulfur in diesel provided lubrication for the injectors and injector pump.  I figured the extra lubrication from the additive couldn’t hurt even though I noticed no difference in performance.

After a few years I noticed a very slight vibration at idle at startup.  I tried a bottle of Stanadyne Injector Cleaner.  The vibration went away, so now I put in a bottle every six months.  I’m trying to make my truck last as long as I can because of the price of a new one.” – Bryce Dillree, 2007 GMC 2500 HD, 6.6L Duramax Diesel, 2013 Wolf Creek 850

“I use Amzoil Diesel injector clean on every second tank refill.  I average 14.5 liters per 100 kilometers.  I have a truck camper on the Ram, plus I’m towing with a Jeep.” – Ben Boulet, 2006 Ram 2500, 5.9 Liter Diesel, 2012 Lance 855S

“I’ll go a few miles out of my way for Top Tier rated gasoline.  If high detergent gas isn’t available, I have a few bottles of Chevron Techron in my camper.  By the way, non-ethanol premium provides the lowest cost/mile of any gasoline.  I test every vehicle we buy; car or pickup.  The in-dash mileage calculator is usually optimistic.” – Philip Tron, 2009 Chevy 3500, 6 Liter Gas, 2012 Lance 1050

“None.  I had a 2001 with 200,000 miles on it.  Now, our 2006 Chevy has 230,000 miles. Neither has had any work done on the engines.” – Ernest Wallace, 2006 Chevy 3500HD, 6.6 Liter Duramax Diesel, 2005 Lance 881

“I just recently had to have the EGR sensor system serviced with only 26,000 miles on this truck.  Apparently this is a common problem on this truck, as Ford just sent out a letter stating they will be covering this problem for up to 120,000 miles on my vehicle.

The service advisor told me the best way to prevent the problem was to add a cetane booster which would help keep the EGR system cleaner.  So yes, I am now on my first tank with the Power Service Diesel Kleen additive.  Time will tell.” – Don Brown, 2014 Ford F350, 6.7 Liter Diesel, 2014 Lance 855s

“I use Power Service Diesel Kleen + Cetane Boost.  I use it to keep injectors clean, for top cylinder lubrication, and for the added cetane.” – John Wells, 2011 Chevy 3500, Duramax 6.6 Liter Diesel, 2012 Chalet Ascent S100F

“Yes, I use Stanadyne Performance Formula although I may check into the Archoil offerings.  Snake oils?  Most likely, but relative inexpensive insurance.  In reading articles from mechanics, they are not always helpful, especially when you find they are also peddling a specific product line as, “the Best Patent Medicine around”.

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