Welcome to the Arctic Fox Press Room in Truck Camper Magazine including camper news, reviews, and lifestyle stories.  The La Grande, Oregon manufacturer specializes in slide-out truck campers.  Check out their Truck Camper Buyers Guide.




2015 Arctic Fox 990 Review - Colorado Crazy With A Fox
A review of the 2015 Arctic Fox 990.  Also, TCM explores the wackiest southern Colorado features including Bishop Castle, Colorado Gators, and a never again road in Great Sand Dunes National Park.

Arctic Fox 990 Review
TCM reviews a 990, a classic design and a best-selling full-wall slide-out truck camper from Northwood Manufacturing.  Refinements abound.



Truck Camper Slide Mechanisms
TCM asks Doug Karr, Northwood Manufacturing’s truck camper expert, about the use and maintenance of camper slide mechanisms.  It''s electric!  Boogie woogie woogie!




17,223 Mile Trip of a Lifetime

Deb Herzfelt and her husband, Mike, share their 102 day, 17,223 mile adventure trip of a lifetime from Wisconsin to Alaska, and many amazing places in between.

One F-450, Two RVs, and a Harley
Full-time RVers, George and Sarah Baker, use their self-leveling Ford F450 flatbed for a fifth wheel, an Arctic Fox 990, and a Tri Glide Harley.  Look out Route 66.

Jeep, Camper, and Manifold Burritos

From the Rubicon Trail to Fordyce Creek, four-wheel drive enthusiast Ron Tennyson takes his 2014 Arctic Fox 865 to the trails and unleashes a tricked-out Jeep Comanche MJ.

Fox On the Beach
Mike Manion enjoys taking his 2011 Arctic Fox 990 on the beach at Island Beach State Park and deer hunting in New Jersey and Ohio.  Time to air down and hit the sand.


Rough Roads to Boondock Fox
Bill and Deane Uthman share forty-five years of coast-to-coast camping including favorite National and State Park destinations, off-road getaways, and stunning landscape photography.

From Alaska To The Lower Forty-Eight
Henry and Charlotte travel Alaska and the Lower Forty-Eight every year visiting friends and family, ATVing, boating, and fishing, from coast-to-coast.  Want to know the best Alaska route?

Building the Perfect Truck Camping Beast
From their home in Juneau, Alaska, Kim and Dan Rounsley designed their ideal camper rig including a Ford F550, Arctic Fox 990S, and a custom Douglass Truck Body.


Take On the Slot Canyons

Ted and Cheryl White take us deep into Capitol Reef National Park to tackle the world famous slot canyons.  Take off your pack, turn sideways, and squeeze through!

Paul Karchut: Truck Camping CBC Reporter
CBC Ski and Outdoor Reporter Paul Karchut ventures out in his Arctic Fox 990 truck camper to experience everything the Calgary outdoors, and his radio listeners, can throw at him.


The Joy of Truck Camper Cooking
WARNING: This article contains detailed descriptions and sumptuous photography of delicious food prepared in a truck camper.  Gourmet anywhere!  Bon appetit.


South Dakota Or Bust
Dan and Moneta Woollard of Thunder RV go on a truck camping adventure from Oregon to South Dakota in their Arctic Fox 1160.  Wait a minute, is that another one?


Totally Hooked On Alaska
This article is not suitable for anyone without a truck camper and may cause an immediate need to load your truck camper and go straight to Alaska.


Get Out and Move
It’s a wonderful wake up call to meet someone who challenges you to live a fuller life.  By example, they prove that we can do more, and have more fun, if we just keep moving.

Everglades National Park to Key West
Follow us as we take our 2010 Arctic Fox 865 truck camper from Myakka State Park, through Everglades National Park, and down to Key West.




TCM EXCLUSIVE: 2016 Arctic Fox Announcements

Northwood Manufacturing announces a list of updates to their 2016 Arctic Fox truck camper line including power awnings, an improved convenience center, ambient lighting, and more.

HD VIDEO: New Six-Way Rieco-Titan Remote Control
Northwood Manufacturing produced a video demonstrating the new six-way Rieco-Titan jack remote control.  This new remote controls the power awning, slide-outs, and four corner jacks.


TCM EXCLUSIVE: Arctic Fox Tall Contour Profile Cabover Nose

Just five weeks since making their 2014 Arctic Fox truck camper announcements in TCM, Northwood announces an all-new Tall Contour Profile front cabover nose.  We smell a story!

TCM EXCLUSIVE: 2014 Arctic Fox Announcements
Northwood Manufacturing is stepping up the standard features in their 2014 Arctic Fox truck camper line including stainless steel appliances, a systems monitor command center, all-LED lighting, and more.

New Camper: Arctic Fox 996 Double Slide
Northwood Manufacturing added a kitchen slide-out to their most popular Arctic Fox 990 floor plan and created the Arctic Fox 996.  It’s an Arctic Fox double slide!