Reader Surveys

2019 Survey Responses

Believe it or not, we read each and every reader comment – over 500 in all – and made copious notes along the way.  Your feedback is greatly appreciated, especially the constructive criticism.

Speaking of constructive criticism, one critique is repeated again and again; we need to find a better way to paginate the articles.  Google forced us to break our articles into multiple pages last year, but we should be able to move the, “READ ENTIRE ARTICLE” button to the top.  We heard you, and we are working on it.

If you haven’t already, we strongly recommend reading our Frequently Asked Questions.  There you will find information on industry participation, how we remain objective in our reporting, and much, much more.  Thanks for reading TCM!

Reader Comments:

Great reviews. Extremely thorough, unlike most RV reviews. I also like the access you provide consumers to the manufacturers and local dealers.

I really enjoy the range of information, practical tips and modifications, sharing of experiences, and most of all, that TCM is personable. It is like you are chatting with a group of friends rather than reading a dry description of how to do something.

I am better informed on nearly all aspects of truck camper camping because of your efforts. Also your humor is up-lifting. Thanks!

We are planning to buy a pop-up truck camper in 2019 or 2020. We like the listings of the lightweight, soft-side closeout pop-ups you list. I also like especially the insight TCM gives about manufacturers, and their building and customer satisfaction philosophies. Thanks for your valuable work.

TCM is Gordon, Angela and Harley. The passion and dedication to the subject matter and lifestyle are very evident in every publication. Keep doing what you are doing and don’t change a thing. It’s not broken so don’t try and fix it. Thank you for what you do.

I like that I have one source to find all information about truck campers. I would like more YouTube videos of reviews, interviews, and tours. I do read the articles, but prefer videos.

The fact that you bought a used camper instead of changing for a new one each year. It keeps you closer to the majority of camper owners. You are doing a great job.

Over the years I have come to trust the views of Angela and Gordon concerning truck campers. Their honesty, knowledge and passion for truck campers is much appreciated. I would not hesitate to call upon them if we needed help.

I enjoy learning about destinations to travel, gear reviews, what works (and doesn’t) for others.

I love everything about TCM and I have learned so much valuable information. I have always appreciated all your time and hard work you put into your magazine. I hope all truck camper folks realize this and appreciate what you do. TCM is a big asset to the truck camper industry.

Basically I just enjoy reading TCM when it arrives in my email box. I read it all at once and then re-read it until the the next one arrives. Don’t change anything.

Since your inception, your commitment to the mission and your integrity in fulfilling it has been most impressive. You are the most important single contributor to the truck camper industry and community. Thank you.

I like the advice when buying a used camper and the used camper listings by dealer.

I like the overall coverage. I would like to see more modifications and customizations.

The articles have always been good, but over the past year you guys have powered up to a new level!

Always honest reviews with both pros and cons. TCM is a major player in the truck camper industry. I feel TCM has led to many improvements to the campers, gear and manufacturers in response.

More personal stories about people using their campers.

I look forward to every Tuesday and Friday to read your magazine top to bottom! All of the articles are well done and objective. I even enjoy Gordon’s special brand of humor! Keep it up!

I like the personal feel. It’s like I know you. Lots of useful information.

You provide an excellent publication. I would prefer a little less lifestyle stories and a little more maintenance and review stories.

Your experience, honesty and willingness to help get answers to questions when asked. The only change would be more pay for you two!

I think you do a great job of providing a variety of articles of interest to appeal to the diverse readership of TCM. Remember you cannot make everyone happy all the time. That said I believe this is the best resource for anyone who currently has a truck camper or is considering truck camping. Thank you!

I like it the way it is.

TCM has become our go-to resource for research and guidance before we make any purchase related to our truck camper.

I can’t beat the quality of the content for the price! Excellent writing. Enjoy the humor. You seem to keep up with the latest new models worth looking at. Seems to be something for everyone. I can’t think of a negative.

I would like to see videos again. I loved Gordon’s patter from years ago.

I stumbled upon your site after a Google search in January of 2018. Thanks to you, I’ve been bitten by the truck camper bug ever since! The three of you (cat lovers unite!) must put in tons of hours to have such a professional yet friendly site.

Your site is truly the go-to place for all kinds of great information, whether it be reviews of products or reviews of destinations. We particularly like the feeling of community that the Question of the Week brings out and look forward to all the great answers (who knew a convection microwave oven could make muffins!). My husband is four to five years away from retirement, so we continue to just dream. But, we look forward to eventually making a truck and truck camper purchase – correctly matched for payload of course. Again, thanks to you!. Keep up the good work!

The upbeat attitude. I like the variety of features. The information I learn from articles. For me it is a very informative and fun magazine.

I enjoy and read every TCM issue. I like all the articles and camper reviews. I especially like that the manufacturers can and often respond. No changes necessary in my opinion.

I love everything about the magazine and read every word of every article. I love the mods and seeing what others have found works for them. I love reading the stories and have gleaned valuable information – that we never even thought of – which saved us from newbie mishaps.

Lots of good information about different products.

TCM gives the truck camper community a fresh, legitimate and original approach to truck camping. It shows actual detailed concern for the welfare and well-being of truck campers. It is edited by folks who are actively truck camping.

Don’t change a thing! It’s all good!

I am a newbie. I came across your site when doing some preliminary research on truck campers last year. Now your site is on my favorites list and I check for new content several times a week. Your Buyers Guide is first rate and incredibly useful. Your articles are fresh and bring truck campers out of salesman lingo and into the real world. Keep up the great work!

I love the whole thing on a weekly basis.

Reviews are good, especially the criticism. Factory tours where construction methods are discussed are also great. Authors seem to be open-minded when approaching subject matter. Magazine is not entirely full of top-of-the-line stuff. Editors seem to choose to appeal to all budgets.

I like the interesting destination articles, mods, and camper reviews.

It’s clear Truck Camper Magazine is committed to the truck camper lifestyle and you do a great job on the journalistic and e-publishing side. I look forward to the destination articles and lifestyle stories (especially when I’m stuck working at the desk and not camping).

The industry personnel interviews are very interesting and provide insights in what the various manufacturers are doing. It might prove valuable for manufacturers and customers if Truck Camper Magazine could create a conduit for readership to input directly to truck camper manufacturers about what features, designs, and configurations they would like to see in upcoming models. The recent polling likely yielded interesting data. More surveys will help guide the manufacturers and their new campers.

Editor’s Note: Great point! We have an extensive Camper Survey every two years. We will be conducting our next Camper Survey this summer. In the meantime, check out the 2018 Camper Survey to see what readers had to say about a long list of camper features. The truck camper industry leaders print, read and study this survey and make important design decisions accordingly.

When I read an article I usually want to read the entire article. Your articles go from 1 paragraph and then you break in and ask if we would like to read page 2 or 3 or 4 or the whole article. I always choose the full article and then you take me back to the beginning of the same article and I have to go over it again. I’m already tired from looking at all the mods on my screen, now I have to find my place from that article. Luckily my bed is near so I can take a nap and rest my eyes. Just a suggestion.

Editor’s Note: Google’s changing search algorithm forced us to paginate our articles. We don’t like it either and are currently looking into different approaches. Pagination is here to stay, but we can do it better.

Overall, the content is good, but seems to be less and less the last few years. There are not as many lifestyle and profiles type articles.

Editor’s Note: There’s actually been more content per week, but you’re right about lifestyle stories. They get bumped by industry news all too often. That said, we have a ton of great truck camping lifestyle stories on the way. No worries! We love the lifestyle stories, too!

A lot of information. Good information on trucks and campers.

It is incredibly informative!

I like to read everything!

I like the knowledge I gain and the anecdotes from other like minded people.

I enjoy the mods, service tips and destination information.

Sometimes I would like the ability to comment on articles in the magazine, or to ask follow-up questions.

The truthfulness and humor. No need to change anything.

I like the centralized library of information and articles on specific classes of truck campers. I would like to see more specific articles and comparison charts of truck payloads for various make/model trucks. Also, articles on dual rear wheel to single rear wheel modifications for off-road/expedition that maintain payload ratings (e.g. Earthroamer’s conversions of Ford F450/F550 dually to single).

I like everything you guys are doing. I wished I’d knew about TCM before I bought. We had a Coachman truck camper in the early 80s. We are now back into it with a Palomino soft-side.

I love everything about TCM! Seriously, I have learned an astonishing amount of information from your publication. I’m glad to have found it before my first truck and camper purchase was made. Our camping and driving experiences are more enjoyable due to learning about products from you guys. I already have more in mind for the future. I also appreciate the entertaining articles and humorous writing style you guys have. Please keep it up!

Don’t change what works.

Don’t change anything. TCM is informative and enjoyable.

We have been truck camping for just over 20-years. We started by stumbling across a used camper. Now, with the information you supply, you have blown the industry wide-open. Keep up the good work.

I love the magazine. I look forward to the twice-a-week articles on destinations, maintenance, and mods. I learn something new every week.

I have been a subscriber for six or seven-years. You have helped with the purchase of two campers and my truck. I loved the Bigfoot article. I just wish we would run into you on the road.

It’s a wealth of information from experts and owners.

I like articles about camping destinations, camper mods, gear reviews, people’s experiences and pictures.

Good information. Good travel destination sites. I have used the articles for our two month trip to Alaska. I really like the mods and have even added some to our rig.

I would like to see more lifestyle and destination stories.

I particularly like the thought provoking mods that are in the magazine.

I like it the way it is.

I think you’re doing a great job as is.

I like the mod section the best. I’m always looking for some improvement I can do and appreciate how others think about the same challenges.

The camping stories.

I like everything about TCM, especially the mods. We have an older Sun-Lite. My husband has AMD (Age-related Macular Degeneration) and can’t drive. So, our camping days are numbered. It’s very sad for us, but I still like to keep informed on what’s new. Change nothing or maybe some stories about people handling medical issues.

I like articles about trips people have taken. Also the modifications write-ups.

You are doing a great job. I am impressed with all the information that I have received from past issues.

I pretty much like everything about it, but here is a reader question: Do you move your license plate from your truck to your camper when loaded?

Editor’s Note: Yes, we do.

I enjoy reading about camper modifications and reviews of camper and truck equipment.

I enjoy most of Truck Camper Magazine’s content, but would like to see more practical examples of modifications other readers have made and much less of the over the top mods. I’d like to read more about how other truck campers handle the day-to-day stuff like laundry, mail, storage, cleaning, bedding. What cookware or appliances are being used? How about some cooking tips and recipes? And how about handling of a minor illness or injury? What’s in that medicine cabinet? What’s the average length of time being spent on the road between stops?

Editor’s Note: A lot of that information is in TCM, but it gets buried over time. Thank you for the perspectives and we will think about how to approach these questions better in the magazine.

The authors and their witty style.

I enjoy it all. Keep up the good work.

Readers stories about travel.

I love the travel stories, hints from other campers about good parks, where and what they do when camping, modifications to rigs, what equipment they use, etc. There have been some great suggestions about holding tank additives, like Dawn, who knew?

You are doing a great job!

More gear (tires, shocks, truck mods for performance) articles. I like most everything.

Everything is great. Don’t change anything.

Very informative. Speaks to the needs of truck campers specifically. You help create and maintain the community of truck campers.

I like the reviews on manufacturers products and when they respond to your reviews. I like the input of readers from their experiences on the road, off-road, products and mods they have done. Otherwise not much to change. Change comes everyday as we adapt to lifestyles and learning curves. Keep up the good work!

I like reading what other people have done to improve their truck campers, where they have traveled, and helpful advice.

I love the up-to-date and informative articles. I especially like articles on readers experiences visiting specific places. Right now I’m interested in purchasing a Cam Am to pull behind our pickup camper. An article on pros/cons and useful things to know would be greatly appreciated. Keep up your good work!

I rather enjoyed the stories that the both of you wrote about past trips and truck camper reviews. I don’t enjoy the manufacturer interviews or tours.

Nothing. We think the two of you are doing a great job.

I’m glad I ran across TCM. I was going to go purchase a truck camper and see how it goes. After reading the articles and your publications, I’ve learned so much! I’m getting my truck ready with suspension, etc. This source has become a valuable resource for me. Thanks and keep up the good work!

I enjoy the mods, interesting ideas, and solutions.

Truck Camper Magazine is my go-to source for what’s new in the truck camper industry. I enjoy hearing what you and others have to say about campers and gear available on the market today. I love our truck camper and do not plan on getting a new one anytime soon. However, learning about new systems that are now available, such as heating and hot water systems, upgrading or swapping out systems is a viable option. Keep up the great work at TCM.

I’d like to see the magazine in print form.

We like weekly updates and in-depth articles on equipment and campers. Unbiased reporting is great on articles. I would not change anything at this time.

The magazine always has something interesting to read.

I would like to see smaller truck campers and overland pop-ups featured more often. I also would like to see more lightweight gear such as nesting pots, dishes, cooking supplies and portable BBQs featured to help buyers lighten their loads during their travels.

I read everything because I live vicariously through the website. However, I particularly appreciate the camper reviews and the Buyers Guide.

More camper reviews. More surveys about camper owners preferences. Survey owners how many owners have ever really weighed their rigs. Sales and repair statistics. What is the top selling truck camper? How about a platform to share quality issues or ask the manufacturer?

I enjoy all the content. Keep up the good work!

I really enjoy Truck Camper Magazine for all of the lifestyle stories, camper/equipment updates, camper mods, maintenance procedures and camper reviews. Your ability summarize all the information needed to make a purchasing decision and put it in such a way that anyone can understand it is top notch. At some point in the future (hopefully, not too far in the future), I hope to purchase an Arctic Fox 865 and I have made that decision based on the knowledge I have gained from your website. However, for now I will have to settle for reading your magazine to gain additional knowledge and enjoy the stories from other truck campers! Thanks for all that you do.

My two favorite things are the in-depth product reviews of a specific model, especially with videos, and in-depth camping and exploring tips for one specific destination.

I enjoy Truck Camper Magazine as it is. You provide informative, yet entertaining articles.

Truck Camper Magazine is fantastic! Don’t change anything. You guys are already doing a great job. Your website was a huge help with the decision making and purchase of my 2019 Lance 1172 last week! Please keep it going. Thank you!

Editor’s Note: Congratulations! If you could fill out our Bought A Camper form, that would give us great feedback about why you got the camper you bought. Have fun out there on the road!

The information overall is great. I am interested in smaller campers for the mid-size trucks, Tacoma, Colorado, and the new Ranger and Jeep pickup; campers that are more toward the off-road and overlanding style of camping.

I like the truck camper reviews. They help us narrow down what we are looking for. We will be buying our first four-season truck camper after towing a 13-foot Scamp followed by a 19-foot and 25-foot Airstream. Now we are searching for enough truck to carry a new Northern Lite 10.2. We are thinking a dually diesel would be safer and more stable than a 3500 single rear wheel. I also like to read gear and mod articles.

Editor’s Note: If you haven’t already, check out the Truck Recommendations in our Northern Lite 10.2 EX review. We would get a dually.

Your magazine is great. I enjoy the mods and would like to see more DIY projects.

I like the truck camper reviews.

We really like the lifestyle stories.

Keep up the good work!

More model reviews please.

I like everything in the magazine, and wouldn’t change a thing!

Unbiased reviews of campers and equipment.

No changes. Keep up the great work!

TCM keeps it interesting and is to the point on new equipment, repairs, and modifications. Reader stories captivate me. I acquire knowledge through the success or misadventures of others. It’s no secret that truck campers are space and weight challenged making the Mod Contest entries curiously interesting. Now entering our sixth season as truck campers we’ve gained a lot of ideas which serve to enrich the experience. Great work Truck Camper Magazine. Keep it rolling, and cheers!

I am fascinated by the engineering that goes into the larger truck campers. Time and budget do not allow for a truck camper at this time, but I’m always thinking about retirement options at some future point. Keep up the good work. It keeps me dreaming!

I would like the mods to be searchable.

The mods and maintenance articles, followed by the detailed travel/trip articles. Please include more travel/trip articles to places (other than Alaska) to help folks plan their camper trips. Routing hints? Local knowledge tips? Interesting attractions on the usual lists? RV parks that go the extra mile. I like transportation to local attractions. We traveled five months, over 14,000-miles in 20 states and 5 provinces last year and discovered amazing places that weren’t on any lists. Truck Camper Magazine would be a great forum to share such information.

Good information.

I like the relevant and current information Truck Camper Magazine provides. New products and owner mods have improved my camper experience. Truck Camper Magazine should become more active and communicate with owners via social media.

I like personal articles and travel tips. Don’t feel you need to change anything.

I like the excitement of what I might learn about on any subject you cover.

I really like the lifestyle articles.

Like: Twice a week, variety in articles, listing of rallies, new friends, contests, writers’ humor. Dislike: When reading articles on mobile device I have to click through multiple pages to read entire article (or at bottom of page click read entire article). Why can’t the full article be up when I first open the page?

Editor’s Note: We agree about the pagination hassle, but Google requires it for our long content. We are working on some changes to improve the mobile experience.

I’m planning to buy a Cirrus 920 soon. The articles about the factory, camper, and people currently using them were very helpful to me in zeroing in on that camper. The newbie articles have been very helpful as well.

More videos! I love all the rest.

I would change nothing. I think you do a great job there. I look forward to visiting your site whenever possible. Thank you!

I like that you actually use a real truck camper. I’d like to see you take different makes/models out as you recently did with the Cirrus.

Modification articles, reading about experiences from other truck campers, and seeing what’s new.

I like the unique information and the emphasis on accuracy including weight considerations. I wish there was better ability to comment on information in TCM. There are many times I would like to suggest questions to follow-up with manufacturers.

Trip reports, mods, personal stories, new camper reports. I like the personal touch in the writing style.

I enjoy articles about people traveling to unusual destinations. I am headed back to Alaska with our camper this summer. Going to explore!

I have been a reader for a good six-years now. I am a huge fan and love your content. Keep up the great work!

New camper reviews.

I like the objective reporting and an honest assessment of products.

More adventures, travel spots, and state forest campgrounds.

I love reading what you do.

I like the mod contest. I think you are doing a great job. I wouldn’t change anything.

Well written and informative articles that cover the subject matter in-depth. The interviews are interesting and well done.

I love the personal stories and travel adventures. What we see in TCM helps us plan stops on upcoming trips. It has also added to our bucket list destinations. Keep providing travel inspiration and a wonder for exploring our world in the back of a pickup!

It’s all about truck campers, period! Honest reviews, let the chips fall where they may. I can’t think of anything I’d change.

I like it all!

Following your adventures and others across the country.

I truly do enjoy the magazine. You folks do a great job! Good reviews of campers are always informative. Digging into things that could be improved is the real meat of the issues. It’s great information for the consumer as well as the manufacturer – if they are paying attention. As an example, most campers come better insulated now than they used to, or they have some type of upgrade to make them more insulated. However, a chain is only as strong as the weakest link, so go deep inside with cameras and show things that didn’t get insulated, like the back side of the outdoor showers as an example. This would be great feedback for everyone.

I think you guys do a great job. I would like to see you continue to advocate for technological improvements for the industry. We should be seeing a lot more innovations across the board; 12-volt compressor refrigerators, multi-plex wiring, silent radiant heat, inductive cooktops and much greater solar capacity. We are nearly one-fifth of the way through the 21st century. The RV industry as a whole no longer has an excuse for dragging their heels.

I like the mods and articles about factories.

I like the travel stories.

I enjoy all the articles. The recent addition of articles about traveling with animals (Harley included) added some spice to your discussions. I’ve noticed more people travel with their animals than in the past, so the explanations for what mods are done for adaptation to travel are helpful. Changes: More articles for adaptations made for physically challenged like what companies provide larger hand grabs and how they are attached. Are ladders safe to use? Add a discussion page for changes people would like to see added to campers or available as retrofit.

Thank you for all you do! I love the honest, unbiased reviews. I would like to see more how-to and installation articles for maintaining and upgrading older and used campers. I like content. I check almost every day for new content. Truck camper gear reviews are also great.

I would love to see someone organize small regional US truck camper caravan trips to nice parks or bigger destination trips like a caravan to Alaska or the Yukon territory. Small caravans that love to drive to more desolate locations and boondock would be fun! We are new to truck camping. We bought our camper used so we are not too confidant on how everything works. It would be nice to travel with seasoned truck campers.

Truck Camper Magazine is interesting and informative. It was very valuable when we were researching and purchased our first truck camper in 2017. I would like to see more destination information.

High quality relevant content.

More truck camper model analysis for half-ton and three-quarter ton trucks.

I like it all, especially the mods and improvements, off-grid places folks go, and BLM camping places. I avoid structured campgrounds. Keep up good work.

Pictures for the calendar and Alaska stories.

Reviews, lifestyle articles, interviews with manufacturer reps, new models and gear reviews.

I love the destination stories and the search function.

The overall concept. It is informative and really gives truck camper folks a place to convey their knowledge and learn from others. A little more technical content would be desirable in my opinion. Also, more proofreading would help.

I like the variety of topics. I usually find something of interest in every issue.

Unbiased. Change nothing.

All good. Keep up the good work.

Nothing to change. It meets all our interests and requirements.

Good ideas. Great destination stories Great tech help. Carry on!

I like the destination articles, mod contests, camper reviews, and calendar pictures. I would change nothing!

I like the reviews of the new campers from the different manufactures. It has helped me become a more informed consumer. Also the articles about matching pickups and campers were very helpful when I bought my new pickup. The mods are wonderful. I can’t think of anything I would like changed.

I enjoy your traveling stories and technical articles.

All of it. It is very informative about truck camping.

Practical news and information that you can use to enjoy and maintain a truck camper.

Simple to navigate. Excellent articles. Very detailed and reviews that seem honest. I like that there are no ads popping up. It is a very well managed website.

I like the travel reports, equipment reports, modification reports, and industry news. I can’t think of anything I’d change.

I love the modifications.

I love reading the reviews of various truck campers. I also like reading the destination articles.

Your reviews tell the good, the bad, and the ugly. Thanks.

Informative articles. Possibly more information on trucks and lobbying manufactures regarding improvements for camper-ready vehicles in regards to GVW, optional equipment tie-downs, seven-way receptacles, auxiliary batteries, etc. It’s an excellent magazine and your hard work is much appreciated.

I really enjoy the mod contest. It’s great to see all the ideas camper owners have on improving their campers. I would like to see a troubleshooting your camper weekly section to help with the most common or uncommon issues owners run into with their campers. You could make it open to camper owners for their suggestions about fixes.

Editor’s Note: That’s an interesting idea. Thanks!

I like every thing about your magazine. One thing I would like to see is reviews on trucks. Like is Ram the better choice with the air bags? Or Ford? Or Chevy? I am looking at new trucks and trying to decide. The Ram trucks with auto-leveling look interesting.

I feel that you do an excellent job of covering everything related to truck campers. I read at least half and sometimes all the content of each issue. Thanks!

I think it is great for new people trying to learn. I am really concerned about spending a lot on an internal combustion engine and then having it become not worth much because of plug-in hybrids, electric or fuel cell technology. Workhorse now makes a plug-in hybrid truck. I think Ford will have a hybrid this year. If I buy, I want it to be in something that I can drive for ten years or more and not worry about it becoming obsolete. I would really like more stories on people who are driving vehicles like this.

I am new to truck camping. In fact, I am still researching what I want. Stories from folks help me compare how they camp and what rig they use to the way I camp. Also the camper reviews help my decision-making process. I get a lot out of the accessories and gear reviews, too.

I love what you are doing. Please keep up the great work.

I enjoy the magazine as it is. I like the variety of content.

Good magazine. No major changes. I really enjoy the destination stories with sights to see.

More flatbed and light truck campers.

Keep up the good work. When we have a question, you assist us in getting an answer.

Pros: I love the reviews of locations, accessories, mods etc. I always look forward to reader’s responses as they come up with different options. I like the links to the particular item if it applies (link to Amazon etc.) so I can get an idea about costs and a little more of what it does. Cons: The page links at the bottom, or just the full page link. Maybe it could be at the end of the article. It would be good to have an options to ‘Read Entire’ article at the top. I would be nice if people could put the links in their article for products. I know few do but otherwise I have to copy/search for them. All in all, you are doing an excellent job. Thank you both for all the hard work behind the scenes.

I appreciate all the reviews and helpful lists of different truck campers. I like the stories from owners. Recently, I was just wondering about microwaves versus ovens and magically TCM sent out a question and did an interesting article on the responses. Thank you – doing a great job!

Editor’s Note: With our top secret technology, we can hear what our readers are thinking. Don’t tell anyone!

It’s all good! You’re doing a great job! No changes are needed.

There are many areas in northern Canada and, I suspect, Alaska which are navigable by truck campers that would be interesting to hear about (besides the Alaska highway). I know it is difficult for you, but I read each TCM, “cover-to-cover” so more content per issue would be great. Again I recognize the challenges with the request, but you did ask.

I really like pictures and stories of out of the way places people have visited.

I travel with a fifth wheel, and I enjoy the articles. The mods are usually adaptable to trailers.

I think that you guys are doing a fantastic job considering there are only two people publishing this content. Keep up the great and informative work! Thanks.

Editor’s Note: Don’t forget Harley! Harley is the Cat-In-Chief and is quite sensitive about his roll in the magazine. Exactly what that is remains undetermined.

TCM is an outstanding publication. Thank you and keep up the great work!

I like the timeliness of your website. It is something to look forward to. Many of the mods should never be published as they are simply not useful or functional either for long term or to the eye.

Editor’s Note: Many of the mods aren’t applicable to our truck camping lifestyle either, but there are roughly 35,000 other Truck Camper Magazine readers out there.

TCM is interesting, entertaining, and provides much valuable information regarding truck campers and the truck camping lifestyle. I look forward to reading each and every issue. Thank you, and keep it coming!

It is a down to earth magazine.

I think you guys do a great job. The magazine is always fun to read through. I would love to see more articles on lifestyle and adventure travel. Those are the articles I look forward to reading the most. Keep up the good work!

Any idea of how many international readers you have? What is the importance of your magazine in other countries? I am from Brazil and have a truck camper.

Editor’s Note: We have a ton of readers around the world. In fact, we did an article on this subject a few years ago titled, “Truck Camper Rigs Around the World.” And we have a World Travel section.

Everything is informative and presented in an easy to read format.

My interest in owning a truck camper again, after a very long absence, was whetted and directly assisted by your articles. Your newsletters moved me to buy a very nice used 2012 Northern Lite 10.2. I would enjoy more personal camping/travel stories.

As a European, I didn’t know much about truck campers. In fact, pickup-style trucks are hardly known or seen here. If you spot one a week, it’s a lot. We own a 2017 Ford F-150 Ecoboost and are looking to purchase a camper in the USA this fall if all goes as planned. This will be a lightweight model, so we do not have too much of a choice. Angela has already helped us out for a part and the articles in TCM are our general guide! Thanks guys!

Very informative reading on truck campers, truck camper owners, and on-the-road story telling. It’s a real enjoyable read. I look forward to every digest. Keep up the excellent work.

I would like to see articles about campers on older trucks and what to do to an older truck to get it ready. Most modern half-tons carry more than my OBS (old body style) 1997 Ford F250 HD.

I like hearing about people’s truck camping lifestyles. The size and make of truck and camper helps me to formulate my future purchase. It’s probably not practical, but it would be nice to know more about used and new camper costs. What’s the markup?

I live in Australia, but plan to truck camp in the US. Please give more information on suitable trucks for the campers tested. Use metric (eg KGs). Great mag.

Editor’s Note: Read the Newbie Corner and check out the Truck Recommendations in the Reviews. You will need to convert pounds to Kilograms, but that’s easy to do. Just Google, “kg to lbs” and use the resulting calculator.

I like reading about clever camping ideas, camper mods, boondocking destinations, weight cutting ideas and materials.

Change nothing.

What I like most about Truck Camper Magazine is that I can find/read all kinds of information about a variety of campers and companies in one place. It allows me to follow, review, and essentially shop without having to do a number of different searches. I really enjoy your reviews and photos of the various campers. It eliminates the need for me to go and see some of these campers in person. It is difficult for me to say what I would like changed. I have only been with you folks for about a year, and so far am enjoying the ride. As time goes by I will be able to make a more informed comment.

We used TCM to research buying our first truck camper. We bought one in the fall thanks to the suggestions and information in TCM. I am looking forward to what types of modifications we can make this year. Thanks for the information. It helps make us more confident owners.

I like the information on new gear, rallies, and items to make life easier in my camper.

Truck Camper Magazine is great the way it is. Change nothing.

I like the mods.

I love the structure and the ease of use of the site. I would love to see more product reviews. For example, you did an article of spray-on rubber on your truck camper’s underside. I would love to hear how it has held up over the past while. I really love the lifestyle stories and getting to read how others are using their truck campers. It gives me ideas.

Editor’s Note: The rubber coating was great until our car accident last summer. It’s now been removed as part of the restoration, but we might try again with another coat.

TCM has become my go to source for all things new and old about truck campers. TCM was instrumental in our purchase in late 2018 of an Adventurer 86FB and the information on fitting the truck to the camper was invaluable. You’re doing a great job!Thanks for all you do for us!

Editor’s Note: Congratulations! If you haven’t already, please fill out our Bought A Camper form and tell us about your purchase. Your feedback helps us a lot. Thanks!

More facts and content on improvements and the  ability to design my own floor plan prior to buying; a custom grid design option.

I like TCM just the way it is. It is informative with information from manufacturers and other truck camper owners.

Everything. Keep up the great work.

You’re doing a good job across all aspects, so far!

I like the width of truck camper information available and the format that is used to enhance the availability. I can easily find out what content is in each issue and access it. It meets all of my needs.

Please cover in detail problem areas such as alarms. I cannot find a suitable smoke alarm that does not go off while making a meal. Also cover power supplies and replacements.

I especially like the very detailed truck camper reviews. I like to know how things are constructed and your opinions on those details.

I like it all.

You guys are great. Keep it up.

I like everything about TCM. The fact each issue is a mix of subjects is really interesting. You cover all aspects of truck camper life and ownership. Congratulations on your successes and I look forward to many more years of your travels and adventures.

I like the fact that the reviews are unbiased and that the lifestyle stories are about everyday truck camping people.

I like reading about how others are using and enjoying their truck campers. There is a limited following in my part of Pennsylvania. I pestered my wife for over a decade about selling our trailer and purchasing a camper. The time and the deal was finally right this past February when we bought a used 2016 Wolf Creek 850. We have spent over 30 nights in our camper since then. We love it!

I found your magazine during many internet searches while looking for information on different models and camper basics. I cannot identify any needed changes to your magazine. Please keep both the informative and lifestyle-themed articles coming. Thank you, TCM!

I like everything! Keep up the good work!

I like Question of the Week and the responses. I would like to hear more about the way people have modified their trucks for performance and convenience. The same could be said for upgrading electronics.

We love to read the articles about the interesting places where people are truck camping and also the modifications truck campers make to their rig.

I like the twice-a-week frequency, interviews with interesting people, calendar stories, picture quality, and destination stories. I wouldn’t change anything – all bases are covered pretty well.

Regular issues and its free!

Everything, especially lifestyle stories. Change nothing. I find it to be well written and in an excellent format.

The only change I would like is to add a choice at the beginning of articles to “view the entire article”. As it is now I always scroll to the bottom to select it to get out of multi-page.

The new Mod-Ster column is right on time!

Very helpful articles. Always look forward to the latest issue. Keep up the good work!

I especially enjoy the knowledge articles, whether gear or destination related.

So far, so good. More camping and camper gear is always great!

I look forward to truck camper reviews and stories about people and their truck campers. I especially like the details like the actual weight and measurements. I have one suggestion. Instead of only keeping current production in “Truck Camper Buyers Guide”, archive the older models. I may buy a used camper and this information is invaluable. Keep up the good work.

Nothing. You are doing a great job. Thank you.

The stories on other camper adventures. Because you offer a wide range of information to a diverse group of people, I would not change anything.

I get to learn about the great places to see and visit through the stories presented in TCM.

So much of the info you provide is relevant and useful to me.

I think you guys are doing a fantastic job and I wouldn’t change a thing.

Articles on jobs while RVing.

It is all good for me.

More info on camping clubs and destinations that are suitable for truck campers.

You do a great job!

I like the camper reviews and interviews with industry professionals.

More articles on basics for people like me interested in truck camping. I would like to see how to load and unload from the truck, how the wiring connection works to keep electric items working while driving, and what needs done to a truck to get a truck camper (attachment points for turnbuckles). More information on how to get started and the bare bones basics of what plugs into what and how to get one step into the direction of truck camping.

I refer people to TCM’s Camper Chooser link on a regular basis.

Editor’s Note: Thank you for spreading the word about Truck Camper Magazine! That’s how our magazine grows and thrives. We appreciate it.

Lifestyle stories with owners and maintenance articles.

Great magazine, very informative. It is extremely helpful on all fronts.

I like to see what others do. I wish I could be closer to some of the action.

I enjoy hearing about interesting places to camp. I appreciate articles about maintenance and mod ideas. It’s great to have a link to the truck camper culture. Thank you!

I like it all! Keep it coming.

You have a good variety of reviews and articles. I can’t think of anything that’s missing or that needs improvement.

It is a quick read and easy to jump to an article of interest.

This is an industry issue. I would love for the camper manufacturers to remember existing trucks, especially half-on trucks. They always appear to build for the latest payloads, but forget most people don’t go buy a $50,000 dollar truck and then go shop for a $20,000 (or more) camper. I love Four Wheel Campers and their shell option. They are the only manufacturer that continues to remember the older trucks. If you build for the older trucks they will definitely work on the new!

TCM is always the first to review new campers or changes in models among manufacturers. I love being current on the industry. The spotlight stories of other truck camper owners are really enjoyable and the off-road articles are the best.

I like looking at new campers and mods I might try. I would like to see more homemade awnings for truck campers.

I like the current content.

I like the broad coverage of the topic in general, especially the factory tours. I would like to see a bit more attention to entry level products.

I like the section on mods. It has given me some great ideas. The matching a truck and camper section is badly needed to be read by more people. I see a lot of over-stressed trucks on the road. We live in northern Canada and will be traveling soon for five to six months at a time. The different camping spots are all being noted on our travel plans of where to go. Thank you TCM.

A lot of your information crosses over to Class Cs. I have a 22-foot Class C with four-wheel drive that has advantages over a separate truck and camper. It mainly has front to back access without getting out.

I really enjoy the lifestyle stories along with all your truck camper reviews and general information updates on the industry. You do an amazing job and are honest with all your reviews. There are no opinions, which is really great. Keep up the good work.

I find the destination articles interesting for possible future trips. I like the camper review articles to see how things are done in other truck campers. I have no suggestions for changes.

We enjoy the destination articles and adventures. This has helped me plan stops on some of our trips. I do anything I can to keep wife and three children entertained while traveling! Thanks!

I like a lot of things. I wouldn’t change anything.

If possible, can the articles be formatted so that the total article can be read without having to select page-by-page?

As an addition to Truck Camper Magazine’s guide to matching a truck with a camper, a note should be added that strenuously advises the reader to research their state’s vehicle registration laws, especially when considering the purchase of dually 3500, 4500, 5500 series vehicles. For example, in Massachusetts, any dually truck is considered a commercial vehicle. This effects the cost of registration and the cost and availability insurance.

I like TCM’s objectivity, honesty, and focus. I also like reading about places to visit.

I would like to see more how-to articles.

Don’t get a big head but I wouldn’t want you to change anything. You do a great job covering the truck camper world. Your articles make for a very interesting, informative and complete web magazine. Thank you.

I like it all. No changes needed.

I look forward to every Tuesday and Friday to enjoy your magazine. Thanks!

You’re doing great!

I like the truck camper reviews.

Reviews and new camper inventory.

Keep up the good work!

Love the mod contest. Would not change anything.

People’s adventure stories. More information on really light weight campers (i.e. new pop-up truck toppers). Even most half-tons are inadequate with real world weight loads.

The destination articles are really nice. It gives me ideas for future trips.

The interesting tours of manufacturers. The mods, Questions of the Week, camper reviews, and sometimes gear reviews. The best is the humor! Changes would be the continuous scrolling of reading articles instead of clicking for next page. Angela and Gordon are wonderful with TCM!

I like the comments made by owners, the technical information provided and the descriptions of places visited by owners.

TCM continues to be a centralized source of well-researched information for all things camper related. More information on European truck campers, systems and accessories would be quite interesting – like news out of this year’s recently concluded CMT (Camping Motor Touristik) Show in Stuttgart, Germany.

The ability to get questions answered about how to fix truck camper problems.

Keep it as it is.

Truck Camper Magazine has so much information for the truck camper newbie. I’ve spent two months plumbing the depths of TCM, everything from truck camper reviews to reader suggestions on boondocking and equipment. There is still more information to review. TCM is an invaluable resource for someone like me learning the ropes.

I like how TCM is so consistent publishing Tuesday and Friday weekly with very informative articles. It is my go-to source for anything in regards to the truck camper lifestyle!

I like the how-to and new gear articles. I get ideas for improving and maintaining my camper.

All articles are well formatted and contain interesting subjects.

I like it all.

More boondocking articles.

Please just keep on being honest about products and all facets of the truck camper life style.

Truck camper stories.

You guys are doing a great job! Nothing needs to be changed in my opinion.

I am amazed that you come up with new material twice a week.

I like everything. No changes needed!

I like the reviews that are performed on the campers. I like having the company talk about their product. And the gear analysis. The articles on what to consider when going to specific destinations is also very helpful.

I would like to see more articles on folks who have adopted the truck camper life and access to their blogs to get a better insight as to how others are effective in the lifestyle.

We just purchased a 2019 Cirrus 820 – primarily based upon the reviews in your magazine. We are very happy with our purchase. We live the winter months in the camper visiting both cold and warm weather destinations. The more articles on how to deal with the cold would be greatly appreciated.

Editor’s Note: Here are two cold weather camping articles that you might enjoy; How To Heat Your Truck Camper and 100 Winter Truck Camping Tips.

More destination and lifestyle stories.

More reviews on accessories and destinations.

One of the things I like is the variety of articles on maintenance, travel, lifestyle, and new features offered by manufacturers. I wouldn’t change anything.

We like it just the way it is!

It is specifically for truck camping owners.

You guys do a great job. I am very happy with Truck Camper Magazine!

I would like to see a little more how-to articles.

You are doing great! Keep it up!

I like the objective evaluations of the articles.

It’s good the way it is.

I like the truck camper reviews. I wish more people would read your articles on how to match a truck to a truck camper!

Information, information, information. So nice to have a source for information covering a wide array of the truck camping lifestyle that is specific to that lifestyle.

I love to read the truck camper reviews and the factory tours. I like that they have a newbie corner for those who are thinking about getting a truck camper as well as links to the manufacturers.

It’s informative. It gives me modification ideas.

The mod contest seems to be a popularity contest meaning the winners belong to a club or have a blog, then ask people to vote for them. Having the opportunity to vote for three is an attempt to solve this, but I don’t think it is mandatory. Making it mandatory to vote for three would make it more fair in my opinion.

Editor’s Note: Three votes have been mandatory for the last year. If you give two votes, it will ask you to give a third before you can vote.

Timely information on the new stuff for truck campers.

I love it even though my vehicle is a small truck-based four-wheel drive Class C. You guys do a great job; thorough, analytical, and not based on your egos.

Good variety of articles on truck camping.

I would like to see more information on the trucks used to haul these campers.

Real world expertise.

More lifestyle articles. More truck camper remodel ideas.

TCM is a great magazine and a wealth of information. I often refer back to articles for ideas when traveling. I have suggested TCM many times to newbies wanting to get into truck camping.

It’s dedicated exclusively to truck campers. On the home page add a box to submit questions directly.

I like the down to earth style of writing, the diversity of subjects, and the fact TCM gets the subscribers involved with comments and suggestions. I don’t know of any changes I would like to suggest. More of the same. I love the magazine!

Constant delivery of camping and truck camper information.

Lots of usable information. You need to branch out and start covering the overland/off-road market. Most newcomers to truck camping are outfitting their rigs in this fashion. Also, the vast majority of new product innovation is coming from the overland market. The traditional truck camper market will slowly fade away as younger people want a smaller and more agile vehicle.

I like most everything as it is. I can’t think of anything else to add.

I would like to see the “Read Entire Article” option at the top of the article too instead of just at the bottom. That way I don’t have to scroll through what I have already read after clicking on that option.

Refreshing, sense of humor, and open to new ideas. You are in the field, and you talk to real truck camper owners. Keep the good work going!

We’re considering a pop-up truck camper as a second RV. This would allow us to get further into the back country than our travel trailer allows. TCM helps narrow the field and gives me plenty to think about as I plan for this addition.

I like the frequency of your email alerts.

I enjoy it all.

I can’t think of a thing to change. I read every issue front to back as soon as it arrives.

I love the stories from truck camper owners; lessons learned, destinations, and experiences! My husband and I get so many ideas from these stories and the mod contests.

I don’t care for the multiple-page articles. I prefer to have them on the same page. For mobile devices, the multi-page format works great. Since I mainly use a desktop to access your site, I would like the whole article at once. Or perhaps have a button at the top of the page (not just the bottom) that will allow me to view the entire article.

The two of you do a great job! Don’t change anything.

I like it the way it is. It is one of the few emails that I receive where I click through every article and read to see if it interests me.

I like it just the way it is now. I would not change anything.

I like it all.

I enjoy the interviews with truck camper and equipment manufacturers and personal interviews with truck camper owners.

More coverage of truck camper rallies, and more product reviews.

You need more information on trucks. Trucks are a big part of the truck camper. Specifically articles on gas versus diesel, 250s versus 350s, etc. Trucks!

Independent investigations and unbiased reporting in a format that is straight forward to read, understand and use.

Keep up the good work.

Please bring back question of the week. Please. You have the best knowledge base on the other end of all these computers!

Editor’s Note: Question of the Week never went away. Please check your Email Alerts. Click here for the entire QOTW section. You might have a lot of reading to catch up on.

Variety of articles. Factory tours are fun to see how they are made. And the funky names of articles – you are so creative!

If anything, maybe more content. I like the articles and the destination stories.

The mods are my favorite.

I like the frequency and the content. I would not recommend any changes.

Great magazine. Just put the link to ‘read entire article’ at the top of the page so I don’t have to scroll to the bottom to click it.

Y’all keep me well informed. Keep TCM coming.

I like the variety and the information. It lets me dream about the retirement years and think about what direction I would go with the truck camper combinations. I would like to see more lifestyle stories.

What I do not see much of is how to get into a truck and camper. The costs for getting started puts this out of the reach of people who may be interested in this mode of RV. I would like to see more stories about how people were able to get into truck camping and ways they were able to save money in the process. More stories about what to look for in a used truck or camper.

Editor’s Note: To your first point, buy used. To your second point, we have two articles on what to look for in a used camper in the Newbie Corner.

Truck Camper Magazine keeps me informed on what is happening in the truck camper industry, especially new model releases and major improvements. When looking at potential campers, the Buyer’s Guide is a great place to quickly compare features and floor plans. I really wouldn’t change anything. TCM meets my needs just the way it is.

Everything. Change nothing.

In your reviews, I like that you not only point out the positives but that you do not hesitate to point out the negatives. As a result of your Northern Lite 10.2 EX dry bath review, we bought it and had the factory and dealer resolve all the little items you pointed out. The more photos the better – especially on the how-to-modify section.

I like the regular articles on the truck camping lifestyle. However, I wish that you would seek out more truck campers who are full-time in their camper as opposed to those individuals who are primarily trip-oriented – not that trip-oriented articles are a bad thing in any way. I don’t think trip-oriented folks encounter the issues or camper considerations that full-timers do. I would be interested in hearing these folks points of view more often within TCM.

TCM is an amazing resource for all of us that love truck campers/camping! Nothing needs changing. I love that upper management is always asking its avid readers what can be done to improve TCM. I would like to see an area designated for us to submit reviews or recommendations on camping/boondocking locales. Thanks for the great work!

As in years past, the caliber of the writing has always impressed me. As a retired journalist, I cringe every time I read an article that, if at all, was edited only by a spell-check program. Obvious mistakes and careless use of our language make me question the veracity of the whole story.

Fantastic information you can really use!

TCM generates new and updated information on a regular basis. Most every offering has something that interests me. If I don’t have time to read it, I put it in my favorites and go back and read it when I do have time. Great job keep up the good work. Love this site.

Some of the camper reviews are too long. I liked articles before when the entire article would appear without us having to go to page 2, page 3. etc. I especially like reading about trips that your readers have done and how they use their campers.

I enjoy reading the articles. You are good writers. I especially like the mod contests and the destination reviews.

I’m completely satisfied with both the content and attitude of TCM.

Truck Camper Magazine fills a void and has good how-to articles. Thanks for doing this.

Gaining knowledge and ideas on my future retirement plans.

Keep up the great work!

I get the impression that your reviews are a little too positive and perhaps biased. It would be nice to hear more of the negatives (we all know that they are there) to give more balance.

Editor’s Note: We balance the reviews with 6 Pros and 6 Cons at the end of every camper review. You’ll find additional positive and negative comments throughout the review text. We also provide transparent wet weight calculations and truck recommendations. That said, we will keep pushing forward.

TCM keeps me connected with the truck camper community. Currently I do not have any suggestions for changes.

Need easier access to past articles and reviews.

Editor’s Note: There is a Camper Review section that has all of the reviews we have published.

I look forward to reading everything on the magazine as soon as it comes online. We especially love the articles. I have even shared some with non-camper friends. Great writing and information. Love to look at mods as my husband is also handy. I would love manufactures to think about more comfortable dinette seating. I love new ideas.

I like seeing the various mods that people have done, reading about new accessories, and the factory tours.

I like that it is usually a quick read. So many email blasts from others turn into novels. I’d like to see more do it yourself articles.

Change nothing. It is fine the way it is.

I like new items for truck campers and maintenance articles.

Don’t change anything.

Feeling that I’m part of the TCM community encourages me to keep planning new trips. I’d like to read more about minimalist truck camping.

I like everything. Keep it up!

You’re doing a great job. The only change might be to have more truck camper lifestyle stories. One Question of the Week might be, if you’ve owned over five truck campers, tell us your story. For us older truck campers, we have gone through a bunch.

Informative and interesting articles. I enjoy seeing how other owners modify their campers.

I enjoy the variety of articles. Some are beyond my interest, but I’ve gotten lots of ideas of places to visit, as well as broadened my options regarding my next truck and camper. I definitely spent more time checking out the Cirrus campers at the show in Pleasanton, California last weekend.

I like all the first person articles and gear information.

I would like more reviews and reader stories that share wisdom, mistakes, and lessons learned, “wish I woulda known…” type things. Love the magazine – thank you!

Editor’s Note: Check out our Camper Memos! There is some great advice from readers.

I like everything about TCM. I can’t think of anything I would change right now. Keep up the good work.

TCM is a uniting force in the truck camper market. It is a difficult role because some opinions are often not possible to reconcile. Also each manufacturer wants no product negatives to ever be mentioned. Keep refreshing TCM. It needs to be here.

I like the variety of truck camping information provided in the magazine.

I’m still considering truck camping, but I don’t have good opportunities to see truck campers in Missouri. That is slowing my decision to make a purchase. I’ll visit truck camper dealers and manufactures as I travel once or twice a year.


I appreciate the email notifications. I look forward to them! I certainly enjoy your mod contests – not so much for the contest part, which is fun, but to see ideas that others are implementing on their campers. After reading your article on flagging locations in Google Maps, I’ve been taking input from multiple sources – including TCM articles. I now have many locations I now want to visit. Thank you!

I enjoy the analysis of the construction quality.

I like to read about road trips.

I love everything about TCM. A lot of our modifications and gear purchases are based on articles, reviews or input from other readers in the magazine. I look forward to receiving TCM via email and can’t honestly think of anything I would like changed.

I like the mix of articles and product information.

Love reading articles on how-to, new products and all reviews. I would love to see an article on truck suspension upgrades, especially Auto Flex and Kelderman air suspensions.

I like that it is relevant and free. I would change the layout.

More on vintage truck campers. More rally coverage.

Would like to see more pop-up camper stories.

It’s hard to think of anything that needs to be changed. Keep up the good work!

Very informative magazine. I would like to have the opportunity to react to some articles or ask questions.

Editor’s Note: We welcome feedback on our Facebook page. We post each article there.

I enjoy articles on new products and modifications owners have devised.

I open all of your articles because I am interested in all aspects of truck camping and you all seem to cover what’s important. Adventure articles are fun to read and I am always interested in new technology for the truck camper industry.

Keep up the great work! I really enjoy most everything about the magazine.

The alerts are published consistently and with great care to clarity and details. Good writing and fabulous pictures. Thanks.

I just love it all! You guys do such a great job. Thank you! I would like to suggest that you add a button at the top of a page to “Read the Entire Article”, because when you get to the bottom of the first page and see it there and click on it, you have to scroll through what you’ve already read. Small problem with maybe a small fix?

Your magazine provides the reader with good information on all aspects of truck camping. For a scratch newbie to the seasoned vet – and the sage advice on hiccups and problems to watch out for. Greatly appreciate all the hard work, energy and effort you put into it. Good job on helping everyone out!

I would like to have easier access to email communications with you. Sometimes I would like to ask you a question but have no where to contact you. I know, a double edged sword for encouraging more work. Also, it would be helpful to find a for sale by owner area where individuals can barter and bargain. Most likely the dealers are closing ranks on this idea but, there should be room for the independents. Thanks for the stories, comparisons, tales of woe and how-to guidance.

Very professional presentation that provides useful info and services. TCM helped me make the decision and then we purchased the right camper for us. Nothing I can think of that I would change.

I like the literary style. I vehemently dislike having to click a button to read the whole article.

I enjoy stories on travel destinations and hidden gem campgrounds. We have stayed at several based upon TCM stories. I purchased a Four Wheel Hawk several years ago after your review. I currently have a Class B van, but always keeping an eye on the evolving truck camper market thanks to y’all.

Everything! Sorry, I don’t have any suggestions for improvements. Thanks to both of you for the time and effort into Truck Camper Magazine!

Truck Camper Magazine keeps me informed and entertained on the truck camping lifestyle, truck camper rallies, new gear and more.

I just really enjoy your magazine and always look forward to the next one. Keep up the good work.

More with what can fit my truck. Put in truck type model and capacity and have the program show you what fits.

Editor’s Note: That sounds like a good idea, but it’s not possible given the sheer number of truck variables. Now if you entered your truck’s payload capacity and bed length, that might work. Thanks for the suggestion.

I like everything about it. I think you guys do a great job. I might like to see more destinations and campground recommendations.

More gear reviews.

I’d like to see you do a survey on what people would want manufacturers to come out with for new models. I’ve been waiting for Lance to come out with a long bed non-slide larger then the 850. Something like the discontinued 1050 non-slide. Other then that, keep up the good work.

Editor’s Note: Our every-other-year Camper Survey is coming up this summer. Until then, check out what folks said in the 2018 Camper Survey.

Articles on truck campers for emergencies, preparedness, and bugging out.

Love Gordon’s and Angela’s writing style. Especially how they sprinkle in humor!

Concise reporting style. Add more trip reports.

I like the content. You two write great articles. And the variety of topics.

I like seeing mods, but does it have to be a contest?

You folks do an excellent job with TCM! Keep up the good work.

I like everything! With your 10-plus years of history, have you done “then and now” questions of the week and surveys?

I like everything about TCM! Don’t change a thing!

It’s truck camper specific. More maintenance/how to articles.

Information, information, and more information on truck campers, truck camping, travel and camping.

I look forward to receiving TCM and read each article fully. I have copied a few mods, with my personalization. Keep up the good work.

Nothing. I think you are great.

TCM keeps me thinking about our truck camper in our busy life. We don’t lose focus on remembering to do the things we love – truck camping.

I like the stories about travel. I don’t have any suggestions for what I don’t like.

I like the format you have. If I click into a link from your Email Alert, it takes me to the spot I want to go. When two or more items in the alert interest me, I can’t find the other items from the web page. I always have to go back to the Email Alert and open a new window. Please improve navigation on web page as it comes to alerts.

I like everything except the multi-page setup. I wish it would default to read entire article.

Bi-weekly updates. I enjoy everything you send.

The magazine is perfect. No changes are required. Very informative for the newbie as well as the experienced.

Keep up the good work. You are doing fine! Stay true to your mission.

Nothing! Keep up the good work.

Maybe more lifestyle and destination articles.

I like that you guys just share your life, from your accident to how a local dealer reached out to help. Keep up the good work.

Don’t change anything.

I think TCM is awesome as it is!

Factory tours and in-depth details on gear and campers has made a strong influence on my purchase decisions.

Like – Reviews of campers. Changes – In the listing of what’s new at dealers, I would like to see the dealer’s location.

Editor’s Note: While dealer location is not in the Email Alert, the dealer’s location is included in the grey bar above the listed campers on the New Arrivals page.

Excellent to-the-point magazine for truck camper owners and perspective owners. Very well written articles, especially the truck camper reviews. I also like that the manufactures are given the opportunity to respond to questions about construction and why items were omitted or included. Good job Truck Camper Magazine!

I like the format. Especially the photo scroll.

TCM gives me ideas of ways to upgrade my camper and suggests places to visit that I would enjoy.

I have owned motorhomes, travel trailers and fifth wheels for the last 25 years. Your magazine has been very helpful in my decision to downsize in the future. Keep up the good work!

Keep up your great and tireless work including your continuing site improvements!

Enjoy the webpage, but the last video posted was a year ago.

Nothing. Fine as written.

Status quo.

Everything! I thoroughly enjoy the informative articles and information.

I like the fact that you produce a magazine dedicated to truck campers. I cannot think of any content that I do not like. I think the search engine could work better.

I like the diversity of topics and articles even though most don’t apply to the way I camp in my Lance. Thanks for your efforts.

TCM has been a world of information, helping me pick the correct camper for me.

Not everyone owns a newer truck camper. I would enjoy seeing coverage on older units and how owners have modded or updated them once in a while. Thanks for the effort and time you guys take to making this awesome magazine. You rock!

Feature something besides 100-thousand dollar plus rigs on your calendar and articles.

Editor’s Note: We share your concern about affordability. That’s why we promote gas trucks and used campers. We even own a gas truck and a used camper. You don’t have to buy a $70,000 diesel truck and a $50,000 triple-slide. The total cost of our rig (pre-accident) was about $61,000. New truck, used camper, and camper upgrades.

I enjoy the inclusive format. TCM covers campers, gear, destination articles, maintenance, etc.

Nothing. You’re doing a great job!

The variety and diversity of truck campers and stories.

The variety of articles with actual user input is highly useful.

Everything it is great.

Overall, I really like reading the magazine. I find that most of the truck camping articles focus on couples and not families with children. I would love to see more articles about families truck camping and how they make it work. Also, would love to see the magazine explore why more companies are not making truck campers that can fit a family with children. That was the hardest part of our journey was finding a truck camper for a short bed truck with bunks for the kids.

Editor’s Note: Try these articles; Road Schooling With the Kids, Off-Grid With the Kids, and Two Adults, Three Kids and One Camper. There’s also a Question of the Week on “Kids and Camping”!

I love the destination stories. I would like a see a forum section added.

Editor’s Note: Please see Question 24 in Truck Camper Magazine’s Frequently Asked Questions, “Why doesn’t Truck Camper Magazine have an online forum?”

The feeling of general honesty and goodwill the articles convey about truck campers and those who love them. I would like to see more content focused on design decisions and quality of product from manufacturers.

I enjoy your magazine. Please do not change a thing.

No changes. You’re doing a wonderful job.

I like reviews, factory tours, new products, and lifestyle stories.

Love the diverse content. Educating me as a newbie and future truck and camper owner. I like the in-depth camper reviews and product assessments. Embedded links to products are useful.

Revisit some previous reviews and talk about dealers responding to consistent consumer complaints.

I like trip destination stories and the mod contest. I would like more integration of mapping in destination stories, geolocation of pictures, and trips that are more Google Map friendly.

Great photography.

Everything. Keep up the good work.

I like your passion and enthusiasm for truck campers. You have a large amount of information that benefits those without a lot of truck camper experience. I really can’t think of anything that needs to be changed.

The articles about people’s destinations.

I enjoy all of the camper reviews and the new year model update articles the most. If I could offer one piece of advice to TCM, it would be a slight redesign of the website. Having to click around from section to section just to hunt and find all the new articles is annoying. I’d love to see a website redesign where all new articles are listed on the front page.

Thank you for this website. It’s awesome. I check it every day to see what’s new in the truck camping world. It would be cool if you had new articles every day! I would like to see more truck and camper combos with specifications listed with pictures. I would like to hear more about drivability experiences in all driving scenarios and conditions.

Mods, lifestyle stories, and your honesty.

Unlike Trailer Life and other RV magazines, the focus is strictly on truck campers.

Something is always new. I would like to see more articles on places you have been. Like Geiger Key Marina which I have to several times.

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