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2019 Survey Responses

Believe it or not, we read each and every reader comment – over 500 in all – and made copious notes along the way.  Your feedback is greatly appreciated, especially the constructive criticism.

Speaking of constructive criticism, one critique is repeated again and again; we need to find a better way to paginate the articles.  Google forced us to break our articles into multiple pages last year, but we should be able to move the, “READ ENTIRE ARTICLE” button to the top.  We heard you, and we are working on it.

If you haven’t already, we strongly recommend reading our Frequently Asked Questions.  There you will find information on industry participation, how we remain objective in our reporting, and much, much more.  Thanks for reading TCM!

Reader Comments:

Great reviews. Extremely thorough, unlike most RV reviews. I also like the access you provide consumers to the manufacturers and local dealers.

I really enjoy the range of information, practical tips and modifications, sharing of experiences, and most of all, that TCM is personable. It is like you are chatting with a group of friends rather than reading a dry description of how to do something.

I am better informed on nearly all aspects of truck camper camping because of your efforts. Also your humor is up-lifting. Thanks!

We are planning to buy a pop-up truck camper in 2019 or 2020. We like the listings of the lightweight, soft-side closeout pop-ups you list. I also like especially the insight TCM gives about manufacturers, and their building and customer satisfaction philosophies. Thanks for your valuable work.

TCM is Gordon, Angela and Harley. The passion and dedication to the subject matter and lifestyle are very evident in every publication. Keep doing what you are doing and don’t change a thing. It’s not broken so don’t try and fix it. Thank you for what you do.

I like that I have one source to find all information about truck campers. I would like more YouTube videos of reviews, interviews, and tours. I do read the articles, but prefer videos.

The fact that you bought a used camper instead of changing for a new one each year. It keeps you closer to the majority of camper owners. You are doing a great job.

Over the years I have come to trust the views of Angela and Gordon concerning truck campers. Their honesty, knowledge and passion for truck campers is much appreciated. I would not hesitate to call upon them if we needed help.

I enjoy learning about destinations to travel, gear reviews, what works (and doesn’t) for others.

I love everything about TCM and I have learned so much valuable information. I have always appreciated all your time and hard work you put into your magazine. I hope all truck camper folks realize this and appreciate what you do. TCM is a big asset to the truck camper industry.

Basically I just enjoy reading TCM when it arrives in my email box. I read it all at once and then re-read it until the the next one arrives. Don’t change anything.

Since your inception, your commitment to the mission and your integrity in fulfilling it has been most impressive. You are the most important single contributor to the truck camper industry and community. Thank you.

I like the advice when buying a used camper and the used camper listings by dealer.

I like the overall coverage. I would like to see more modifications and customizations.

The articles have always been good, but over the past year you guys have powered up to a new level!

Always honest reviews with both pros and cons. TCM is a major player in the truck camper industry. I feel TCM has led to many improvements to the campers, gear and manufacturers in response.

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