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Truck Camper Magazine Frequently Asked Questions

Here is everything you always wanted to know about truck campers and Truck Camper Magazine, and were not afraid to ask us, again, and again.  Welcome to the TCM FAQ.

Frequently Asked Truck Camper Magazine Questions

For the following Frequently Asked Questions, we went through years of reader emails, hundreds of annual survey responses, and recalled countless RV show and rally conversations to create a list of questions we have heard over and over.

To this compiled list we added some additional questions like, “What is Truck Camper Magazine?” and, “Who is responsible for Truck Camper Magazine?” to round out a formal FAQ.

Select from the following to jump to different FAQ sections:



1. What is Truck Camper Magazine?

Truck Camper Magazine is a free online-only magazine dedicated exclusively to the truck camper community and marketplace.

2. Who is responsible for Truck Camper Magazine?

Truck Camper Magazine is owned by Gordon White, Publisher, and Angela White, Editor.  We also work with freelance writers who submit a variety of content, and a team of professional web developers.



3. What does it cost to subscribe to Truck Camper Magazine?

Truck Camper Magazine is a free online-only magazine.  There is no fee to read Truck Camper Magazine or subscribe to our weekly Email Alerts.

To subscribe to the free Email Alerts, click here.  We will not sell, publish, or distribute your email address.  Thank you for subscribing.

4. How do I unsubscribe, resubscribe, or change my subscription to Truck Camper Magazine?

With thousands of Email Alert subscribers, Truck Camper Magazine uses iContact, a professional US-based email service provider, to send out the weekly Email Alerts.  Through iContact, Truck Camper Magazine is in compliance with the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 and provides a simple unsubscribe feature at the bottom of every Email Alert.

To opt-out (unsubscribe) from future Email Alerts, click “Manage Your Subscription” at the bottom of a Truck Camper Magazine Email Alert.  An iContact web page will prompt you to confirm your request.  Once confirmed, you will be permanently removed from the Truck Camper Magazine Email Alert subscription list.

If you have changed your email addresses, or have another email address that you can use to subscribe, you can resubscribe with the Truck Camper Magazine subscription form; click here.

Due to anti-spam laws, resubscribing with the same email address after you have unsubscribed with that email address requires a few more steps than simply resubscribing through Truck Camper Magazine.

To resubscribe with the same email address, send an email to iContact at [email protected] from the same email address that you want to resubscribe with.  In your email,  tell iContact that you want to resubscribe to Truck Camper Magazine.

5. How can I participate with Truck Camper Magazine’s Facebook page?

To participate with Truck Camper Magazine on Facebook, you must first sign-up with a personal Facebook account.  To sign up with Facebook, go to, complete the sign-up form, and submit.

Once you have established a personal Facebook account, go to and click “Like”.

Once you are a Truck Camper Magazine Facebook fan, you will see a small percent of Truck Camper Magazine articles and comments on your Facebook feed (see question #6), and the Truck Camper Magazine Facebook page will be available for you to read and post comments.

6. Why don’t I see every Truck Camper Magazine Facebook post in my Facebook feed?

Unfortunately, not every Truck Camper Magazine article will be posted on your Facebook feed simply by becoming a fan.  Facebook only shows a fraction (often less than 10%) of the posts you have elected to follow.  To be kept up to date with every Truck Camper Magazine article, we recommend becoming an Email Alert subscriber.

To subscribe to Truck Camper Magazine’s free Email Alerts, click here.  We will not sell, publish, or distribute your email address.  Thank you for subscribing.



7. Why doesn’t every truck camper manufacturer, gear company, and dealership participate with Truck Camper Magazine?

There are four primary reasons why some truck camper manufacturers, gear companies, and dealerships do not participate in Truck Camper Magazine.

First, some manufacturers and dealerships choose not to promote themselves.  Short of their own website, free social media, and RV show participation, you won’t see these companies promoting themselves anywhere, including Truck Camper Magazine.

Second, not every manufacturer, gear company, and dealership is interested in growth.  These companies are often small operations working with very limited production and/or service capacity.  Their leadership is content with the size and volume they are operating at, and have no plans for expansion.

Other companies have experienced changes in ownership or leadership, and are not currently producing and/or selling truck campers.  Either way, these companies ask us not to promote their brand, products, or inventory as they couldn’t handle the added volume in customer inquiries and business we provide.

Third, if a company has a proven record of poor quality control, poor customer service, and/or poor warranty support, we will not represent them.  This does not mean that all of our participating manufacturers, gear companies, and dealerships all have perfect records in these categories but, on the whole, the companies Truck Camper Magazine works with take care of their customers.

Finally, we did not start Truck Camper Magazine to work with people who openly disrespect our efforts.  Truck Camper Magazine is not a public utility for the industry to use and abuse.  If the leadership at a given truck camper company can’t be respectful and professional with us, we will not work with them.

8. How does Truck Camper Magazine remain objective, unbiased, and critical in its reporting and reviews?

Before launching Truck Camper Magazine in 2007, it took several months to design a business model that could potentially work for the small but vibrant truck camper industry and community.

Having published a printed music magazine for seven years prior to starting TCM, our initial preference was for print.  When we field tested this idea, we quickly discovered that the truck camper industry and community was too small to support the required costs of printing and distributing a print publication.

With print off the table, our focus turned to the web.  As an online-only magazine, the project would have to be free to the readers.  At that time, and even now, almost all web-based media is free, and is demanded to be free by the public at large.

As a free online-only magazine, the only viable business model left was a sponsor-funded magazine.  We believed then, as we do now, that being sponsor-funded does not mean sponsor-controlled.  If we are truly balanced in our approach, we can be both sponsor-funded, and objective, unbiased, and critical in our reporting and reviews.

The best evidence of our journalistic integrity is our work.  Specifically, our independent truck camper reviews, independent buyers guide wet weights, steadfast positions on proper truck and camper matching, truck camper safety, accurate wet weights, and proper center of gravity marks.

These repeated positions are not always popular with the truck camper industry, and even raise the occasional objection from the readership.  That stated, it is the unwavering position of Truck Camper Magazine that safety must come first to ensure the short and long term health of the truck camper industry and the community it serves.

We do not pretend to be perfect in our balance towards objectivity, but we always speak with an independent voice.  Most importantly, we are truck campers ourselves, and inflexibly loyal to our fellow truck camping readers.

9. Do manufacturers see their reviews in advance?

Absolutely not.  Truck Camper Magazine reviews are wholly independent and posted without notice or review by the industry until after publication.  However, the manufacturers are invited to submit a manufacturer’s response to be immediately published, without edit, the following publishing date.



10. How do I contact Truck Camper Magazine or submit a letter to the Editor?

To contact Truck Camper Magazine, you can write us directly through our Contact Us feature located in the footer of the website.  Due to the high volume of emails we receive, we cannot reply to every email.  However, we promise every reader email will be read.

11. I’m interested in writing for Truck Camper Magazine.  Can I submit articles?

We are always looking for freelance writers.

That stated, please do not submit unsolicited articles to Truck Camper Magazine.  We require an approved outline in advance.  If an outline is approved, we will request your article for publication.

An outline is essentially a 100 to 150 word pitch on your article idea.  This pitch should be focused, compelling, and highly relevant to truck campers.  Accompanying photography is required.  Show us your voice and style.  If possible, fun and humor are a bonus.

To submit an article outline for consideration, please read the Write For TCM page and follow the instructions.  We will read your outline submission and contact you if we are interested in proceeding.



12. I’m new to truck camping.  Where do I begin?

Start with the Newbie Corner.  The Newbie Corner is essentially what we wished had existed when we were new to truck campers and started researching our first truck and camper.  Even if you have no experience with camping or RVs, the Newbie Corner will quickly get you moving towards your first truck and camper rig.

For inspiration, we also recommend reading lifestyle stories.  Lifestyle stories are articles about real life truck camper owners and their truck camping adventures.  There are literally hundreds of truck camper lifestyle stories on a myriad of sub-topics in the Lifestyle Stories, Off-Road Adventures, and various destination sections (under Features).  These articles also feature a wide range of truck camper rigs described at the bottom of the articles.

13. I have a blah-blah truck and want to get a blah-blah camper.  Or, I have a blah-blah camper and want to get a blah-blah truck.  Will they work together?

More than any other question, this is the one that has clogged our email box and voice mail the most over the years.  Having gone through the process of properly matching a truck and camper many times, we certainly understand the process, and its potential challenges.

Fortunately, we have multiple articles designed to walk you through this process, step by step.  Start with, “The Best Truck Camper” and then read, “Matching A Truck and Camper” followed by the two part, “The Payload Match Challenge: Part 1” and “The Payload Match Challenge: Part 2”.

These articles were written after working with literally hundreds of truck camper customers going through the process of matching a truck and camper.  We have also walked the walk ourselves (several times), and showed every part of the process with photography and words making it as quick and easy as it can possibly be.  Follow our truck and camper matching advice, and you’ll be well on your way to fun and adventure.



14. When does Truck Camper Magazine publish new articles and blogs?

On most weeks, Truck Camper Magazine publishes one feature-length article and several smaller blogs every Tuesday and Friday.  That said, we do change things up now and then and publish three times a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) or shift our publishing days around holidays or personal events (weddings, funerals, etc.).  We are very proud that Truck Camper Magazine has published at least twice a week since launching on January 26, 2007.

15. Why aren’t there more lifestyle stories, destination stories, or camper and gear reviews in Truck Camper Magazine?

The content direction for Truck Camper Magazine has been driven from the beginning by three factors.  First, what we wanted in a “Truck Camper Magazine”.  Second, reader feedback from the annual reader survey.  And third, industry news.

When we started Truck Camper Magazine, we had very strong instincts about what a “Truck Camper Magazine” should be including in-depth product reviews, real-world stories about the truck camping lifestyle, timely news from the truck camper industry, and truly helpful newbie advice.  We didn’t get to debut all of these content areas from day one, but we made it our mission.

On the first anniversary of the magazine, we started the annual reader survey which included asking what content types the readers preferred.  Add to this our detailed analytics data which shows exactly what content areas and types are most read.  Between these two reader sourced data points, we have reorganized the website multiple times, and continuously refocused our content efforts.  This is, after all, your magazine.

Finally, we have a standing promise with the truck camper industry to give immediate priority to any new camper announcement in exchange for the exclusive on that announcement.  That means that new camper announcements get pushed to the top of the publishing schedule and push back everything but another already scheduled new camper announcement.  That’s why some weeks it feels like all we’re publishing is new camper announcements.

In the end, Truck Camper Magazine will always be about the spirit and lifestyle of truck camping.  As the leading source of truck camper news, industry announcements must take priority, but truck camping lifestyle and destination stories will always follow.

16. Why aren’t there more do-it-yourself, how-to, camper maintenance, camper modification, and technical articles in Truck Camper Magazine?

For the first six or seven years of publishing Truck Camper Magazine, we lacked sufficient technical content.  We published dozens of Ask the Expert and 101 level articles during this time, but always wanted more technical reports.

Then, in mid-2014, we purchased our own project truck camper, an eleven year old model in need of plenty of maintenance, modifications, upgrades.  In fact, we purposefully bought a camper that needed work and offered plenty of hands-on content opportunities.

Since taking ownership of the project camper, we have set-out to learn, master, and publish feature-length technical articles that are approachable by folks with all levels of technical abilities and experience.   You can find our project camper articles and other technical content, including articles on truck camper systems, maintenance, and gear, in the Truck Camper Systems and the Truck Camper Maintenance sections.

As for truck camper modification content, you can find literally hundreds of truck camper modifications submitted by our readers in the Mod Contests and Projects section.

17. Why are there not more HD videos in Truck Camper Magazine?

Articles that center around videos are viewed significantly less than articles with only pictures and words.  A large portion of our readership live in relatively rural areas without high-speed internet to watch an online video.  Furthermore, a growing portion of our readership reads Truck Camper Magazine on-the-go using cellular data plans that would quickly use data by watching online videos.

Taking this into account, we opt to produce most content as text and words rather than videos.  If the content requires video, such as a GoPro time-lapse, we don’t hesitate to use video, but it’s not our first choice given the option.

18. Why isn’t there more information about older and used campers in Truck Camper Magazine?

Covering truck camper industry news is an important part of Truck Camper Magazine’s mission.  In a given year, we publish upwards of ten to fifteen new camper announcements, plus new model year updates, and new gear announcements.

In 2015 alone we published thirteen new camper announcements and another half dozen or so model year updates.  Add in a handful of new gear announcements and factory tours and we start to have a considerable percentage of our annual publishing calendar dedicated to new truck camper products and gear.

That stated, we also publish plenty of articles featuring older and used truck campers.  For example, Lifestyle Stories and Off-Road Adventures sections are full of older camper rigs.  The monthly Mod Contest is also full of older truck camper rigs.  Finally, our Truck Camper Systems and Truck Camper Maintenance sections are loaded with older campers getting maintained, modded, and restored, including our very own project truck camper.

We can always do a better job and look forward to writing about how to buy a used truck camper, and more ways to maintain and upgrade an older truck camper.  After all, we have an older truck camper ourselves.

19. Why doesn’t Truck Camper Magazine list upcoming RV shows, truck camper rallies, or truck camper owners groups?

We do, in our RV Shows and Rallies Section.

20. Why can’t Truck Camper Magazine tell us who makes the best truck camper?

We have.  Read, “The Best Truck Camper”.



21. Which web browser is recommended for viewing Truck Camper Magazine?

We test Truck Camper Magazine with the most popular web browsers; Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.  As best as we can, we also test with the various versions of these browsers to ensure the broadest possible compatibility.

If you have the option, we recommend using the latest version one of the above named browsers.  If you do experience a browser conflict with Truck Camper Magazine, please drop us a note that includes your operating system (PC or Mac), web browser, and browser version.

22. Why does the website look different on my desktop computer, laptop, tablet, and phone?

Truck Camper Magazine is a mobile responsive website.  That means the website automatically adapts to the device and screen size you’re using.  To do accommodate the wide variety of screen sizes people use (desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone), some Truck Camper Magazine elements and features stretch, while others are moved or eliminated.  Being mobile responsive is a requirement of Google search.

23. Why can’t I print Truck Camper Magazine pages or articles?

In the early days of Truck Camper Magazine, we had a button at the top of every article to print that article.  Readers told us that they liked the ability of printing out articles for later off-line reading, or to have as a printed reference while traveling.

Unfortunately, that functionality had to be removed because it conflicted with an update to Google’s search algorithms.  The Google update saw the print button and its resulting printed version of the article as duplicate content, and thus a violation.

Without the built-in print feature, it is still possible to print articles, but it’s not necessarily easy, or intuitive, to do so.  Furthermore, the process of successfully printing a webpage is different for the different operating systems (PC and Mac) and web browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.), and versions there of.

Due to the variables involved, we recommend conducting an internet search with the name of your web browser.  For example, “How to print web pages with Chrome”.  In the mean time, we will keep our eye out for another solution to successfully print directly from the website.



24. Why doesn’t Truck Camper Magazine have an online forum?

Before Truck Camper Magazine launched in 2007, there were several thriving online forums serving the truck camper community including,, and the North American Truck Camper Owners Association (NATCOA).

Since TCM’s introduction, several more truck camper forums have emerged including Lance Owners of America (LOA), Eagle Cap Owners, Northern Lite Owner’s Club, and Northwood RV Owners Association (NROA).

In addition to the seven above forums, there are again as many Facebook pages offering an outlet for asking questions, posting pictures, and communicating with fellow truck camper owners and enthusiasts.  Truck Camper Magazine also has an active Facebook page.

With so many forum and social media outlets for truck campers, Truck Camper Magazine has decided to support these established outlets and stay focused on its core mission; publishing the best truck camper content possible.

25. Why doesn’t Truck Camper Magazine have a classified section?

There are already many popular options available for selling truck campers and gear online including, but not limited to,,,, and  Several of the truck camper forums also have truck camper classifieds including NATCOA’s

With so many classified outlets for truck campers, Truck Camper Magazine has decided to support these established outlets and stay focused on its core mission; publishing the best truck camper content possible.

26. Why doesn’t Truck Camper Magazine allow reader comments after articles?

While reader comments offer an incredible opportunity for legitimate comments and spirited debate, they also attract SPAMbots and internet trolls, both of which practice a lack of civility we will not tolerate, and do not have time to monitor.

As such, we have decided to encourage reader discussions about Truck Camper Magazine content on our Facebook page or on the many popular truck camper forums mentioned above.



27. Where do you source the truck camper and gear specifications found in the Buyers Guide and Gear Guide?

All truck camper specifications, including dry weights, holding tank capacities, and overall dimensions, are provided to Truck Camper Magazine by the truck camper manufacturers.

It is important to take into consideration that (a) every manufacturer has different standards and options that are included or excluded from their provided base dry weight specifications, and (b) very few truck campers leave the factory without additional options.

For a truly accurate dry weight of the camper you are considering, be sure to add the weight of additional options to your calculations.  That dry weight can then be inserted into the Truck Camper Magazine wet weight equation found with every truck camper make and model in the Buyers Guide.

28. Why don’t the photographs on Truck Camper Magazine open larger, or allow for easier forwarding to the next photo?

Over the years we have made the photographs bigger as improvements in internet bandwidth and the average screen size and resolution has progressed.

In addition, we added the ability to scroll through the photographs by hovering over the right or left edges of the enlarged image revealing a large clickable arrow.  When you’re done clicking through the pictures, a circled white X in the top right corner will eliminate the image window.

For the future we are looking into increased retina compatibility and the possibility for even sharper photographs.  The goal is to stay at the leading edge of the technology while maintaining the most compatibility as possible.

29. What after market suspension equipment do you recommend?

Truck Camper Magazine’s position on aftermarket suspension enhancement products is simple.  First and foremost, always properly match your truck and camper.  To read about our truck camper matching system, click here.

Second, only use suspension enhancement products to solve the problems you experience with your rig.  For example, if your rig has too much sway, get a sway bar, but not until you experience too much sway.

While suspension enhancement products can make dramatic differences to the handling and performance of your truck and camper combination, they also add weight to your rig, and subtract payload capacity.

Our advice is to match your rig properly first, then add the suspension enhancement products you need to solve the ride and handling problems you have.  Don’t spend money or add weight unless you need to.

30. How do I find past articles?

There are many ways to find previously published articles in Truck Camper Magazine.  First, you can find an article in the Back Issues section (top right in the desktop navigation).  Second, you can find articles in their respective content section.  For example, you will find our reviews in the Reviews section, or lifestyle stories in the Features > Lifestyle Stories section.

Finally, you can use the Search function to find an article.  To access the search bar, click on the magnifying glass in the top right of the website.

As an example, if you want more information on solar panels, type “solar panels” into the search bar and hit enter.  Every Truck Camper Magazine article that mentions “solar panels” will instantly be listed.

Please be aware that older content (three years old or older) may be unpublished.

31. Why doesn’t Truck Camper Magazine have a print edition?

See question 8.

32. How can readers support Truck Camper Magazine?

Since Truck Camper Magazine is free, long time readers sometimes ask how they can support the magazine.  This is a much appreciated question with three simple answers.

First, please thank our sponsors for supporting Truck Camper Magazine.  Did you use TCM for your pre-purchase truck camper or gear decision?  Please let our sponsors know at the RV shows, dealerships, factories, and via email.  Your positive comments will go a very long way.  Thank you!

Second, please sign-up for our free Email Alerts.  Our free Email Alerts are full of high-quality content even our Facebook fans do not see.  Most importantly, your subscription helps us to increase our readership and grow the magazine.

Click here to subscribe to our free Email Alerts.  We will not sell, publish, or distribute your email address.  Thank you for subscribing!

Third, please tell fellow truck campers about Truck Camper Magazine and encourage them to subscribe to our free Email Alerts.  Readership growth is incredibly important to us and your word of mouth recommendation to other truck camper enthusiasts is deeply appreciated.

Thank you so much for reading Truck Camper Magazine!  Without you, none of this would be possible.  TCM readers rock!


If you have a question about truck campers or Truck Camper Magazine that’s not covered here, please click here to submit your question.

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