Truck campers and truck camper systems require regular maintenance. This section is designed to help you know what needs to be maintained, and how to maintain it. Our Ask the Expert series asks truck camper industry experts for their advice on maintaining everything from camper seals to camper electrical systems. The Truck Camper Academy gets into the technical aspects of batteries, air springs, and more.



ASK THE EXPERT: Maintaining Happijac Tie-Downs and Turnbuckles
Truck Camper Magazine asks Don Payne, Happijac’s Product Manager, about the proper use and maintenance of Happijac’s tie-downs and turnbuckles.

ASK THE EXPERT: Maintaining Happijac Camper Jacks
Truck Camper Magazine asks Don Payne, Happijac’s Product Manager, about the proper use and maintenance of Happijac camper jacks.

ASK THE EXPERT: Truck Camper Slide Mechanisms
TCM asks Doug Karr, Northwood Manufacturing’s truck camper expert, about the use and maintenance of camper slide mechanisms.  It's electric!  Boogie woogie woogie!

ASK THE EXPERT: Truck Camper Holding Tank Systems
TCM asks Paul Harris, Lance Camper's General Manager of Customer Service, about how to properly use and maintain truck camper holding tank systems.

ASK THE EXPERT: Truck Camper Electrical Systems
TCM asks A.J. Rosenbrock, Assistant Plant Manager at Travel Lite, about truck camper electrical systems and the five sources of truck camper power.

ASK THE EXPERT: Maintaining Rieco-Titan Camper Jacks

Truck Camper Magazine asks Doug Bakker, Product Designer for Rieco-Titan Products, about the proper use and maintenance of Rieco-Titan camper jacks.

ASK THE EXPERT: Propane System Maintenance and Safety
Bill Ward, Owner of Hallmark RV, helps to demystify the safe use of propane and propane systems in a truck camper.  Crack the petroleum, it’s a gas!

ASK THE EXPERT: Thetford Cassette Toilet Systems
Truck Camper Magazine asks Rex Willett, Vice President of Northstar Campers, about Thetford cassette toilets, the advantages of cassette toilet systems, and their proper maintenance.

ASK THE EXPERT: Maintaining Camper Seals
Truck Camper Magazine asks Mike Kernagis, Service Manager at Palomino RV, about how to properly maintain truck camper seals.  Get your caulk guns ready.

GEAR INSTALL: Hellwig Sway Bar
Hellwig team members Dave Wheeler and Justin Strasser install a Hellwig sway bar on our 1998 Dodge 3500 truck.  But first, our whole rig gets a lift. 



Boondocking 101: Water, Tanks, Power, and Propane
Call it boondocking.  Call it dry camping.  We call it fun, free, and a major reason why we love truck campers!  Here's boondocking expert Bob Difley on how it's done.

SumoSprings 101: Paul Gibson of SuperSprings
Paul Gibson of SuperSprings explains the benefits of SumoSprings and compares their performance with SuperSprings and traditional air springs.

Air Springs 101: Paul Gibson of SuperSprings
After more than forty-five years in the air spring industry, Paul Gibson of SuperSprings sets the record straight on air spring technology for truck campers.

Camper Batteries 101: The Basics
Jim Tomblin is a truck camper.  With his deep knowledge of both electronics and truck camping, we talked him about camper batteries and truck camper electrical systems.  He is our go to guy with any camper electrical question.

Camper Batteries 102: Digital Multimeters and Trimetric Meters
In this article, Jim Tomblin gets more in-depth about batteries and introduces us to using digital multimeters and trimetric meters with our campers.

Beach Camping 101
Life long beach camper Mike Layton walks us through the basics of truck camping on the beach.  It's time to air down, take it slow, and point the truck to the ocean waves.



Bike Solutions For Truck Campers
Fifty readers responded to this week's Question of the Week, "Do you bring bikes with you when you go truck camping?  If you do, how do you bring them along?".

2013 Top Modification Contest Part 1

Mod lovers will think they went to truck camping heaven this week and next as we debut over sixty incredible truck camper modifications in a four-part mod-rageous contest series.

2013 Top Modification Contest Part 2
The 2013 mod-rageous mod contest roll out bonanza continues with fifteen more inspirational mods.  Look under your dinette seat to discover what the runner-up winner has in store.

2013 Top Modification Contest Part 3
Push all that other stuff off your desk and make room for sixteen more mod-rageous camper mods.  Can’t hear me now?  Get a boost from Wells and Wilson.

2013 Top Modification Contest Part 4
TCM announces the Top Truck Camper Modder for 2013 and the winner of the $100 fuel card.  Eighteen more mods bring our mod-rageous contest to a spectacular conclusion.

Fuel Cells for Truck Campers

Off-the-grid enthusiast Duncan Crawford takes the early adopter plunge, installs a fuel cell into his truck camper, and shares his portable hydroelectric experience with us.  Don't forget the methanol.

Blocked Sirius XM Radio Antenna Quick Fix

Factory satellite radio antennas are almost always blocked by truck campers.  Here’s how we solved the problem on our rig and nearly froze to death in the process.

Winter Boondocking Mods
Bruce and Kim Scott have modified their Northern Lite for extreme cold weather boondocking.  Take us into the frozen north!  This is winter truck camping, Upper Peninsula style.

2012 Top Mod Contest Part 1

Get ready for part one of a four part, two-week, all-out truck camper mod-a-thon of epic proportions. If you’re not inspired by these amazing mods, you might be dead.

2012 Top Mod Contest Part 2
The mod madness continues with sixteen more sweet truck camper mods to make your camper even more marvelous. Step up to the cannon trailer!

2012 Top Mod Contest Part 3
Make more room for mods as part three of the TCM mod-a-thon contest entries roll in with fifteen magnificent mods. Take a peek at the grey tank tube.

2012 Top Mod Contest Part 4
TCM announces the Top Truck Camper Modder for 2012 and the winner of the $100 fuel card. Fifteen more mods bring our two week mod-a-thon to a fabulous finish.

Rally Attendees Share Camper Tips, Tricks, and Mods
Check out the truck camper decorations, adornments, enhancements, improvements, garnishes, and gussy-ups from the 2012 Lobster Bash.

Honda EU2000i Generator Hour Meter Installation
Mike Tassinari, aka Mikeee, shows us how to install an hour meter on a Honda EU2000i portable generator.  Look out little red Honda, Mikeee has a drill.