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2014 Lance 1052 Double Slide

TCM: Can the optional air conditioner run on a portable Honda EU2000i generator?

Gary: That’s a trick question.  We use a high efficiency Coleman 11,000 BTU air conditioner.  In most circumstances, a Honda EU2000i will run the Coleman.  In the most extreme temperatures and altitudes (for example 120 degrees at 8,000 feet), you would need a built-in propane generator to run the Coleman.  It’s very unlikely that customers will encounter a situation when a Honda will not run the Coleman, but we want to be upfront about that possibility.

We pay a premium to get higher efficiency appliances including the Coleman air conditioners.  We could actually save money by installing the 13,000 BTU air conditioners that are more commonly found on competitors’ units, but you lose efficiency and that’s what our customers want.


Above: Ducted heating throughout the 2014 Lance 1052 (click to enlarge)

While we’re on the subject of air conditioners, I’d like to mention that our campers are also built for cold temperatures.  The ducted heating system in the 1052 is quite elaborate.  For starters, there’s a four-inch head duct to the cabover bed area.  Another duct goes to the bathroom, three ducts run to the living area, and another goes to the basement tank compartment.

The dual-stage furnace is controlled by a wall mounted thermostat which was carefully located to ensure proper function and amp draw.  In fact, we decided not to place the refrigerator on the slide because it would compromise the location of the heater.  We could have added more space inside the camper, but it would also have cost us the ducted heat into the bedroom.  Designing a truck camper is always a balancing act.


Above: The Ultra Deck Plus bumper with the deck extended on the Lance 1052


For more information about the Ultra Deck Plus, check out the article and video, “Torklift International on the Ultra Deck Plus“.

TCM: Having the refrigerator on the slide would also require the refrigerator fan to run more often.  That’s something we’ve heard from many slide-out truck camper owners as something they wish could be remedied.  Tell us about the new optional bumper for the 1052.

Gary: For 2014, we’re announcing an all-new optional bumper system, the Ultra Deck Plus.  It’s a utility bumper with three storage compartments and a slide deck that extends about two feet.  This gives you more standing room area under your rear awning.

The Ultra Deck Plus also features an offset square tube receiver for a standard bike rack to mount a barbecue, snowboards, portable chairs, or whatever you want to bring with you that will fit on a square receiver.  With the Ultra Deck Plus you’ll no longer need to attach things to the camper itself.  More importantly, it doesn’t affect your towing capabilities.  From the factory, every 1052 will be shipped with the Ultra Deck Plus option.  It’s going to be a big deal.


Above: The Ultra Deck Bumper on the Lance 1052

Randy: The Ultra Deck Plus was developed with Torklift International.  The design runs circles around the other bumper designs you’ve seen.

TCM: And the bumper wars begin!  We can’t wait to see the Ultra Deck Plus for ourselves.  What does the 1052 weigh with the Ultra Deck Plus and the other standard build options?

Gary: With the Ultra Deck Plus bumper, four season package, convenience package, air conditioner, generator, rear awning, and roof rack system, the 1052 will weigh around 3,987 pounds dry.

TCM: What is the MSRP for the 2014 Lance 1052 with standard build features?

Gary: The Lance 1052 will be $34,437 for the base camper and $39,800 for our standard build optioned out camper.

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