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Lance Campers Announces $1,500 Rebate

During the month of February, Lance Campers is offering a $1,500 rebate on Lance truck campers. This is a direct-to-consumer rebate with limited inventory available. TCM readers get the exclusive jump on this offer.

2024 Lance Truck Camper Rebate

Lance Campers has announced a “Buy a Better RV” rebate offer on Lance truck campers. This rebate runs from February 1-29, 2024, and applies to a list of Lance Campers on their website;

This offer is being announced exclusively on Truck Camper Magazine, so you’ve got a huge leg up on the general public to get one of these brand-new Lance truck campers with the $1,500 rebate.

How To Quality For Lance’s $1,500 Rebate:

1. For a list of rebate-eligible Lance truck campers, click here.

2. Select a rebate-eligible Lance Camper and request a rebate redemption form.

3. Lance Campers will then send you a rebate redemption form with the selected serial number.

4. Take the rebate redemption form to your local Lance Camper dealer to complete the purchase.

Note: To qualify for the $1,500 rebate, purchases must be made between February 1st and February 29th, 2024 from a participating Lance dealership.

5. To register for the $1,500 rebate, mail the completed rebate redemption form to Lance Campers along with a copy of your purchase agreement.

6. The $1,500 rebate checks will be mailed directly to you once the camper has been delivered.

For more information about Lance Camper’s $1,500 Rebate, click here. For more information about Lance Campers, visit their website at


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