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Lance 805 Launches From Lancaster

From Lancaster, California, Lance Campers unleashes a hard-side, non-slide, non-bath camper targeting the half-ton, off-road, off-grid truck camper market. Hey half-ton owners, here’s your Lance Camper!

2024 Lance 805 Announcement

Lance Campers shocked the RV industry last September by dropping a surprise prototype truck camper at the Elkhart Open House. And when I say surprise, I mean they hadn’t even told Truck Camper Magazine that this new model was en route.

Within minutes of spying the 805 prototype, we were taking pictures and notes for a Lance 805 article that was written, assembled, and run the next morning. And you thought our jobs were easy. Sheesh!

At the event, the Lance team gathered 805 feedback from attending dealers and pesky media and then promptly returned to base with their nascent build. Five months later, they are ready to announce the production version of the 2024 Lance 805. The changes are relatively minimal, but the camper and its target market are definitely outside Lance’s usual box.

What makes the 805 special in Lance’s line-up is its focus on the overland marketplace. Lance truck campers have always been in tune with the traditional truck camper market, but overland is a different community entirely. Where traditional truck campers often want more features, amenities, and luxury, overland truck campers want simplicity, reliability, and ultimate off-road and off-grid capability. Yes, both markets want some of the priorities of the other, but not to the extreme the two separate markets seek.

With the 805, Lance has cut the fat – including purposefully omitting a bathroom – to create a camper they believe offers what the overland marketplace wants. And they’ve done it with Lance’s signature laminated 100 percent composite walls, aluminum framing, and CNC cut precision. The side benefit to this radical design approach is they’ve also made a truly half-ton compatible Lance Camper. And you don’t have to be overland to love that.

To find out more about the 2024 Lance 805, we talked to Gary Conley, Director of Sales and Marketing, of Lance Campers.

Lance 805 Camper Floor Plan

Above: The floor plan of the 2024 Lance 805. All images courtesy of Lance Campers.

2024 Lance 805 Specifications:

The 2024 Lance 805 is a hard-side, non-slide truck camper for short or long bed trucks.  The interior floor length of the Lance 805 is 8’11” and the interior height is 80″. The exterior width is 86” and the center of gravity is 33” from the front wall.

It has a 10 gallon fresh water tank, 20 gallon grey tank, and a porta-potty. It accommodates two Group 27 batteries and one 20-pound propane tank.

Lance is reporting the base dry weight of the Lance 805 at 1,555 pounds without options. The base price MSRP for the Lance 805 is $26,613.  Click here to request a free Lance brochure.

Lance 805 Camper On Ford Truck

The original Lance 805 was discontinued in 2008. Sixteen years later, the new 2024 Lance 805 has essentially the same floor plan. Why are you bringing the Lance 805 model back now?

Lance has always catered to the off-grid overland type of customer. That same market today doesn’t require the same level of comfort features that truck camper buyers did in years past. Preferences have greatly evolved since the late 90s and early 2000s. Off-grid overland customers today prioritize the camping experience over creature comforts. They want a more basic and more durable truck and camper set-up.

Our new 2024 Lance 805 is that camper. It’s also perfect for someone with a larger trailer who might want a simple camper to get off the grid and have a base camp. There are several market segments the new 805 can fill.

Lance 805 Overcab To Door Production Unit

Lance has learned a lot about camper design in sixteen years. Why not design a completely fresh floor plan?

The Lance 805 floor plan dates back to the Lance 200 from the 1960s. We built that floor plan fairly consistently until we discontinued the original 805 in 2008. The 805 floor plan has evolved from hundreds, if not thousands, of truck campers before it. With the limited available space, it works.

Lance 805 U Shaped Dinette

We also feel the rear six foot U-shape dinette is superior to a face-to-face dinette for comfort and, compared to a forward dinette, doesn’t require you to step on anyone to get in or out of the cabover. This is an issue for anyone who regularly needs to use the facilities. The rear dinette also gives you a better view with large windows on either side.

Lance 805 Door To Overcab Production Unit

Galley space in any camper is a premium. Across from the dinette, the 805 has a six foot long counter with a built-in sink and a two-burner cooktop. It’s one of the largest countertops in any Lance Camper.

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Lance Camper Lamination 2024
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Lance Camper Construction 2024

If we had an original 805 side-by-side with a 2024 Lance 805, what would the differences be with the overall construction?

The original 805 was a hung wall and a hybrid of wood and aluminum framing. The new 805 is fully laminated with an all-aluminum frame. The result is a significantly stronger wall and structure at a lighter overall weight.

Our lamination facilities and expertise have greatly improved over the years. In fact, we just reset our lamination facility over Christmas adding new roll coaters and equipment to further advance our process.

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Lance 805 On The Production Line
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Lance 805 At Factory
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Lance 805 Production Line

The new 805 also features CNC-cut Garnica cabinetry. That’s another huge improvement over the original 805. It’s like comparing a luxury car from 2008 to one built today. The quality has taken a major leap forward.

Did you consider using composite panels for the 805?

Technically, the structure is composite. The camper’s body is Azdel, foam, and fiberglass. We have fifteen years with this construction method. It’s time-tested with the elements. We know the construction method we are using works.

Lance 805 In Front Of The Factory In Lancaster California

What trucks were you targeting with the 805?

All domestic and import full-size trucks with 5 foot, 6 foot, and 8 foot beds. For payload, the 805 will match with half-tons, three-quarter tons, and one-ton trucks.

The Lance 805 at Elkhart last September was presented as a prototype. Have there been changes made to the final production version?

Yes. There are a lot of small details and changes. The refrigerator has been changed from an absorption refrigerator to a larger 12-volt compressor model. Going to a compressor refrigerator allowed us to use 10 gauge wiring reducing cost and weight. A Bargman plug is now standard.

Lance 805 Kitchen Side

Why did you opt for built-in rather than modular and removable components?

Today’s market is driven by cost and value. That’s where we’re focused. For example, it’s more expensive to include a portable cooler versus building in a 12-volt refrigerator. We believe most customers would prefer a built-in 12-volt refrigerator. Portable refrigerators open at the top consuming valuable space that could be used for counter space or storage. We’ve also found portable refrigerators to be very heavy when they’re full.

“The 805 buyers are going to like a bolder graphic. We have three different graphics packages if you want something more conservative.”

When we debuted the Lance 805 prototype, there was a considerable response to the Enduro exterior graphics. Did you change the exterior graphics for the production version?

Our team wants to stick with the Enduro graphics. They feel that look will appeal more to the demographic we are selling to. The 805 buyers are going to like a bolder graphic. We are going toward the demographic we want to sell it to. We have three different graphics packages if you want something more conservative.

Lance 805 On Ford F350 Electric Or Manual Jacks

Does the Lance 805 come standard with manual jacks or electric jacks?

Manual jacks are standard, but you can upgrade to electric jacks. The 805 comes standard pre-wired for electric jacks, solar, and an air conditioner. You can always add these features down the line.

Lance 805 Induction Cooktop

The 805 prototype featured a drop-in induction cooktop. Why are you changing to a two-burner propane cooktop?

We see this as a way to have two cooking options. The two-burner gas cooktop is always available, and customers can also bring a portable induction cooktop.

That’s what we do. We have a single burner induction cooktop that we use when we have shore power, and a traditional built-in propane cooktop when we’re off-grid. It’s a fantastic combination.

Right. I have a good friend who bought an RV and used a portable induction cooktop. It works great and can be used inside and out. Having both gas and portable induction cooktops available has high value.

Lance 805 Inside

The black aluminum cabinetry showcased in the 805 prototype has been brought to the production 805. Has that been changed?

It’s evolved. The final version is made by a company across the street from our factory with a laser cutter and powder coater. We have also added wire shelving on the passenger’s side of the cabover. We would add the shelving to the driver’s side, but the escape window takes up precious upper cabinetry space.

What size and type of refrigerator is in the 805?

It’s a 4 cubic foot Norcold 12-volt compressor refrigerator. We changed to a compressor refrigerator due to weight, cost, and size configurations.

The first 12-volt compressor refrigerator Lance Campers installed was for Mike Olesnevich of Xtreme Campers about fifteen years ago. I just saw him at the Florida RV Supershow in Tampa and he was still very happy with his compressor refrigerator.

Lance 805 Porta Potty

We remember when he got that camper and showed the compressor refrigerator at the Truck Camping Jamboree in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. How did you approach the idea of having a porta-potty in the Lance 805?

When we reviewed the original 805 prints, there was a space for a porta-potty. It’s a centrally located and covered area so you don’t have to look at it when it’s not in use. At night, people from the cabover and dinette bed can access the porta-potty without stepping over each other.

Porta-potties are more sophisticated than they were in the 1970s. The old ones were huge and took up too much space. The new ones are smaller and better designed.

Lance 805 Camper Bed

Why did you decide on an east-west cabover for the 805?

When you’re building a hard side camper for the full-size half-ton market, the primary considerations are cost and weight. A north-south cabover would add both.

What are the available interior decors?

All three 2024 Lance interior decors are available for the 805; Bronzite (brown), Greyson (grey), and Lapis (blue).

Lance 805 Acrylic Windows

What type of windows are standard; single, thermal pane, or acrylic?

Thermal pane acrylic windows are standard.

As Lance’s only non-basement truck camper model, are there access doors to the truck bed?

Technically, the 805 has a shallow basement with a pancake fresh tank. It’s a small basement much like what’s in the Lance 825 and 650. There is an access door on the driver’s side rear wall of the camper which provides access to the truck bed and grey tank dump.

What is the size of the pancake fresh tank?

The Lance 805 has a 10 gallon fresh tank and a 20 gallon grey tank. There’s no black tank as this camper offers a porta-potty.

Lance 805 Batteries

How many batteries does the Lance 805 have?

Two Group 27 batteries fit into the exterior battery compartment. They can be wet cell, AGM, or lithium.

Why not utilize a portable lithium system like a Goal Zero Yeti 1500X?

Cost. We can’t purchase a portable lithium battery system at a low enough price to make sense of installing them at the factory level. Like the induction cooktop, it makes more sense for the end consumer to purchase a portable lithium battery directly. We just can’t source them at a low enough price.

Lance 805 Propane

What size propane tank does the 805 use?

A standard 20-pound vertical tank.

Is there an optional air conditioner?

Yes. We are using a Coleman Mach 11,000 BTU model. With a small camper like the 805, you don’t need more BTUs, and the 11,000 BTU model has a lower profile and lower weight. For 2024, we offer both the Coleman and Truma air conditioners.

Lance 805 With Shower

What other options are available for the Lance 805?

We offer an outside shower from 23 Zero. That makes for a nice and private outside shower setup that is very user-friendly to set up.

Other options include a TV antenna, cell booster, Maxxair fan, an 11,000 BTU air conditioner, single or double lithium batteries, remote control jacks, one or two 200-watt solar panels, backup camera, rear and/or side awning, and the Torklift Revolution step system.

Lance 805 Camper Dry Weight

Above: The camper in the photo above is the base camper with the electric jack upgrade (40 pounds), step bracket (5 pounds), and 23Zero shower (32 pounds)

What does the 2024 Lance 805 weigh with standard build features?

The weight of the Lance 805 with standard features is 1555 pounds without options.

Lance 805 Exterior On Ford

Where is the center of gravity on the 2024 Lance 805? How was that measured?

The center of gravity is 33”.

Lance 805 Center Of Gravity

What is the MSRP for the 2024 Lance 805 with standard features?

The MSRP is $26,613 with freight. It should sell on dealer lots in the low 20s.

What is the warranty for the 2024 Lance 805?

There is a two-year structural warranty and a one-year warranty for the components.

When will the 2024 Lance 805 be available?

The 805 is shipping now.

Is there anything about the 2024 Lance 805 that you would like to add?

It’s exciting to have a more affordable, lightweight Lance truck camper that can payload-match half-ton trucks and tow your toys.

“The follow-up to the 805 will be a mid-size Lance truck camper. We’ve already started on the lower section of the unit.”

At the Elkhart RV Open House last September, Lance was talking about yet another model based on the new 805, but designed for mid-size trucks. Is that model still on the docket for 2024?

Yes. The follow-up to the 805 will be a mid-size Lance truck camper. We’ve already started on the lower section of the unit. It will be similar to the 805, but scaled down. We should have an announcement later this year in Truck Camper Magazine. We’ll probably have the 805 and a revised 825 at Overland Expo West in Flagstaff.

As part of REV Group, we have access to things from our sister companies allowing us additional opportunities for future product innovation. We’re always working on new features for our truck camper line. We often test new concepts and components with our travel trailer line and then bring them over to truck campers. We want to make sure everything we bring to market is proven first.

To check out the 2024 Lance Campers, visit  Click here to request a free Lance brochure.


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