Pop-Up Truck Campers

Travel off-grid and off-road with a pop-up truck camper! Our Buyers Guide shows off many low profile, lightweight campers that are ready to go anywhere.
Even within the pop-up camper category, there are many differences. From wood to aluminum framing, filon to aluminum siding, and hydraulic to electric lifts, these pop-up campers all have different design qualities and different floor plans.
Alaskan, Four Wheel, Northstar, Palomino, Phoenix, and Hallmark manufacture pop-up truck campers for mid-size and full-size, long and short bed trucks.  There’s something for everyone.
For a more in-depth look, visit our truck camper review section where we have detailed photography, weights, pros and cons, and specifications. Please select the logos below to visit the Buyers Guide pages for the pop-up camper brands listed below.

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