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Truck Camper Closeout Models

Truck camper closeout models are brand new truck campers with full factory warranties that have been on dealer lots for over a year.  Dealers need to sell these campers and are ready to make you a deal.  To contact a dealer about a specific closeout model, please click on the dealership links in the gray bars below.


New Campers With Full Factory Warranties

A&M Services – Kittrell, NC – 252-433-8096 – Contact A&M Services

2016 WOLF CREEK 840 [STOCK#2342]

Access RV – Salt Lake City, Utah – 800-327-6910Contact Access RV

Access RV does not have any closeouts at this time.

American RV – Grand Rapids, MI – 877-863-9527Contact American RV
D&H RV Center – Apex, NC – 877-642-4185 – Contact D&H RV

D&H RV Center does not have any closeouts at this time.


Holiday RV – Poncha Springs, CO – 888-539-4230 – Contact Holiday RV

2015 LANCE 825 [STOCK#H3393]
2016 CIRRUS 800 [STOCK#H3739]
2016 CIRRUS 800 [STOCK#3740] 

HW Motorhomes – Canton, MI – 800-334-1535 – Contact HW Motorhomes

2014 TRAVEL LITE 875 POP-UP [STOCK#N43125]
2014 TRAVEL LITE 1000 SLRX [STOCK#N43617]

Pine Tree RV – Huntsville, TX – 936-439-5268 – Contact Pine Tree
Princess Craft – Round Rock, TX – 800-338-7123 – Contact Princess Craft

2016 ADVENTURER 86SBS [STOCK#017603]
2016 ARCTIC FOX 811 [STOCK#12669]

Richard’s RV – Lancaster, CA – 661-951-9191Contact Richard’s RV

Richard’s does not have any closeouts at this time.

Triple A RV Center – Medford, OR – 541-772-1938Contact Triple A RV

2017 CIRRUS 820 [STOCK#11696]  
2017 CIRRUS 820 [STOCK#11697]  
2017 CIRRUS 820 [STOCK#11698] 
2017 NORTHSTAR 600SS [STOCK#11166]  
2017 CAMPLITE 9.2 [STOCK#11074]  

Truck Camper Canada – Martensville, SK – 306-382-7800Contact Truck Camper Canada

2016 PALOMINO SS-1240 [STOCK#7204]


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