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Lance Camper Facelift

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Lance Camper Facelift

Shelley Pike, Danville, Indiana
Lance Camper Facelift
2009 Ford F-350
2006 Lance 950 Sportster

Our Lance truck camper is a 2006 that we bought new. There were a few minor dings in the maple wood-look cabinets and the color of them made the inside feel small. The carpet I installed was dark as well. The bedspreads had pulled threads in them. All of the windows had valences that contributed to a claustrophobic feeling. The dinette cushions had stains. I also looked for ways to improve storage.

Lance Camper Facelift In The Works

Above: Their Lance getting its facelift

First, I bought new twin foam mattresses in a box. They are a little wider than the original mattresses, which I liked. Then I removed the wooden nightstand and replaced it with a narrow 3-drawer storage cabinet. I cut a king comforter in half for new bedspreads and sewed fitted ends so they would stay in place.

Lance Window Curtains

I removed the valences and bought decorative hardware to hang the curtains.

Lance Camper Facelift Back Of Camper

Then I laid a new, lighter-colored carpet. It is removable for washing, or if I change my mind.

Lance Camper Facelift New Dinette Cushions

Next, I recovered the dinette cushions and painted the cabinet faces with beige-colored enamel paint. I painted the cabinet doors and refrigerator door white enamel.

Lance Camper Facelift Closet Door

I added a magnetic bulletin board to the refrigerator door. I also installed peel-and-stick tiles to the kitchen area backsplash.

Lance Camper Facelift Kitchen Backsplash

To increase storage, I built a square box out of plywood with a removable lid to store portable jack stands (for when the camper is off the truck) and extra heavy-duty extension cords. I covered the lid with carpet. It also doubles as another step up to the upper bunk.

Lance Camper Facelift Lighter Carpet And Under Foot Storage

The area under the table leg was inaccessible, even though there was nothing in it. I removed the table leg and unfastened the wooden cover. I cut the cover and installed a piano hinge to provide access to that area. I can store hand tools and other odds and ends there.

In the wet bath, I hung a shoe storage bag on the inside. These bags hold a lot of smaller items when drawer space is at a minimum. A spring-loaded tension rod holds a shower curtain to protect the contents when showering.

The last upgrade was lighting; a new strip light under the stove hood and two over the dinette. I also installed tape lighting inside the storage cabinet over the dinette to see better inside.

Lance Camper Facelift Overcab

I love the lighter color of everything. The camper feels bigger inside. The lighter color also enhances the upgraded LED lighting. I can find everything so easily with more storage space. The 8-inch thick foam beds are so comfortable and I love the extra width of the mattresses.

Lance Camper Facelift Interior

The backsplash and paint were from Lowe’s. The sheet of plywood, screws, piano hinge and carpet were from Menard’s. The King comforter and curtain hangers were from Amazon. The twin foam mattresses (bed in a box) were from Walmart.

It took about 100 hours to complete this modification and cost me approximately $1,100. The cost would vary depending on your taste of decor.

Disclaimer: The modifications above are submitted by Truck Camper Magazine readers. It is your responsibility to make sure that any do-it-yourself modification project you undertake is safe, effective, and legal for your situation.

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