Truck Camper Modification Form

Thank you for participating in the TCM Monthly Mod contest. Please submit one mod per form.

Photograph(s) of your modification are required to participate in the Monthly Mod contest. Directions on how to submit photographs are at the end of this form.

  • This will be published. Please describe each answer in at least few sentences.
  • Please describe in at least few sentences.
  • Please describe in at least a few sentences.
  • Mega Mods require significant construction like entry step systems, rear porches, and recliner chair installations. If serious tools, material, and time was involved, it’s likely a Mega Mod.

    Medium Mods are generally smaller in size and scope and can include shelf installations, dinette table modifications, and other interior and exterior truck and camper adjustments, alterations, adaptations, and retrofits. If you took something in your camper and made it better, it’s probably a Medium Mod.

    Mini-Mods can be as simple as a towel hook, re-covered dinette seating, a photo wall, or any other decorative or functional element that makes your camper a home away from home. If you’ve personalized the interior of your camper or done something simple to make life on the road more comfortable, it’s likely a Mini-Mod.
  • Thank you for taking the time to share your modification. We really appreciate the many details you've shared to explain your mod to fellow TCM readers!

    After you press submit below, there will be specific directions on how to send photographs of your modification to Truck Camper Magazine. At least one photo is mandatory. Only entries with photograph(s) will be accepted.

    We prefer that you press the submit button below to complete the form, but if for any reason the form does not work, you may email your responses and photos to [email protected].

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