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Announcing PowerMod with Huge Goal Zero Prizes

Goal Zero supercharges the annual Truck Camper Magazine mod contest with huge lithium portable power station prizes and a grand prize sure to send every mod maker into overdrive. The 2024 Mod Contest is officially powered on!

PowerMod truck camper mod contest sponsored by Goal Zero


Welcome to the 2024 PowerMod truck camper modification contest!

We are thrilled to announce Goal Zero, maker of the leading portable lithium power stations, is the official sponsor of this year’s PowerMod contest.

Angela and I have used Goal Zero’s portable lithium power stations both in our camper and in our home nearly everyday for years and can’t say enough about how useful, versatile, and high-quality Goal Zero’s products are. We have a five year Goal Zero review to prove it.

Monthly Prizes: Goal Zero Yeti 200X

To supercharge this year’s mod competition, the eleven monthly winners will receive a Goal Zero Yeti 200X Ultra-portable lithium power station (MSRP $219.95)!

Goal Zero Yeti 200X

Above: A Goal Zero 200X portable lithium power station will be awarded each month

This small but mighty 5-pound device has 187 Watt hours on board, a 120 Watt AC outlet (200W surge), two USB-C outlets (one 60W max, one 18W max), two USB-A outlets (5V), and a 12-volt outlet (120W max). The 200X charges from solar panels, a wall outlet, or a 12-volt car outlet, and has enough power to charge a cell phone 16 times, a tablet 6 times, a laptop 4 times, and a DSLR camera 11 times.

Let’s just say is a huge upgrade from a T-shirt or a mug for goodness’ sake, and you’ll be shocked (pun intended) how often you’re able to use this device.

Grand Prize: Goal Zero Escape Power System

The December mod finalists vote will determine the winner of the PowerMod Contest Grand Prize; a Goal Zero Escape Power System including a Goal Zero Yeti Pro 4000, Escape Remote Display, and the required wiring. This is a huge prize with an MSRP of $4,199.95 USD!

Goal Zero Yeti 4000

Above: The Yeti Pro 4000 is the PowerMod Grand Prize

The Yeti Pro 4000 features a whopping 3,993.6 Wh LiFePo4 battery, 3,600 Watt power output, 7,200 Watt surge capability, and 4,000 cycle lifespan with 10 years of daily use.

With a 3,000 Watt solar input the Yeti Pro 4000 can charge from 0 to 80% in under 90 minutes. With up to 1,800 Watts AC power input, the unit can to charge from 0 to 80% in 2 hours. And you can check the battery level, power flow in and out, and even turn ports on or off via the Goal Zero companion app.

Goal Zero Escape System Control Monitor

Above: The Goal Zero Escape System Monitor

The Yeti Pro 4000 is also designed to integrate into your home with the optional Haven 10 Manual Transfer Switch to power up to 10 circuits, and can be expanded with up to 4 Tank Pro 4000 expansion batteries for a total of 20 kWh of power. Insane? Yep.

Mod Categories and Publishing Schedule

We are continuing the three established categories; Mini-Mods, Medium Mods, and Mega Mods.

We’ll publish one mod in that month’s category in every Email Alert. On average we’ll have eight mods per month. At the end of the month, readers will get to vote for their favorite mod from that month to award a monthly winner.

Power Mod Contest Rules:

1. All submitted truck camper modifications must have been made by yourself on your own truck camper rig.

2. All modifications must be new to Truck Camper Magazine. Please do not send in modifications that you have submitted for a previous Truck Camper Magazine mod contest.

3. All modifications must result in a physical change to the truck camper rig; cosmetic, decorative, and/or functional. Repairs do not count unless they also improved the stock design, appearance, or functionality of the truck camper.

4. To submit a mod, use the mod-submission form. Every submitted mod must be individually submitted with the mod-submission form. We require at least one photograph per mod.

What Qualifies as a Modification?

Your submitted truck camper modification should solve a problem or address a specific need. To have the best chance of winning, your mod should solve a problem or address a need shared by hundreds if not thousands of fellow truck campers. That’s the trick.

A truck camper modification is a physical change you made to improve the stock design, appearance, or functionality of your truck camper.

A modification can be a simple cosmetic change like new fabric for the seat cushions, or a floor plan change like a re-arrangement of the camper dinette, or the addition of a new or better component or appliance, and anything in between. Interior and exterior truck camper modifications and decorations count.

The best modifications are things you did to improve the aesthetics or function of the camper to better suit your personal needs. Did you alter your camper to make it work better for your truck camping lifestyle? Chances are you made a qualifying modification.

Good luck mod makers!



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