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VOTE: 2019 Mod-Ster of the Year

This year’s Mod-Ster contest has been a huge success! Now it’s time to vote for the best truck camper mod of 2019. Who’s the best Mod-Ster of year? Review the 10 monthly winners, and choose…

2019 Mod Of The Year Vote

I have seen the Mod-Ster and he is us!

Nearly every email alert in 2019 featured a truck camper mod and the insatiable of Truck Camper Magazine readers ate them up – nose to bumper – and begged for more. “More mods! More mods!” we cried. “Truck camper mods just so scrumptious, tasty and delicious!”

All totaled we have consumed nearly 100 truck camper mods in 2019.So who’s the top modder of 2019? It’s time to find out.

We have put all 10 monthly Mod-Ster mod contests on this one electron page of Truck Camper Magazine to battle for your vote – Mod-Ster vs Mod-Ster.  Scroll down to the see the 10 monthly winners.

Voting for the 2019 Truck Camper Mod of the Year starts today and ends at 11:59pm PST next Thursday, December 12th.

The winner will be announced the following day; Friday, December 13th.  Who will be the 2019 World Champion Truck Camper Mod Maker?  It’s time to vote.


1. Cabover Valance To Reduce Wind Noise

Plastic Bumper Valence To Reduce Wind Noise

Traci Hill-Duncan of Abilene, Texas shares a Cabover Valance To Reduce Wind Noise on her 1996 Ford Bronco and 1996 Lite Craft rig.

2. Pillow Storage For Cold Weather Gear

Pillow Storage For Jackets

Laurie Heimbigner of Pullman, Washington shares a pillow storage for cold weather gear idea for her 2013 Ford 550 and 2013 Phoenix Pop-up rig.

3. Stable Steps and Banister For Side Entry Camper

Banister For Side Entry Camper Completed

Dave Riddle of Burbank, Washington shares stable steps and a banister on his side entry camper.  He has a 2015 Chevrolet Silverado 3500 and 2017 Host Mammoth rig.

4. New Tables and Lagun Mounting System

Dinette Tables With Larger One Stowed Under The Drink Table

Les Sage of Joplin, Missouri shares new tables and a lagun mounting system  for his 2015 GMC 3500 and 2015 Lance 855S rig.

5. Fresh Water Hose Filling Stabilizer

Fresh Water Hose Filling Stabilizer Holder

Jeffrey McDonald of Mill Valley, California shares a fresh water hose filling stabilizer in his 2005 Ford F-350 and 2008 Bigfoot 10.4 rig.

6. Portable Outdoor Shower Kit

Portable Outside Shower Faucet Set Up

Jay Kamys of Saint Augustine, Florida shares a portable outdoor shower kit modification on his 2004 Chevy 2500 and 2015 Lance 855S rig.

7. Simple Camper Loading Trick

Simple Camper Loading Trick

Steve Paushter of Charlottesville, Virginia shares a simple camper loading trick modification on his 2016 Ram 3500 and 2016 Northstar Arrow 8.5 U rig.

8. Retractable Shower Door for a Wet Bath

Retractable Shower Door Truck Camper Wet Bath

Doug Sloan of Port Charlotte, Florida shares a retractable shower door for a wet bath modification on his 2012 Ford F350 and 2006 Arctic Fox 811 rig.

9. Hinged Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Eagle Cap Kitchen Cabinet Door Hinged

Richard Holgers of Brogue, Pennsylvania shares his hinged kitchen cabinet door modification on his 2016 Ford F-350 and 2018 Eagle Cap 1165 rig.

10. Dinette Deleted and Recliners Installed

Sitting Comfortably In Recliners In Camper

Tony Shelton from Las Vegas, Nevada shares his dinette being deleted and recliners being installed on his 2005 Ford F350 and 2008 Arctic Fox 990 rig.



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