Welcome to the Lance Camper Press Room in Truck Camper Magazine including camper news, reviews, and lifestyle stories.  The Lancaster, California manufacturer specializes in hard side and slide-out truck campers.  Check out their Truck Camper Buyers Guide.





2015 Lance 1052 Double-Slide Review

Truck Camper Magazine reviews the all-new 2015 Lance 1052 dry bath, double-slide truck camper with the optional multi-function Ultra Deck Plus bumper by Torklift International.

2013 Lance 1172 Double-Slide Review

Truck Camper Magazine checks out the all-new 2013 Lance 1172 double-slide truck camper from its molded front nose cap to its rear sofa.  It’s all about the sofa.

Lance Cabover Strut Test and Review
American RV installs a set of Lance cabover struts on TCM’s 2013 Chevy 3500 for a test and review.  Will the struts fix the dreaded highway ga-dunk ga-dunk?

Lance 825 Review
Let’s check out the 2012 Lance 825.  Smart design?  Check.  No slide-outs?  Check.  Good looks?  Check.  Storage?  Well, yes and no...

Warrior Dash and the Lance 1050S

2011 Lance 1050S Review and Experience
For reasons that cannot be explained, Angela White, Editor of Truck Camper Magazine, took on the Warrior Dash.  To keep things clean, we borrowed a 2011 Lance 1050S.



Jack Cole, President of Lance Campers

Jack Cole, President of Lance Camper Manufacturing
We interviewed Jack Cole, President of Lance Camper Manufacturing, in person last month in the dinette of a 2010 Lance 992. Here's Jack's story.

Truck Camper Holding Tank Systems
TCM asks Paul Harris, Lance Camper's General Manager of Customer Service, about how to properly use and maintain truck camper holding tank systems.



Lance Camper Factory Tour

Lance Camper Factory Tour
Truck Camper Magazine visits Lance in Lancaster, California and finds cutting-edge computer aided design and computer controlled machines taking Lance into the future.




How To Go Truck Camping On The Beach
Bob Gray on required beach equipment, beach driving, beach protocols, beach fishing, beach friends, and recommended post beach rig cleaning.  First tip: Zip Wax everything.

Stealth Camping With A Truck Camper
Retired law enforcement officer Bryan Appleby shares his extensive experience with stealth camping in a large truck camper rig.  No Walmart or Cracker Barrel stores necessary.


An Epic Truck Camping Year
After Key West, Lucien and Helen Langlois explored Utah and New Mexico, supported the Bataan Death March Memorial Marathon, and discovered Fisher Towers.  Then they went to Labrador.

Truck Camper Rocket Launcher
Gary Lech’s 2015 Lance 1172 takes him to the launch pad where he fires eight-foot Level 3 rockets 14,500 feet into the atmospheres of Oregon and Nevada.  Three, two, one…


Full-Time Truck Campers Must Be Crazy
Bryan Appleby reveals his full-time truck camping lifestyle; the good, the bad, and what many of his friends and family thought was, well… crazy.  First step, sell the house.

Extreme Boondocking and the TP Factor
Bryan Appleby takes us through the design, build, and trials of a unique truck and camper rig developed, from the ground up, for full-time living off-road, and off-the-grid.

Truck Camper Driving Safety 101: The Basics
Gary Whistler has more driver’s safety credentials than you can shake a traffic cone at.  He’s also an avid truck camper with excellent tips on truck camper driving safety.


Big Rig Truck Camper Build
Julie Greenwood and Ernie Buchanan have what might be the biggest truck camper rig on planet Earth.  This is the story of how, and why, they built a Peterbilt semi truck camper.

Truck Camping in Eastern Canada
Lucien Langlois explores Labrador, Newfoundland, and Nova Scotia in his Lance truck camper.

Skip Bosley’s California Expedition
To celebrate their fifty year wedding anniversary, Skip and Linda Bosley follow the Lewis and Clark trail, get their kicks on Route 66, and rediscover the American West.


The Moki Dugway GoPro Video
There’s nothing like a steep two-way cliff-side gravel road with switchbacks and no guardrails to get the blood pumping.  Put this road on your bucket list, if you dare.

HD VIDEO: ABC World News Complete Video

Following the ABC World News Made in America broadcast featuring the RV industry, we assembled our clips into a complete video showing off the Lance 855S.

Assateague Island National Seashore

Forty years of stories, wisdom, and advice are shared about Assateague National Seashore, one of the most rewarding truck camping destinations on Earth.


Alaska on a Budget

Jerry Caldwell shares his top ten tips on exploring Alaska on a budget including how to save on food, fuel, camping, internet, and more.  Get your coupon book!

Secret Mission: The Sunshine State
Skip Bosley shares insider tips on Florida boondocking, state park reservation strategies, and taking grandkids to the Magic Kingdom.  It’s a top secret mission to the Sunshine State!


Two Adults, Three Kids, and One Truck Camper
Dean, Kim, J.C., Hunter, and Madelyn Geisenhaver climbed aboard their Lance 1030 for a cross-country family trip through the West none of them will ever forget.

From Dream to Journey
Life long traveler and adventurer Skip Bosley shares his Alaskan dream, campfire stories, and ten tips for taking a truck camper to The Last Frontier.

Full-Time With the Funks
If you have ever thought about going full time in a truck camper, Jerry and Judy Funk’s story may send you over the edge.  It’s time to full-time with the Funks!

From Crash to Camper Again
After renting a truck and camper three times, Rose and Gary Kindon finally bought their first truck camper.  Then disaster struck.  Phone pole, meet camper.


Camping on Sandy Neck Beach
Jim and Patti Duarte take us truck camping off-road, off-the-grid, and onto the beaches of Cape Cod.  Time to air down to 14 PSI.  Deep sand ahead.

From Gold to Everest to Truck Camper
After coaching Dain Blanton and Eric Fonoimoana to win gold at the 2000 Olympic Summer Games, there’s no mountain high enough for Greg Vernovage.

Fly Fishing Across America
When the final June school bell rings, high school teacher Dan Spedding hits the road in his Lance Camper, fly rods ready to go.

Mods, Boondocking, and Beyond

Mods, Boondocking, and Beyond
Rick Johnson boondocks from Alaska to Dinosaur, plans everything ahead, let’s the trip take him, and modifies everything to suit his needs.  Even his water is modified.



Lance 650 short bed camper

TCM EXCLUSIVE: 2016 Lance 650

Lance Campers launches an all-out assault on the hard-side, half-ton, short bed truck camper market with the all-new 2016 Lance 650.  Is that a tankless water heater?

TCM EXCLUSIVE: 2016 Lance 1062
With a raised basement, wider interior floor, more windows, new pull-out tray, and a service center, Lance Campers launches the new 2016 Lance 1062.  It’s totally TME.


TCM EXCLUSIVE: 2016 Lance 975

Lance Campers debuts the 2016 Lance 975, a ten-foot, four-inch truck camper with a full-wall slide out and a dry bath.  Lance also teases a new short-bed half-ton model.

TCM EXCLUSIVE: 2015 Lance 995
Lance Campers debuts the 2015 Lance 995, a nine-foot, full-wall slide-out camper with a wider floor, larger basement, and a radius cabover step.

TCM EXCLUSIVE: 2015 Lance Camper Announcements
Lance Campers announces changes to its truck camper line for 2015, and introduces standard dual pane windows, new exterior graphics, and a list of upgrades and new options.


TCM EXCLUSIVE: 2014 Lance 1052
Lance Campers announces the brand new 2014 Lance 1052 double-slide dry bath truck camper featuring the optional Ultra Deck Plus rear bumper system.

2013 Lance Announcements
Lance has a long list of 2013 changes including a front nose cap, solid surface countertops, all-LED lighting, and the new 2013 Lance 1172 double slide.

Lance 855S
TCM talks to Gary Conley, National Sales Manger for Lance Campers, about the 2012 Lance 855S.  As he explains, the 855S is much more than just an 855 with a slide.

The Lance 1050 and 1050S
TCM talks to Gary Conley, National Sales Manager for Lance Campers, about the 2011 Lance 1050 and 1050S.  It’s a floor plan that’s back, to the future. 

The Lance 865
TCM talks with Gary Conley, National Sales Manager for Lance Campers, about the 2011 Lance 865 and changes to Lance's 2011 line.  It's a bird!  It's a plane!  It's a super slide!