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Alaska Truck Camping Trip Planner

Chris and Lindsay of Called To Wander have created an excellent and detailed Alaska truck camping trip planner. If you’re thinking about Alaska for 2023, check out their recommendations; where to go, what to see, and how long to stay. We want to follow their tire tracks!

Called To Wander Alaska Trip Planner

There’s a ton of information in Truck Camper Magazine on taking a truck camper to Alaska. Seriously, the electrons used for these numerous articles would likely come in around 2,000-pounds, or 907.18 kilograms. That’s especially impressive when you consider (a) we only use electrons from North America electrons, and (b) each electron only weighs 9.05 x 10-28 grams. That’s a scientific fact.

Finding our trove of Alaska content is easy. We literally put all of it into a section called Alaska. Make sure you’re comfy, your coffee cup is full, and you have a pen and paper before proceeding. Good truck camping in Alaska information ahead.

Called To Wander at the Alaska Highway Sign

Above: Chris, Lindsay and Everett at the Alaska Highway Sign, photo courtesy of Called to Wander

Speaking of Alaska, fellow truck campers, Chris, Lindsay and Everett, have put together a solid Alaska planning guide that’s well worth the read.

Check it out their guide here: Ultimate Alaska Planning Guide.

Their guide is especially useful as an overview of where to go, what to see, and how long to stay. Where our articles tend to get deep into the woods, their piece presents an inviting overview with just enough specifics to really help with the Alaska trip planning process.

Called To Wander Screen Cap of Website

Itinerary ideas and time frames are included in their article, RV Trip To Alaska.

This is exactly the kind of content we created Camper Beast for. Can you believe Angela and I haven’t taken a camper to Alaska yet? Chris and Lindsay are certainly reigniting that conversation! Thanks, you two!


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