Welcome to the Hallmark RV Press Room in Truck Camper Magazine including camper news, reviews, and lifestyle stories.  The Fort Lupton, Colorado manufacturer specializes in pop-up truck campers for off-road, overland, and expedition travel.  Check out their 2014 Truck Camper Buyers Guide.




Hallmark Cuchara through Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park and Hallmark Cuchara Review
After the first snow of the season, we ventured into Rocky Mountain National Park in a Cuchara XL pop-up truck camper.



RV Propane Safety

Propane System Maintenance and Safety
Bill Ward, Owner, helps to demystify the safe use of propane and propane systems in a truck camper. Crack the petroleum, it’s a gas!



The Off-Road Retirement Plan
One year ago, Bob and Jean Fouty bought a Hallmark Cuchara pop-up truck camper and set-out to explore the dirt, gravel, and washboard roads of America.

The Field Trip of Life
When Kerry and Amy Langdale tell their kids to take a hike, they say, “How far?”  Anyone with kids, grandkids, nieces, or nephews should read this amazing family story.


Jim McCoy Takes on Elephant Hill

Nobody embodies the Go Anywhere spirit of truck camping more than Jim McCoy.  With his Ram-Hallmark rig, he pushed the four-wheel drive limits in 2014.  Don’t miss his insane video.

Pop-Up Rocks to the Blues
Judy Tilley takes her Hallmark from the Mt. Baker Blues Festival to the BLM and National Parks of the West capturing music, moments, and memories along the way.

Exploring Canada's Backcountry
Pat and Brian Pilat take their Hallmark K2 deep into Canada’s wilderness searching for gold mines, ghost towns, and more.  Get lost, and find what you’re looking for.


The Overland Fuso Truck Camper
What happens when you put together a 2005 Mitsubishi Fuso FG140 four-wheel drive, four-cylinder diesel and a loaded 2007 Hallmark Ute XS?  Pure off-road madness and expedition beauty.

Sadie's Nebraska: Where The West Begins

Bill Semion and his cat, Sadie, dare us to explore the western wonders of Nebraska.  History buffs, train nuts, and Wild West enthusiasts, get ready to hitch your wagon to the Cornhusker State.

Comfort and the Beast
After hiking across the United States with her husband, Karen Clark discovered the comfort of a Hallmark K2 and the power of a Ford F350 beast.  Rock on.


Hallmark Mountain High
After getting his first Hallmark truck camper, Matthew Bernier decided to take on a quick winter crossing of Engineer Pass.  Two days later, he emerged on the other side.

Custom Hallmark to Explore South America
Andres Schiele and Astrid Rosas ordered a custom Hallmark Guanella truck camper sight unseen for off-road and off-the-grid exploration of South America.  Don't miss Andres's mods.

From Alaska to Denver to Nepal
This is the story of Bruce Rife, a man from Alaska who discovered his dream camper in Denver and ended up in a Hallmark Nepal.


A Journey Back In Time
Inspired by a 1957 issue of Desert Magazine, Frank Ross takes his Milner past the pavement and into the ghost towns of Nevada, 100 years back in time...


Off Road For the Birds
From California to Alaska, wildlife photographer Bob Whitney drives his Cuchara deep into the wilderness in search of fowl play.

On the Road Again
David and Molly Niven show us how free and versatile the truck camping lifestyle can be from fishing Montana’s rivers, to exploring the civil war battlefields, and beyond.

Off Road Camping 101 

Off Road Truck Camping 101
Jim McCoy pushes his LaVeta to the limit on the challenging off-road trails of Colorado and Utah. Now it’s your turn. Hold on.

Eleven Days In the Desert
Frank Ross takes his Milner LX 2,300 miles exploring the desert in search of petroglyphs, old mines, and rock hounding. He found much, much more.

Dodge Power Wagon and Hallmark Milner LX

Power Wagon on the Rocks
Frank Ross loves to take his 2006 Dodge Power Wagon and 2005 Hallmark Milner LX off-road, off-grid, and on the dirt, sand, and rocks. Jeep trails anyone? Yes, please!


TCM EXCLUSIVE: 2014 Hallmark EXC Expedition Camper
New for 2014, Hallmark RV debuts a lower price point, lighter weight, basic pop-up truck camper that lets you choose your own features and options.  Meet the EXC expedition camper.

Hallmark RV Announces North-South Cabover Option

Your East-West spouse sleep maintaining maneuvers are about to become obsolete.  That’s right cabover crawlers, Hallmark has announced an all new North-South cabover option.  Time to go, right now!

Coosa Camper by Hallmark

Hallmark RV Announces the World’s First All Composite Truck Camper
Here is an article about the world’s first commercially available 100% composite truck camper.  No wood.  No aluminum.  Just lots of Coosa, Coosa, and more Coosa.