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Hallmark Victor Deep Dive by GHT Overland

Chris and Lisa of GHT Overland reveal their full-time experiences with a Hallmark Victor from somewhere on the Bonneville Salt Flats. Don’t miss the 12-volt air conditioner demo, lithium system, insane storage opportunities, and more.

GHT Overland Hallmark Victor Deep Dive

The original front-wall dinette Victor floor plan dates back to the 1960s at Hallmark, and was phased out in the mid-90s in favor of the side-wall dinette Hallmark Guanella. And the Victor may have stayed in Hallmark’s storied past if not for the persistence of a Victor owner, Scott. Scott loved his Victor so much that he convinced Hallmark to build him a new one.

Hallmark Victor Camper Front Passenger

Truck Camper Magazine launched the 2023 Hallmark Victor in May of 2022.

For the history of the Victor, check out our Hallmark Victor announcement and interview with Matt Ward of Hallmark RV.

Hallmark Victor Camper Big Dinette

Above: Inside Chris and Lisa’s camper, photo from the Hallmark Victor announcement

GHT Overland Victor Tour

Full Time Hallmark Camper Moab

Other than Scott, some of the first customers (maybe even before Scott) to get a brand new Hallmark Victor were Chris and Lisa of GHT Overland. These two adventure seekers sold their company, sold their house, and hit the road full-time in their fiberglass Victor.

Within a few weeks of ownership, they did a very casual, exceptionally in-depth, and often funny walkthrough of their new camper home.

Above: The formal walk-through starts at about 11:35, also feel free to check out their YouTube channel.

If you’ve ever been interested in Hallmark pop-up campers, this video is a must. Not only do they explore the interior and exterior of their unit, but they also explain why they chose the specific model, and how they use it day to day. This is the nuts and bolts of Hallmark ownership, from actual owners.

Hard side owners may be shocked to see the storage on tap in the Hallmark Victor. We sometimes feel that there is more storage – or at least more useful storage – in a modern pop-up camper than we do in a hard-side unit. Doubters will be silenced when Chris and Lisa lift their cabover bed. Oh, how we wish we had that space in our hard side.

Please don’t drink coffee while watching this video. The comedy sneaks up, pounces, and disappears. You’ve been warned. Wait for it… wait for it…

Thank you for taking the time to make the video, Chris and Lisa of GHT Overland. You made us laugh more than once.

For more information on the Hallmark campers, please visit their website at  Click here to request a free Hallmark brochure.



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