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2018 TCM Reader Survey Results

After reviewing the survey data and reading over fifty pages of comments, it’s clear that we’re doing a lot of things right, and there’s ample room to make things better.  Here are the direct survey results.

2018 Truck Camper Magazine Reader Survey Results

Thank you for taking the time to give us your feedback.  The following reader survey will be carefully evaluated, compared to past reader surveys, and re-examined as content and other decisions are made for 2018.

Your feedback is truly invaluable as we decide where to stay the course, and where to push forward.  Thank you to everyone who completed our annual survey and took the time to share their perspectives with us.

We are honored by your readership and can’t wait to continue making Truck Camper Magazine better.  We are listening.

The Results

The following percentages were calculated by dividing the responses for each question by the total number of survey responses.  A small number of surveys were not completely filled out resulting in percentages that do not always add up to 100 percent.

1. What is your gender?

Male – 84.4%

Female – 15.6%

2. What is your age?

29 years old or younger – 0.5%

30 – 39 years old – 1.7%

40 – 49 years old – 6.9%

50 – 59 years old – 24.7%

60 – 69 years old – 43.8%

70 – 79 years old – 20.7%

80 years old or older – 1.9%

3. Are you a Truck Camper Magazine free email alert subscriber?

Yes – 91.4%

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