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Fox Landing – Northwood’s Innovative New Bumper Step

TCM: Does the Fox Landing and bumper come with Torklift’s lifetime warranty?

Jay: Yes, it does.  That’s part of what we do at Torklift.  It’s a primary target on what we design.  That lifetime warranty has gotten us to where we are today.  As long as you file the warranty card with us, you’re good.

Jack: We respected and appreciated Northwood’s very stringent high quality standard.  Torklift has been known for quality, strength, and our lifetime warranty.  Partnering with Northwood has a lot to do with their quality standards.

Jay: Every step of the design, prototype, and development process, Mick Pickler made sure the quality standards were not cut.  Working with Mick, it becomes evident that quality goes into every Northwood truck camper that goes down his production line.


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