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2020 Ultimate Truck Camper Survey

Shape the future of truck camper design, materials, features and options with the 2020 Ultimate Truck Camper Survey.  Tomorrow’s pop-up and hard side campers start here!

2020 Ultimate Camper Survey Feature

Perhaps more than anything else we publish, the semi-annual Ultimate Truck Camper Survey has a deep and profound impact on the future of truck camper design.

This is your opportunity to directly influence the future of truck camper design.  That’s not an overstatement.  Truck Camper Magazine’s Ultimate Truck Camper Survey is known as the gold-standard for what the consumer’s want in a hard side or pop-up truck camper.

Once the survey is completed, the manufacturers print the results and conduct a series of meetings with design, production, marketing and sales to determine what changes need to be made.  And changes will be made.

Welcome to the fifth semi-annual Ultimate Truck Camper Survey.  Start by selecting the survey that best represents the type of truck camper you prefer; hard-side or pop-up.   You can take both surveys if you’re interested in both camper types.

The survey is now closed.

Here are the results to our Ultimate Camper Survey:
2020 Ultimate Camper Results: Hard Side
2020 Ultimate Camper Results: Pop-Up

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