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2020 Ultimate Camper Results: Hard Side

Over 1,070 hard side truck camper consumers reveal exactly what they want in hard-side truck camper design; layout, materials, features, appliances and more.

2020 Ultimate Camper Survey Results Hard Side

In 2011, Truck Camper Magazine launched the Ultimate Truck Camper Survey.  The concept was to survey active truck camper users in detail about exactly what they wanted in a future truck camper purchase.

Manufacturers who were accustomed to gathering design feedback from RV shows, dealers, and intuition now had an objective third-party and industry-wide data point to work from.

Over the course of the following year, the survey was referenced multiple times in new camper announcements and model year updates as a deciding factor in specific design decisions.

We launched a much deeper camper survey two years later.  This time the hard-side and pop-up surveys were separated, more questions were added, and readers were invited to make comments.

Once again, the survey response and impact was overwhelmingly positive leading us to make the Ultimate Camper Survey a bi-annual event.

What follows are the hard side survey results for the fifth bi-annual Truck Camper Magazine Ultimate Camper Survey.  Click here for the pop-up survey results.

If you are on a mobile device, and can’t see the survey properly, click here, for a mobile friendly version.

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