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2018 Northern Lite 8-11 EX Dry Bath Review

If you’re a must-have-diesel guy, or love-the-luxuries girl, start with our 2013 Chevy 3500 truck choices, and then ask your preferred truck dealer (Ford, GM, or RAM) to help you add your desired features without going under 3,800 pounds of payload needed for a wet and loaded 8-11 EX.  With today’s trucks achieving higher and higher payloads, it might very well be possible.  Just don’t be surprised if the package with the air conditioned seats puts you over.  Truck options are heavy.

The Verdict

There has been quite a buzz around the Northern Lite 8-11 EX since it debuted in Truck Camper Magazine and started arriving on dealer lots.

Northern Lite 8-11 EX Passenger's Side

The great majority of this attention is focused on the new dry bath, a design that challenges the very definition and accepted aesthetic of a dry bath.  Due to this focus, the decision for many about the 8-11 EX will be based entirely on their reaction to this dry bath design.

Here’s how I see it: the 8-11 EX bathroom – as a reader suggested – is a dry toilet bathroom.  Not having to dry the toilet and toilet floor is a huge benefit.  The need to dry the shower stall and sink is half the work of drying an entire wet bath.  The all-new 8-11 EX dry bath design saves considerable time and effort compared to a wet bath, and leaves the toilet and toilet floor area dry.  From this perspective, the new dry bath is a nice upgrade.

What’s really missing with the 8-11 EX is the dry bath aesthetic, and storage.  Folks expect to see a finished floor in a dry bath, along with wood cabinetry and counter top space.  The 8-11 EX dry bath offers none of these features or visual cues, and looks – for all the world – like a wet bath.

The rest of the 2018 Northern Lite 8-11 EX is simply stunning.  The dual clamshell fiberglass construction is second to none in the entire RV marketplace for quality, durability, and longevity.  The floor plan, materials, build, and overall interior finish is as refined as anything in a luxury car.  This is RV industry-leading quality folks, pure and simple.  Ask Northern Lite owners about their campers.  They’ll tell you.

Northern Lite 8-11 EX Truck Camper For Short Bed Trucks

If you’re in the market for a non-slide short bed truck camper, the 8-11 EX or the wet bath 8-11 should absolutely be on your short list.  Match a Northern Lite 8-11 EX with a truck like our previous 2013 Chevy Silverado 3500 short bed (or similarly specified Ford or RAM) and you will have one heck of an awesome luxury truck camping rig.

All-new dry bath keeps toilet and floor dry in a compact space
Outstanding build quality, materials, finish, and a 6-year structural warranty
Two-piece clam shell fiberglass structure
Stunningly beautiful interior and highly refined interior design
Special Edition comes loaded with almost every option
New EX molds add 4-inches of length, more dinette headroom, and a better truck fit

The $41,940 MSRP is a premium price for a short bed non-slide truck camper
Dry bath looks like a wet bath, and doesn’t keep the sink dry
Dry bath lacks storage and offers minimal sink/counter space for toiletries
Dry bath toilet paper holder is in an awkward position
12-gallon black tank is the limiting holding tank capacity
Cabover cabinet needs a false wall to protect back of electronics

Model Information:
2018 Northern Lite 8-11 EX Dry Bath Special Edition
MSRP: $41,940 US
Warranty: 6-year structural warranty

Northern Lite Manufacturing, Ltd.
322 Totom Court
Kelowna, BC, Canada
V1X 5W6
Phone: 1-800-887-5342
Request a Northern Lite Brochure

Quality, Customer Service, and Long-Term Reliability

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