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TCM EXCLUSIVE: 2018 Northern Lite 8-11 EX

With all-new fiberglass molds, Northern Lite announces the 8-11 EX; the only hard side, non-slide, dry bath, short bed truck camper in the industry.  And that’s not the only news coming out of Kelowna.

Northern Lite 8-11 EX Dry Bath Truck Camper

Having lived for months with multiple wet bath and dry bath truck campers, we have grown to appreciate the benefits of both bathroom types.  For starters, wet baths are a much more efficient use of space allowing for more shower room and more storage inside the camper.  On paper, it’s hard to beat a wet bath.

Of course people don’t buy truck campers on paper.  In reality, some folks see a wet bath and immediately say, “No way!”  They’re not comfortable with the shower, sink, and toilet all being in the same space.  They want their shower separate from their toilet area, just like they do at home.  They want a dry bath.

Which brings us to the 2018 Northern Lite 8-11 EX.  Until the debut of this all-new model, Northern Lite hasn’t had a short bed dry bath to offer folks who wouldn’t consider a wet bath.  The funny thing is that no other manufacturer offered a short bed, hard side, non-slide, dry bath either.  These customers have been left wanting – until now.

To get the full measure of the new Northern Lite 8-11 EX, we talked with Keith Donkin, General Manager for Northern Lite.

Northern Lite 8-11 floor plan 22018 Northern Lite 8-11 EX Special Edition Specifications:

The 2018 Northern Lite 8-11 EX is a hard-side, non-slide, dry bath truck camper for short bed trucks.  The interior floor length of the 8-11 EX is 9’3″ and the interior height is 6’4”.  Northern Lite is reporting the dry weight of the 2018 Northern Lite 8-11 EX Special Edition at 2,650 pounds.  The tanks in the 2018 Northern Lite 8-11 EX Special Edition are 33 gallons fresh, 24 gallons grey, and 12 gallons black.  The camper accommodates two batteries and two twenty-pound propane tanks.  The MSRP for the 2018 Northern Lite 8-11 EX Special Edition is $41,940 USD.

Northern Lite 8-11 EX dry bath truck camper

Above: The Northern Lite 8-11 EX.  All photography supplied by Northern Lite Manufacturing.

TCM: Is the 8-11 EX a replacement for the 8-11, or a new model in addition to the 8-11?

Keith: The 8-11 EX is a brand new addition to our line up with brand new top and bottom fiberglass molds.  We will be offering the 8-11 EX dry bath alongside of our 8-11 wet bath.

To develop the 8-11 EX, we worked with the same team and vendor that designed our new 9-6 and 10-2 EX molds.  The new 8-11 EX is essentially a shortened version of the improved 9-6, but with a dry bath.

Northern Lite 8-11 EX passenger's side

TCM: Why have you decided to debut a short bed dry bath?

Keith: We wanted another option for short box customers and we wanted to do something different.

We told our dealers that we were building a new short box camper and asked them what was selling best.  When the idea of a short bed dry bath was presented, the dealers got excited.

Northern Lite 8-11 EX camper

TCM: With floor space at such a premium in a short bed, why go with a dry bath?  Did you lose any interior storage or counter space?

Keith: Space wise, we were able to design the dry bath and not give anything up.  We were able to keep the dinette size, the hallway width, and the entrance door size.  We didn’t lose any storage.  We actually gained kitchen counter space and dry bath space from the new molds.

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