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Welcome to the Alaskan Camper Press Room in Truck Camper Magazine including camper news, reviews, and lifestyle stories.  The Chehalis, Washington manufacturer specializes in hard side pop-up truck campers.  Check out their Truck Camper Buyers Guide.



2016 Alaskan Camper Review

Truck Camper Magazine reviews a 2016 Alaskan 7 hard side pop-up truck camper designed for short-bed trucks.  Punch the Flux-Capacitor to 1962.  This time machine is ready to roll.


TCM EXCLUSIVE: 2015 Alaskan 6.5
Alaskan Campers announces its first new floor plan in six years; a hard side pop-up for short bed trucks; the 2015 Alaskan 6.5.  It's a leather sofa camper that sleeps four!


Alaskan Camper Factory Tour 
TCM visits Chehalis, Washington to see their fifty-third year of camper building from the ground up. Look out, there’s a Mini!


Alaskan Across America
Ron Neimann has set an ambitious goal with his 2014 Ford F350, custom flatbed, 1972 Alaskan, and Aluminess bumper system; 49 states and 7 provinces in three years.


An Alaskan In Time
Daniel Hall’s remarkable and heart warming story of restoring a 1958 Alaskan Camper and showing it to Irene Hall, Co-Founder of Alaskan Campers, and Daniel’s Great Aunt.

Empty Nest Alaskan Quest
Dave and Nancy Carvalho sold their fifth wheel and journeyed 3,000 miles cross-country to pick-up their custom eight foot 2013 Alaskan Camper, the perfect truck camper for them.

Truck Camping With The Ancients
In the cold grasp of winter, Tom Watson and his wife, Sue, set out in their Alaskan Camper to photograph the Pueblo architecture of Mesa Verde and the southwest.


Retire Young and Have Fun

Jim Bursen retired at age fifty and hit the road to freedom.  That was 1991.  Now in his second Alaskan Camper, Jim’s still having fun, twenty-three years later.

An Ultimate Alaskan Camper Rig
After fire destroyed his first Alaskan Camper, Carl Isner went all out designing his new off-road ready Alaskan Camper and Dodge Ram 5500.  This is one extreme Alaskan.

Aaron Barber: Shooting Off Road

Find out how Aaron Barber found himself deep in the Kootenays seriously considering shooting the tires out of an Alaskan Camper rig driving in the distance.  Stop, thief!


Living Large in an Alaskan Mini
Retired and ready to overland across the American West, Guy Tokunaga ordered a very custom 2011 Mini for his Toyota Tacoma, and hit the road.


Winter Truck Camping With Tom Watson
Look out Jack Frost!  We’re not going to let a little dark, cold, and snow scare us.  We’re truck campers and we can go anywhere, any season we want, even winter.

Mog Out
Step aside Dodge. Back up Ford. Forget about it Chevy. Don't even think about it Toyota. This is a job for a Unimog. Alaskan Camper included.

Off-Grid Gear Report

Off-Grid Gear Report
Carl Isner files a fresh report on the performance of the off-grid gear he's been auditioning in his flat-bed Alaskan Camper; the good, the bad, and the new.