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Question of the Week: Yes or No to Satellite Radio? And How!

We already told our SiriusXM story in today’s article, “Blocked Sirius XM Quick Fix“.  In short, we subscribed in 2005 to stay in touch with the news as we set out on a cross country trip.  And we like Moon Walking, Safety Dancing, Van Halen Jumping, and Break Dancing to to 80s on 8.  It’s a show.

Now we want to know your SiriusXM story.  This week’s Question of the Week is, “Do you subscribe to SiriusXM satellite radio for your truck camper rig?”

We also have an extra credit bonus Question of the Week.  The bonus question of the week is, “Did you need to make any modifications to make your SiriusXM satellite radio installation work with your truck camper rig?”  If yes, tell us about it!

To read the responses to this QOTW, click here.

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