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GM Reveals 2023 GMC Sierra Electric Pickup

 GMC Sierra EV Truck

Anyone paying attention to the automotive press recently has been deluged with electric vehicle headlines; non-stop EV car and EV trucks announcements. In fact, it’s becoming frustratingly difficult to find pickup news on anything but electric trucks. Obviously, the big three will continue to produce and innovate with their traditional gas and diesel platforms, but electric trucks are stealing the headlines.

For long-time Apple Mac devotees, this is eerily reminiscent of what happened to Apple after they introduced the iPhone (2007). What had been a devoted computer and software company became instantly focused on portable cellular devices. There was a long period where their computers and software suffered as their best talent turned to iPhones and iPads. I fear that may happen to our gas and diesel trucks as the focus, money, and talent shift to EVs.

Despite my reservations about electric vehicles (outlined in my EV collision course article), it’s still fun to see what the companies are cooking up for electron-powered pickups.

GMC’s front end reveal looks like something out of the Tron films. If you want a truck that looks like it belongs in the future, GMC will have something for you in 2022. And if that’s not out-there enough for you, it’s coming from Factory Zero.


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