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LEFT: In this photograph we see Tim Slone labeling a Travel Lite 700 as having completed final finishing.  He’s looking at the build sheet to make sure he marks it with the correct information before sending it to the last station on the production line, quality control.

CENTER: Here Tim is installing the hardware on the cabinetry doors before installing them in the camper.  Once a camper leaves Tim’s station, the interior is completed and ready for quality control inspection.

This photograph was taken from just outside the final finishing building.  Liz Troyer is sealing the unit and making quality control adjustments.  After Liz completes a camper, the camper is rolled out into the yard where Lindsey Johns puts the camper through a rigorous quality control inspection.  Anything she finds that is not to her satisfaction is marked with red tape.  The final finishing team then makes any necessary fixes after which Lindsey rechecks the camper prior to shipping.

There will be more to come from Travel Lite.  We are especially interested to follow-up on the new pop-ups as more campers roll off the line.  Since we missed seeing the pop-up campers in production, we’ve requested photographs next time they’re building the new campers.  Look for these photographs and a few more interesting details from Travel Lite in the coming months.


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