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My refrigerator (left front of camper floor) is a marine type, operating from 120 volt shore power or 12 volt battery power.  It does not operate off propane.  I’ve not had any problems keeping food.


Above: The kitchen and storage area are on the passenger side of the camper

Across from the refrigerator is the kitchen (right front of camper floor).  The kitchen features a counter top with a 10” x 10” stainless steel sink and drain and a two-burner counter top propane stove.  There’s no oven.  A second cabinet above the kitchen counter area provides storage for food and dishes.  Cookware stores under the counter.


Above: Bear removed the faucet from the counter top (see stainless steel plugs that filled the holes), added little diamond shaped wood trim; and used stainless steel drawer pulls for frying pan/cooking pan barriers on the two-burner stove top.  Bear still retained the function of the sink with its drain capabilities and gray water holding tank.

I carry one or two five gallon containers of potable water.  I have access to potable water on a regular basis, so this works well.  When I’m figuring to head for the hills for a long time – such as exploring in the western States; Bigfoot research, hiking, or spending time in the high country – additional water is carried.

Long ago I adapted to minimal water usage.  There was a forty gallon potable water holding tank built into the front floor area of the camper.  To me forty gallons of water is unneeded weight, so I removed the top of the tank and made the tank into additional storage.  The small 10” x 10” stainless steel sink drains into a custom twenty-gallon gray water holding tank.  Removing the three-gallon water heater tank also saved weight and propane use.  The two burner stove provides heated water.



Above: Some close-ups of the personal touches to Bear’s camper


Above: The view from the bunk to the living room.  Bear used floor carpet runner pieces for the living room seat bottom and back board.  The dining room slide-out table was originally installed during the remodel work years ago.

The living room (left center of camper floor) is a 38” wide by 22” deep seating area that often holds large plastic totes of gear while traveling.  Across from the living room (right center of camper floor), has been converted from the original sit-down shower stall into three 30” wide by 25” deep storage shelves and a slide-out dining room table/desk.

The dining room table is underneath the storage shelving where the sit down shower system was.  There’s also storage access to the old shower pan area.  A 24” wide x 27” deep table top made from finished oak plywood slides out on drawer slides.  When wanting to sit and entertain in the living room, the dining room table slides out and can easily accommodate folks for dinner.


Above: Remodeled bathroom has stapled thin auto carpet on the back wall, a new shelf for ‘bum fodder’ storage, and a mounted magazine rack with sliding holder for lever action carbine.

There is a bathroom (left rear of camper floor) with a permanently mounted sit-down regular commode.  Now the bottom of the commode is the same height as the top of the fender well overhang, but using an ever present strong tool box to stand on, then stepping up to the proper position to use the commode, works fine.  You might say you’re sitting high on The Throne!

There’s no door to the bathroom, but so what?  What matters most is having a commode to use, not the view from the top!  On the outside of the camper box, driver’s side, is a custom made twenty-gallon black water holding tank.

Across from the bathroom commode is a corner closet for storage (right rear of camper floor).

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