Welcome to Truck Camper Magazine and the wonderful and exciting world of truck campers.  Choosing your truck and camper can often be overwhelming.  To get you started, here are several articles that will assist you.  They are very self-explanatory and will save you a lot of time.



The Best Truck Camper
The most common question readers ask us at a RV show or truck camper rally is, “Who makes the best truck camper?”  Here is our official answer.

How to Choose A Truck
There are a lot of decisions to make when choosing a truck and this article helps you get started.  The first decision is which comes first, the truck or the camper?

How to Choose A Truck Camper
For this article, we guide you through the first steps of choosing a truck camper.  Topics covered include choosing between a pop-up or hard-side, a slide-out or non-slide out model, mid-bath or rear-bath layout, wet-bath or dry-bath, and more.

Matching a Truck and Camper
This article is designed to simplify, as much as possible, the process of matching a safe and successful truck and camper combination.  Hint: It's CAT Scale, not cat on a scale.

The Payload Match Challenge: Part 1
After years of dreaming, months of planning, and a few tense moments, Truck Camper Magazine debuts what could be the most carefully matched truck and camper in history.

The Payload Match Challenge: Part 2
What you’re about to read is so preposterous, so impossible, so down right absurd that no one, even ourselves, could believe it.  Best of all, it happened three times!

Truck Camper Driving Safety 101: The Basics
Gary Whistler has more driver’s safety credentials than you can shake a traffic cone at.  He’s also an avid truck camper with excellent tips on truck camper driving safety.

Truck Camper Driving Safety 102: For Good Measure
Retired Certified Safety Supervisor, Gary Whistler, discusses the importance of knowing your rig dimensions and the critical differences between driving unloaded and loaded.  Get your measuring tape out now.

Personal Safety for Truck Campers: Part 1
Retired law enforcement officer, Bryan Appleby - aka the Xtreme Boondocker - shares his personal safety advice for truck campers including potential threats, camping security, and dangerous animals.

Personal Safety for Truck Campers: Part 2
With decades of experience as a Police Officer and Park Ranger, Bryan Appleby shares expertise on carrying firearms and non-lethal self-defense tools while truck camping.


Do MORE and Spend LESS with a Truck Camper
This article covers the top ten most significant benefits of truck camper ownership.  There are many other benefits, but these are the real stand-outs.

The Truck Camper as a Family Emergency Vehicle (FEV)
The purpose of this article is to bring to the forefront the concept of the truck camper as a Family Emergency Vehicle (FEV) and highlight the practical and potentially life-saving qualities the truck camper as a FEV offers.

Truck Camper Hurricane Preparedness
Whether you’re going to hunker down or evacuate, here’s what you need to do to prepare your truck and camper for an approaching hurricane.

Truck Campers Tow Anything: Part 1
We asked truck camper owners what they towed with their truck camping rigs, and why.  The answer is almost anything you can imagine, and for some truly amazing reasons.

Truck Campers Tow Anything: Part 2

Here is more evidence that truck campers are the best toy haulers on Earth.  From boats to ATVs to race cars, there’s seemingly nothing truck campers can’t tow.

Truck Campers Go Boating: Part 1
With over forty-two percent of our readership towing a boat, we should have known.  Our Question of the Week on towing a boat literally opened the flood gates.  Here come the watercraft.

Truck Campers Go Boating: Part 2
Fifty additional truck, camper, and towed boat rigs revealed.  Don’t miss Redneck Bob’s ultimate truck camper and boat solution at the end.  No truck necessary?


Newbies in New England with a Northstar

This is the story of Pam and John Stuart, two people who had never been truck camping, and just happen to be my parents.  This is going to be interesting.

Not House Guests: The Most Meaningful Part of Truck Camping
Of all the places we have visited in a truck camper, by far the most meaningful have been the homes of friends and family scattered across the United States and Canada.

Tom and Heidi Baldacci: Newbie Adventure in an Adventurer 
Tom and Heidi Baldacci had never been RVing, never been to California, never been to a National Park, and had never been truck camping... until now.