Welcome to the Four Wheel Campers Press Room in Truck Camper Magazine including camper news, reviews, and lifestyle stories.  The Woodland, California manufacturer specializes in pop-up truck campers for off-road, overland, and expedition travel.  Check out their Truck Camper Buyers Guide.




Four Wheel Camper SC Review
Jeff Johnston reviews a FWC a self-contained pop-up truck camper for short bed trucks including the Toyota Tacoma and Nissan Frontier.

From Hard-Side Camper to Pop-Up Camper
For the first time, Gordon and I step out of our hard-side truck camper comfort zone and enter the world of pop-up truck campers.



Celeste Hanagan of Four Wheel and Six-Pac Campers
Celeste Hanagan of Four Wheel and Six-Pac Campers might just be the most powerful woman in the truck camper industry.  Here's her story.

Four Wheel, Six-Pac, and One Man
If you had told Tom Hanagan in 1999 that he would own not one, but two truck camper manufacturing companies in 2007, he might of thought you were nuts.




Flying At 100,000 Square Feet
TCM gets unrestricted access to the new Four Wheel Camper factory and finds itself at the wrong end of a flying forklift.  Welcome to the 2015 TCM “Never Seen That” Tour.

Four Wheel Camper Factory Tour
TCM visits the FWC facility in Woodland, California and checks out the AEV Jeep Brute Sparrow, or at least half an AEV Jeep Brute Sparrow.  Okay, we only saw the Sparrow.  Jeepers!



The Off-Road Wedding Gift
For their wedding registry, Tony and Stephanie Sloan skipped the traditional silverware and china and asked only for a Four Wheel Camper.  Down the aisle, and off-the-grid.

A Truck Camping Cautionary Tale
Mike Bachman shares an incredibly fortunate truck camping story about hitting ice at altitude, flipping over, and walking away.  What happened next is something you have to read, to believe.


Full-Time in a Four Wheel Camper
Sixteen months ago, Ray and Kay Fox sold their farm to full-time in a Four Wheel Camper.  Except for a nearly disastrous snow storm, they’ve been living their dreams ever since.

Off The Beat and On The Road
After twenty-five years in Orange County law enforcement, Mary Murphy hit the road in a Four Wheel Camper looking for fun, adventure, and to renew her faith in humanity.


Tug Pug and Truck Camper
Rob Sampson tows a tugboat behind his Toyota Tundra and Four Wheel Camper Raven Rig.  At his side, Winnie the Pug is ready for adventure, by land, or by sea.

HD VIDEO: Dirt Every Day Goes Truck Camping
Fred Williams, Host of Dirt Every Day, takes out a 2014 GMC Sierra by Rancho Suspension and a Four Wheel Camper Hawk.  Don’t forget Batman, Baxster, and Lulu.


The Road of Risk and Reward
In 2011, Foster Huntington was working 70 hours a week in Manhattan, longing to be outside, surfing, and free.  Then he took the risk of a lifetime.


Truck Camping in Utah

Professional photographer Michele Sprague takes us on a visual truck camping journey into Utah’s incredible national parks, state parks, BLM lands, and boondocking opportunities.  Discover the wonders of Utah.

Champions of Overland
This is the story of Roseann and Jonathan Hanson, two overland visionaries who saw an opportunity to bring their community together, and had the grit to make it happen.

Just Another Knucklehead Enjoying Nature
With his Four Wheel Camper, multi-calendar winner, Suni Williams, surfs the beaches of Baja, conquers the White Rim Trail, and dares to take roads he knows not where they lead.


The Survivor Truck Bug Out Vehicle
Four Wheel Campers and Torklift International participate in one of the most outrageous uses of a truck camper ever conceived.  Doomsday doesn’t have a chance.

Mark Marano: Roam Free
With his Ford F150 EcoBoost and Four Wheel Camper Keystone pop-up camper, Mark explores nature from coast to coast, working from the road as he travels.


Top 10 Alaska

Mark Turnbull took his Four Wheel Camper Hawk on a 14,052 mile trip including two months in Alaska and the Yukon Territories.  Here are his top ten Alaska destinations.

Michele Sprague: Adventures In Photography

Husband and wife team Mark and Michele launched a successful Colorado wedding photography business and a truck camping lifestyle full of freedom, independence, and discovery.  Dare to dream.

Plan a Trip to Alaska
Mark Turnbull shares his trip planning, truck packing, rig modifying, tips and experiences from an incredible 14,052 mile, fifty-nine day, 1,131 gallon, emotional truck camping trip to Alaska.


Three Goldens to Alaska
This is the story of one Four Wheel Camper, two months, three Goldens, 13,500 miles, countless dog biscuits, and a dream to visit Alaska.

The 225,000 Mile Truck Camper
Kenneth and Fran Eickhoff bought a brand new Grandby in 1986.  Twenty-six years and 225,000 miles later, they’re still going strong.


Small Camper Big Life
With a telescope and two kayaks, Lee and Bonnie cross the country in their camper searching for night sky, a place to paddle, and the sounds of nature.

Boondocking the American West
From Yosemite to Yellowstone to the Eastern Sierras and central Nevada, Ted and Donna Treleven explore the West in their FWC.


AEV Jeep Brute and FWC Sparrow
A Jeep camper has been the stuff of dreams for many off-road and overland enthusiasts.  Chad Lancaster put dreams into action, and painted it red.

Two People, Two Cats, One Four Wheel Camper
If there’s anything truck campers often like more than their campers, it’s their pets.  Stephn Lewis and his wife, Lee, give us their pointers on truck camping with pets.

Images Born in Inclement Weather By Jack Dykinga
Pulitzer prize winning landscape photographer Jack Dykinga is back with more stunning photography he took while boondocking in the desert with his camper.

Mitch Polinsky gliding

Soaring Like a Hawk
Mitch Polinsky loves truck camping, but his head is in the clouds.  Is he full of hot air, or has he just gone thermal?  We get to the plane truth on this soaring subject.

River Rising
A truck camper can go anywhere a truck can go.  That said, there are some places a truck should not go.  This is what happens to a camper when a river runs through it.


TCM EXCLUSIVE: 2015 Four Wheel Camper Announcements
Four Wheel Campers gives their 2015 pop-up camper line a list of upgrades including a skid guard camper base, new composite folding lift panels, and external lift struts.


2013 Four Wheel Camper Fleet Flatbed

Four Wheel Campers kicks the wheel wells on a Toyota Tacoma to create a flatbed self-contained Fleet model with a full-booth face-to-face dinette and side entry. 

2013 Four Wheel Camper Announcements
FWC announces a list of changes for 2013 including a new pop-up liner, new Blue Sea Systems, new Silver Spur Edition, new counter tops, new composite lift, and more.

Four Wheel Camper Fleet Self Contained
Tom Hanagan, President of FWC, debuts the first production self contained complete with a shower.

Four Wheel Raven Camper
Tom Hanagan, President of Four Wheel Campers, and Stan Kennedy, Sales Manager, debut the Raven and give us the skinny on new developments at FWC.