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Four Wheel Campers Announces ORVIS Special Edition

Four Wheel Campers and The ORVIS Company collaborated on a special edition Four Wheel Camper over a year in the making. If you love fishing and truck camping, prepare to be hooked.

Four Wheel Camper ORVIS Special Edition

In 2017, Four Wheel Campers collaborated with Woolrich to produce 100 Woolrich Limited Edition Four Wheel Campers. That ongoing collaboration incorporated Woolrich’s signature Buffalo Check fabric pattern as well as upgraded cabinetry and countertops.

Seven years later, the Four Wheel Campers and ORVIS teams have taken the concept of brand collaboration to another level. Beyond the ORVIS Special Edition badging and ORVIS Eco-Cordure interior fabric, the two teams developed all-new features to serve the needs of fly fishermen and women and to enhance the comfort and convenience for this passionate community.

FWC ORVIS Factory Development

Above: The ORVIS team worked directly with FWC on the ORVIS Special Edition

To ensure that Four Wheel Campers ORVIS Special Edition was cast in the right direction, Dan Welty, President of Four Wheel Campers, and his design team worked closely with Shawn Combs, Product Design and Development Director, and Davis James, Community leader for ORVIS.

FWC ORVIS Factory Development 2

Most importantly, this teamwork didn’t happen over Zoom. Shawn and Davis were hands-on at Four Wheel Campers in Woodland, California with ORVIS fly fishing rods, reels, packs, waders, boots, nets, leader, tippet, and flies.

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Four Wheel Camper ORVIS Exterior Lockage Rod Compartment
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FWC ORVIS Exterior Lockable Rod Compartment Fishing

The result is two stand-out ORVIS Special Edition features. First, a lockable exterior compartment is located in the cabover nose. This compartment is designed to accommodate up to six fly fishing rods and reels. In addition, the compartment is sealed during travel protecting the rods from the elements.

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FWC ORVIS Mud Room Hanging Storage
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FWC ORVIS Mud Room Storage
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FWC ORVIS Mud Room Floor
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FWC ORVIS Mud Room From Inside

The second ORVIS Special Edition feature is a mud room for dry or wet waders and boots. One does not properly go fly fishing without getting wet and muddy, and the exterior and interior accessible mud room offers exactly the right storage opportunity for this essential gear. The mud room itself is waterproof and features a drain that allows water and mud to pass out the back of the camper.

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FWC ORVIS Exterior L Track Hang Bags
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FWC ORVIS Exterior L Track Net
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FWC ORVIS Exterior L Track Fishing Rod

The fly fishing tuned innovations don’t stop there. A versatile L-Track system adorns the exterior of the Special Edition. L-Track can accept hooks to hang fly fishing nets and packs. Turned sideways, the same hooks can hold fly rods while waders and other gear are put on and adjusted.

FWC ORVIS Interior Wide Back To Front

Inside the camper, owners can choose between black or grey ORVIS Eco-Dura fabric seat cushions and a mattress. This fabric is manufactured from 100-percent recycled material and is specifically designed to be water and rub-resistant.

FWC ORVIS Interior Wide Front To Back

To create the ORVIS Special Edition, Four Wheel Campers started with their latest 2024 innovations announced last December.

FWC ORVIS Interior Under Bed Storage

This includes the 60-inch cabover with underbed storage, Truma VarioHeat furnace and AquaGo water heater, standard lithium battery (upgradable to 405Ah), and options for up to 500 watts of solar, quilted thermal soft wall, and a roof-mounted air conditioner.

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FWC ORVIS Interior Kitchen Propane Cooktop
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FWC ORVIS Interior Kitchen Induction Cooktop

All of this adds up to one heck of a “Go Anywhere, Camp Anywhere, Tow Anything” solution for fly fishing enthusiasts. Just add a full-size truck, a river, and time. As Norman Maclean, author of A River Runs Through It and Other Stories once wrote, “One great thing about fly fishing is that after a while nothing exists of the world but thoughts about fly fishing.”

FWC ORVIS Camper Putting Boat In Water

That thought even has this decidedly dry land lover considering a set of ORVIS waders, boots, and a fly rod. Bring on the zen.

Click here to request more information about the Four Wheel Campers Orvis Special Edition. To visit the Four Wheel website, go to


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