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Four Wheel Campers Volunteers In NWR

Last month, Four Wheel Campers organized an owner’s volunteer event to complete an erosion control project at Buenos Aires NWR. Here’s the report and a link to more upcoming FWC events.

For the third consecutive year, Four Wheel Campers coordinated with Friends of Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge on a volunteer restoration project.

This past March, twenty-five volunteers converged on the 118,00-acre refuge located on the border of the United States and Mexico and created monsoon-ready channels around the walking paths near the visitor’s center.

FWC NWR Erosion Work

All images courtesy of Elisabeth Brentano

This was a put the phones away and pick up shovels and wheelbarrows work to dig out entire sections of the trail and backfill the resulting channels with rocks. That sure sounds a lot more satisfying than the electron-moving we do around here most days.

FWC NWR Campsite Sunset

Reflecting one of the primary go anywhere, camp anywhere advantages of truck campers, the FWC volunteers were able to camp on location surrounded by mesquite trees and the Baboquivari Mountains. To top things off, Four Wheel Campers had dinner from BK Barbecue brought to the campsite.

FWC NWR Group Shot

As can be the case with a team of motivated volunteers, the crew finished the project early and were able to enjoy other areas of the refuge and nearby attractions. This is an important element of Four Wheel Camper’s volunteer events; organizing additional fun and educational activities from the surrounding areas.

Thank you Four Wheel Campers for organizing this volunteer project and to Elisabeth Brentano for sending us the information and photography for this event. Well done.

If you’re a Four Wheel Camper owner and would like to participate in a future volunteer event, check out the FWC events page. If you’re not a Four Wheel Camper owner, please feel free to organize your own volunteer event. We will share your event right here in Truck Camper Magazine.


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