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Baja Mexico For Scaredy Cats

MAK and Owen of Bound For Nowhere take their Four Wheel Camper south of the border into Baja Mexico. For anyone who’s dreamed about Baja, but has been too scared to try it (like us), this is for you.

Baja Mexico For Scaredy Cats

This may come as something of a surprise, but Angela and I have yet to take a truck camper rig to one of the most beloved truck camping destinations; Baja, Mexico. The main reason for this travel omission has always been time and internet access. It’s challenging to find enough time between scheduled work obligations to make the trip. And internet access, which is vital to everything we do, has kept us tethered to reliable cellular networks in the USA and Canada.

Bound For Nowhere Border Crossing Baja

Okay, that’s bunk. We know how to travel long distances for extended periods of time and continue our work. And now with Starlink satellite internet, we could have endless internet and calls darn near anywhere. We don’t have Starlink yet, but its existence takes a big excuse off the table. So what’s our issue?

Four Wheel Camper Baja Beach

Angela and I are still Baja scaredy cats. We’ve had numerous friends and fellow truck campers rave about Baja and tell us that it’s safe and wonderful, but have yet to summon the courage to go.

This is why we absolutely love MAK and Owen’s new video series on traveling Baja, Mexico in their Four Wheel Camper. Their presentation speaks to our Baja nerves and soothes us with an uber-relaxed vibe and friendly pearls of encouraging experience.

Boondocking Baja Sunset

MAK and Owen seem to be speaking directly to Angela and me at the end of Episode 1 talking about how they can keep their normal ‘flow’ of work with the help of Starlink. Their lifestyle is very different than ours, but their professional dedication to an online business and the need to strike a delicate work/life balance is very familiar.

Mak Owen Relaxing Baja

Taking a step back, MAK and Owen continue to produce some of the best travel content anywhere. Their production values have always been a step ahead of the pack, and continue to push ahead. I don’t usually watch, much less feature 24 minute videos, but their short films are in a league of their own. We regularly watch things on paid streaming services that aren’t as compelling as what MAK and Owen produce month after month, year after year. We’re huge fans.

As of this writing, they’re approaching the 100K subscriber threshold on YouTube, and it’s easy to see why. Let’s put MAK and Owen over.


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