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Four Wheel Campers Shows Updates In 2024 Hawk

Four Wheel Campers darn near stole the show with a gorgeous 1978 Chevy K5 Blazer and 1985 Four Wheel Camper combination at Expo West. A few yards away they had a brand new Hawk with the 2024 updates and trimmings.

Overland Expo West 2024 Four Wheel Campers

Right at the front of their booth, Four Wheel Campers had a real show-stopper rig; a 1978 Chevy K5 Blazer and a 1985 Four Wheel Camper.

FWC Vintage Exterior

If this combination doesn’t give you vintage camper vibes, check your pulse.

FWC Vintage Interior

The interior was equally retro-gorgeous. Of course, what really got my attention was the pass-through. How many fellow truck campers would love to have this feature in their truck camper rigs, thirty-nine years after this camper was made? I know our hands are up.

FWC Field Smokin Crows

The next Four Wheel Camper rig that caught our attention was a Jeep Gladiator and a Project M from Smokin’ Crow Outdoors. Look closely and you’ll see Smokin Crow’s slide-out kitchen designed to be installed in a Jeep, truck, or even some camper layouts.

Four Wheel Campers Project M At Overland Expo West

Above: Virgil @TeamBattle.Trails, Project M interior (more Project M build-outs coming soon)

Speaking of Project M, the Four Wheel Camper Project M topper has become nothing less than a phenomenon onto itself with a passionate and growing tribe within the already huge Four Wheel Camper community. We were amazed to see the variety of finished Project M interiors on display, some with more technology and utility per square inch than we saw anywhere else at Expo West.

FWC Hawk 2024 Exterior

In the official booth area, Four Wheel Camper showcased a 2024 Four Wheel Camper Hawk with a good number of the 2024 updates the Woodland, California company launched last December.

FWC Hawk 2024 Interior quilted soft wall

The first 2024 update I noticed was the new optional quilted three-layer Thermal Pack soft-wall. This is not only insulated, but it looks incredible. Where the standard Four Wheel Camper interior soft-walls were smooth and plain, the quilted look is sophisticated and elegant.

FWC Hawk 2024 Interior 1

Looking down from the pop-up walls, the new optional bamboo countertops and tabletops helped to warm up the otherwise grey and black interior. Bamboo has exploded in popularity within the overland market and is likely to become one of Four Wheel Camper’s best-selling options.

FWC Hawk 2024 Interior underbed storage

Next up, the Hawk had the 60-inch cabover with underbed storage. Talking to the FWC crew, the update from the standard 48-inch to the 60-inch cabover with underbed storage has become a very popular option and it’s easy to understand why. The underbed storage offers a huge space of easy-to-access and easy-to-organize storage. Every time I see this in a pop-up truck camper I wish we had this storage opportunity in our hard side.

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