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What Caves Have You Visited?

We are developing a feature article on visiting caves while truck camping.  Carlsbad, Mammoth to Wind and beyond, tell us about the caves, caverns, and subterranean worlds you have explored while truck camping.

Calling all cave dwellers who truck camp.

Please pick a cave that you have visited while truck camping, whether it be Carlsbad Caverns, Mammoth, Horne Lake Caves, Arbraska Laflèche Park, Meramec Caverns, Ruby Falls, Wind Cave, Midland Ice Caves, etc.  As long as it’s a cave and you went there while truck camping, it counts.

In order to participate in this destination series, it is required that you were on a truck camping trip so that we get a truck camping perspective.

We are very interested to learn what the cave was like.  Was it for beginners?  Were there ranger led tours?

Please share important details including the difficulty of parking, a must-see museum about the cave, a spectacular nearby restaurant or attraction.  Also, helpful tips for others who want to visit the cave is appreciated.

It is also very important to include where you camped.  Did you stay at a campground nearby or did you find a dry camping spot?

At least one photo with each submission is mandatory, but more are preferred.  Thank you for sharing your spelunking adventures!

Your submission will be published as part of the upcoming feature story.  Thank you!

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