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Truck Campers On Cruise Control

When we’re home, we have a 6-speed manual Volkswagen GTI that makes driving an active and fun experience.  With the GTI, cruise control never even crosses our mind.  To us, driving an automatic or using cruise control would be no fun.

It’s an entirely different story with our 2014 Ram 3500, our dedicated truck camping truck.  First, the truck is an automatic, eliminating much of our usual driving fun.  And second, we actually enjoy using cruise control on long drives with the rig.  Cruise control allows us to set our speed at 62 and relax our fuel foot.  Sometimes it even improves our fuel economy, but not always.

Which brings us to reader Donald Pryor’s suggestion for Question of the Week.

“Have you found that driving a truck camper rig on cruise control works for you?  Specifically, what speed do you set the cruise control for, and does the cruise control improve your miles per gallon?  Any safety concerns with cruise control would also be appreciated.”

This week’s Question of the Week is, “Do you use cruise control while driving your truck camper rig?”

Fill out the form below to share your experience with or without cruise control with Donald.

Click here to see the reader responses about cruise control.


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