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Torklift International Announces Pistol Grip FastGun Turnbuckles

The original Torklift International FastGun turnbuckle handle was modeled after the lever-action on a Winchester rifle.  The handle looked cool, was easy to understand, and did its job well.  Unfortunately, the relatively narrow steel handle could sometimes be uncomfortable in the hand during use, especially for anyone suffering from carpal tunnel or arthritis – two very common conditions.
In response to dealer and consumer feedback, Torklift International has developed a new ergonomic handle modeled after a pistol grip.  This new pistol grip FastGun turnbuckles are designed to be significantly more comfortable by providing a wider and deeper area for the hand to grasp.  To further improve the strength to weight ratio, the new pistol grips are manufactured from aircraft grade aluminum.

Torklift International sent Truck Camper Magazine a set of FastGun turnbuckles with this new pistol grip design.  We can confirm that the new handle is significantly more comfortable during use.  Where the old design could present an acute stress in the hand, the new handle broadens that pressure making clamping the system much more comfortable.  We miss a little of the cool Winchester aesthetic, but we wouldn’t trade the comfort of the new handle.

Here’s a HD video Torklift International produced showing their new pistol grip design, as well as other Torklift International turnbuckle options.

Additionally, Torklift International has retired the off-white (S9523) color for its turnbuckle line in favor of a Bright White (S9530) finish.  The new Bright White color was developed to match the bright white fiberglass exteriors on most modern truck campers.  Other available colors include steel polish, high impact powder coat grey, and high impact powder coat black.

Torklift International Pistol Grip FastGun Turnbuckles are made in the USA and carry a lifetime warranty from Torklift International.  Torklift International also offers extended truck frame and camper anchor point warranty coverage when Torklift International frame-mounted tie-downs are used with Torklift International spring-loaded turnbuckles on all four anchor points.

To learn more about the new Torklift International Pistol Grip FastGun Turnbuckles, visit

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