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Response to RVIA, SSI, and Go RVing is Explosive

The immediate reader response to, “The Go RVing Truck Camper Challenge” was truly unprecedented here at Truck Camper Magazine.  At one point we were receiving a reader response every few seconds – each seemingly more passionate and fired-up than the last.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to share your perspectives on these important truck camper industry situations.  We read every response, including many that aren’t featured due to the inordinately high volume.  You’ve been heard, and we’re moving forward.

Here are the reader responses.  Buckle up.

“Fantastic article.  Spot on.  Thank you so much for representing the under represented truck camper buyers, builders, and manufacturers of truck camper related products.  Half-truths and reporting fake/untrue figures hurts the entire RV industry.

Why should I believe anything they say if long term dishonesty is their business credo? Listen up RVIA and GoRVing; please correct the information.

Honesty, respect and representing the entire RV community helps everyone and is better than you think for the bottom line.  The most successful businesses throughout history learn and grow from their mistakes.  This is a great opportunity for you.  The choice is yours.” – John Moffett

“I approach any information source, such as the Go RVing website, in a careful analytical manner.  I also found many of the illogical anomalies mentioned in your article.  When I find such discrepancies, as those in the Go RVing website, the credibility of that information source is compromised to the point that I do not have any further use for it.

Thank you for your good efforts.  TCM is a very good, credible, information source.” – Bill Jones

“Your article makes a lot of sense to me.  If the data collection and reporting by these two entities is so inaccurate for truck campers, why should anyone believe their accounting of other RV types is accurate?  Are industry leaders that gullible?

Sounds like the RVIA seal is about profits for the RVIA.  It also sounds like we may be paying $63 for a “Bernie Madoff” sticker.  If they can only keep the industry believing.

I think the unfortunate part is that they may believe their own statistics and feel the truck camper audience is so small that they don’t need to respond.” – Joseph Garrett, 2008, Chevrolet 2500, 2005 Northwood 990

“Until things change, I am glad that Northstar is not a RVIA member.” – Peter Huizenga, 2016 Toyota Tacoma, 2017 Northstar 600SS popup

“As a former publisher of a small-town newspaper for many years, I just wanted to commend Truck Camper Magazine for the effort expended in providing this article.

As one who fully understands (and appreciates) the effort and time involved to properly do the research to put this article together, I think you did a fabulous job.

While your passion for truck campers is quite evident, you were also able to put forth a defensible position for RVIA, Go RVing and SSI (though any defense of their actions as they relate to this piece is painfully weak, at best).  Kudos and keep up the good work.” – Peter Scarnati

“Good job, Gordon!  Is it legal for owners of truck campers to remove the RVIA stickers in protest.  How can we help?” – Lewis E. Turner, 2014 Ford F350, 2008 Northern Lite 9.5 SLE Classic

“I understand your frustrations.  However, the hidden beauty of the misrepresentation of truck camping is our beautiful secret getaways aren’t being inundated by crowds of campers!” – James Schaaf, 2014 Ford F150, 1999 Northstar

“This is the first I’d even heard of Go RVing.  Has anyone ever asked them the reason for their bias?  As far as insurance companies go, a good manufacturers’ association could submit accurate figures.” – Phil Cohen, 2015 Ram 3500, 2018 Northstar Laredo

“Any industry that knowingly makes false statements is, at its core, untrustworthy.  An organization representing an industry that does nothing to correct its false statements is immoral.” – Tom Scholtens, 2010 Chevy 2500 HD, 2013 Bigfoot 25C10.4

“I totally agree with and support the editors of Truck Camper Magazine.  I would like to see much better representation of truck campers in the RV Industry.” – Michael Roth, 2016 Ram 3500, 2016 Alaskan Cabover 8-foot

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