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CB Radios Go Truck Camping

There’s always a good time when a half-dozen or more truck campers cruise down the road together. It’s like something between a motorcycle gang and a truck convoy with a dash of Every Which Way But Loose.  Right turn, Clyde!

To turn a truck camper convoy into a legitimate pickup camper gang, every rig needs a Citizen Band (CB) radio.  While we don’t truck camp with a CB, we have been outfitted with CB technology by fellow TC gang members on such occasions where it was warranted.  It’s good to belong.

There are many advantages to having a CB radio, beyond the ability to communicate with your fellow truck camper cohorts.  For example, you can get weather information, traffic information, and communicate during emergency situations when cell service may be down, or not available.

To that end, we are considering a CB radio for our rig, and want to know what CB radios and antennas other truck campers have.  And don’t worry; no truck camper gang affiliations will be revealed.  Your secret is safe with us.

This week’s Question of the Week is, “Do you have a CB radio in your truck camping truck?”  If you do, tell us why.  We’re also interested in the make and model of CB radio and antenna, and where you installed your CB antenna.

Thank you to Paul Currier for the inspiration for this Question of the Week.  Please fill out the form below to share information about your CB radio and antenna.

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