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Old School Truck Camper Challenge Reveal

It’s time to reveal the three mystery campers from this week’s old school truck camper challenge.  For the photograph posted on Tuesday, we removed the front camper brand ornaments to make it even more challenging.

Here’s the picture with the ornaments in-place:


Left to right: 2013 Alaskan, 1967 Avion, and 1976 Amerigo.  Click to super-size.

We had dozens of readers guess the year and make of these campers, but only Dave MacQuaid and Bradley C. Cutter nailed it.  Our intensive investigations into these correct responses revealed two interesting facts.  First, both correct guessers were at the Mid-Atlantic Truck Camper Rally.  And second, both were actually at the photo shoot.  One was the owner of the 1976 Amerigo for crying out loud.  Is this cheating?  Since we didn’t set any rules, not really.

After the photograph was taken, D suggested Angela drive the truck, with me on the roof, into a different position.  This might be the stupidest thing I’ve ever done for a Truck Camper Magazine photograph, but it sure was fun to be up there as the rig moved.  And I tell folks not to ride “in” a camper!  That’s just funny.


Above: Gordon was driven to take a different angle.  Click to super-size.

When the shoot was over, I climbed down the Northstar ladder and took a few more photos around the three rigs.  From any angle, these campers are really impressive.


Above: These photos were taken immediatley after the shoot.  Click to enlarge.

We want to thank Dave and Nancy Carvalho (2013 Alaskan), D. Gorton and Jane Adams (1967 Avion), and Dave MacQuaid (1976 Amerigo) for helping to make this all possible.  It was great fun.

The Winners

Two Truck Camper Magazine readers guessed correctly.

“2013 Alaskan, 1967 Avion, 1976 Amerigo” – Dave MacQuaid

“2013 Alaskan, 1967 Avion, 1976 Amerigo” – Bradley C. Cutter

Here are all of the truck camper guesses.  Thank you for participating.

“2010 Alaskan, 1967 Avion, 1971 Amerigo ” – Dean Geisenhaver

“2013 Alaskan, 1969 Avion, 1976 Amerigo” – Sean

“Alaskan camper, I can’t see if is a 10 or 8 footer from maybe 1994, Avion 10 foot camper maybe from 67 or 68, Amerigo 10 1/2 footer from 1974 to 76” – Kevin Pinassi

“Alaskan from the 1980s, Avion from the 1960s, Amerigo from the 1970s” – Karen Smith

“Alaskan, Avion, Amerigo” – Cindy McCaleb

“1987 Alaskan, 1965 Avion, 1970 Amerigo” – Patrick Seals

“1976 Alaskan 8ft, 1968 Avion 8ft, 1989 Amerigo 8.0” – Blake Hooper

“Alaskan from 1985, Avion from 1967, Amerigo from 1972” – Hazel Green

“60s Alaskan Camper, 60s Avion, 70s Amerigo” – Thomas H. Coffin

“1980s Alaskan Camper, 1960s Avion, 1974 Amerigo (I had one of these)” – Tom Watson

“1983 Alaskan, 1969 Avion, 1974 Amerigo” – Tim Holman

“69 Alaskan, 67 Avion, 76 Amerigo” – Deb Szekely

“Alaskan maybe 1990, Airstream 1975, Chinook 1985” – Vince

“Alaskan 1960s, Action 1970s, 1980s Challenger” – Duke Klement

“1950 Chinook, 1960 Avion, 1970 Amerigo” – Denver and Linda Woods

“Airstream, Amerigo probably from the 70s (I have a ’71)” – Susan Oliveri

“1968 Alaskan, 1975 Avion, 1989 S&S” – Jim LeMar

“Alaskan 1980s, Avion 1970s, S.S 1990s” – Doug Baughman

“Alaskan, Avion, ?” – Cheryl Lane

“1973 Alaskan, 1979 Avion, 1986 NuWay” – Eddie Hickman

“Alaskan, Avion, S&S” – Walter

“1966 Open Road Balboa Camper, 1968 Avion C11 aluminum camper, 1969 Silver Streak custom camper built for Dodge” – Joseph Brown

“1968 Avion C-10” – Bob Cooke

“1960-something Alaskan, 1970-something Avion, 1980-something American Clipper” – Marty R.

“Alaskan, S&S” – Jerry Rohan

“Alaskan, Avion, S&S” – Tony Clark

“1958 Alaskan, 1965 Airstream, 1978 Weekender” – Phil Sluder

“1980 Travel Mate, 1968 Airstream, 1974 Lark” – Bill Millar

“1960s Alaskan, 1965 Stream line, 1972 Amerigo” – Don

“1968 Alaskan, 1970 Avion/Cayo, 1972 Real Lite” – Gary Lamoree

“1990 Northstar, 1968 Travel Queen, 1972 Dreamer” – Bill Gahafer

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