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26 Dog Mods and 7 Cat Accommodations

Would you go truck camping with six rescue dogs?  How about five Dachshunds?  Perhaps you would prefer an eighteen pound cat?  You will find all of these pets, and mod-ch, mod-ch more in this week’s Question of the Week answers.

This week’s Question of the Week was, “What have you done to your truck camper to make it more pet friendly?”

dog mod stairs

“We have not had to change much in our camper for our five Dachshunds.  Yes, you read that right, five Dachshunds.  The main thing we add is steps on the step up to the cabover so they can get to the bed.  Anyone who has Dachshunds knows that the bed is theirs and they tolerate us to sleep there as well.

dog mod pen

Besides the steps, we have a water bowl with the travel type lid so there are no spills and then a fencing unit to corral the mutts while outside.” – Rich Bain, 1999 Chevy C3500, 2010 Adventurer 810WS

“We didn’t modify anything, but we – two adults, a dog, and a cat – spent three weeks together in our truck camper a year and a half ago when we were between houses.  When on the road, the cat slept in the dog kennel in the pickup’s back seat.  He was fine with riding as long as his dog was nearby (he usually howls like he’s being murdered).

The only problem was getting the cat to adapt to being on a leash in campgrounds.  The litter box was on the shower floor because it was out of the way.  There is a ceiling vent in the bathroom, and a door that closes.” – Philip Tron, 2009 Chevy 3500, 2012 Lance 1050

cat mod graf 4

“For our cat, Sheena, we removed a drawer and its hardware from under the dinette seat.  Since this area was exposed to the storage space below, we enclosed the area.


I built a slide-out tray out of wood, painted it, applied many coats of polyurethane, and filled it with kitty litter.” – Don and Sue Graf, 2008 Ford F350, Arctic Fox 865

“We have made one major modification and several small adaptations to our rig for our four dogs that travel with us.  The kids, er, dogs, range from 45 pounds and are growing to about 90 pounds, so they need some space.

I removed the back seat of our extended cab.  Using slotted angle iron and plywood, I built a bench that is covered with high density foam pads and carpeting.  This provides a large comfortable bench for the kids, a view out for them, and ready access to the window pass-through to the camper.  It also provides us with well protected storage space underneath, and plenty of room for their treats and water while on the road.

With sliding windows on both the camper and truck, I built a boot to seal the opening.  The gap was too wide for the inflatable ones.  We keep the two sliding windows open 99% of the time.

When on the road, I keep one of the camper roof vents cracked to pull air from the cab through the camper.  One of the kids, our old man, prefers the bench in the camper with his head in the opening.  He gets a view out the front window, some space from the young’uns, and a breeze in his face, yet is still within easy reach for a treat.  We try to keep the bench in the camper partially clear for the kids to use while driving. Although they get along, they do need some space when road weary.

I built a carpeted platform that slides into the trailer hitch receiver when camped.  This provides a step for us and for the dogs to go in and out of the camper.  While we can use the bumper to step on, they are unable to.

We also have a few decorations on the camper, including dog print stickers, to remind us of who is in charge.” – Bill Peters, 2013 Chevy Silverado, 2013 Four Wheel Camper Hawk


“We keep the litter box for our camper cat, Spridgy, in the back seat space of our quad cab truck.  I didn’t like any of the various pass-through window boots available commercially, so I made something myself.

I had some two inch thick, medium density foam laying around and I cut four properly sized pieces to put into the pass-through window to cover the two sides, top, and bottom.  When we stop to camp, I open both the camper and the truck slider windows and install the foam pieces.  The pieces of foam fit tightly enough that they hold themselves in place.

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