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Sixty Truck Camping Plans for 2015

“I hope to start in a few weeks with a trout fishing trip to Arkansas to evaluate some of our new Trout Magnet lures for fly fishing.  This trip will last only for a short period.  Note: I never put a time period on my trips since I am retired.

We are planning on leaving around the first of June with our two teenage granddaughters to visit the places we worked with in Moore, Oklahoma and see how they are doing.  Then we plan on heading west where we eventually hope to visit the Grand Canyon with the girls.  If we have time, we will visit some other places in Arizona before putting the girls on a plane to return home.

After the girls are gone, we will get up each morning and decide which way to go that day.  I am hoping that some of those days will include a trout stream where I can let folks know about our trout lures.  This could all change if there are disasters that will need us.  But I pray that 2015 will be as quiet as 2014 was.” – Ed Krech, 2006 Dodge 3500, 2011 Northern Lite 8-11

“Spring will find us traveling around the Olympics in Washington, then to the Willamette Valley, Oregon to end up in La Grande, Oregon for the Northwood Owners Association Rally.  In August we’ll head towards Williamsburg, Virginia for the East Coast Northwood Owners Association Rally, followed by a visit to the upper east area.  We should be able to return to northeast Oregon in time for Elk Camp.” – Bob Nelson, 2015 GMC Sierra 3500, 2013 Arctic Fox 1140

“Our big trip to the East Coast starts next Sunday, March 8th.  More or less, we’ll take Highway 40 to Tennessee, and turn north to Baltimore.  Our daughter is presenting her Phd thesis.  After our Baltimore visit, we’ll go south to Key West, and cross that off the bucket list.  Returning across I-10, we’ll turn northwest at Houston, and go up to Utah and return to California.  We’ll be back in time for the Four Wheel Camper Rally in Napa Valley.  Later in the summer, we’ll go to Glacier National Park.  It’s going to be a good year.” – Bill Harr, 2005 Toyota Tundra, 2013 Four Wheel Camper Hawk

“We will be leaving our home in Blairsville, Georgia in July with our Jeep Wrangler Unlimited in tow for the San Juan Mountains in southwestern Colorado.  We will be visiting Durango, Silverton, Telluride, Ridgeway, and Ouray.  We will be camping in Ouray for two months to enjoy the Hot Springs, and the world class Jeep/off-road trails. The many beautiful trails include: Imogene Pass, Engineer Pass, Black Bear and more. These scenic trails are many places that are unbelievably beautiful and will not be seen by those who do not own a four-wheel drive vehicle.  A recent article in Truck Camper Magazine showcased a Dodge pickup, 4X4 with a camper enjoying many of these trails. Just spectacular!” – Warne Todd, 2000 Ford F250, 2005 Lance 981

“We’re going to Disney World for our 25th wedding anniversary and staying at Fort Wilderness.  Then we’ll be off to Fort Desoto campground by Saint Pete for another week of fun in the sun and kayaking!

We are gearing up to retire spring of 2016 when we’ll leave the mountains of western North Carolina and head up the East Coast into Canada and head across to Alaska.  Guess we’ll head home sometime after that – maybe!” – Laurie Brokaw, 2006 Ford F250, 2010 Lance 850

“There are several plans this year, but the one we are really looking forward to is going to the Kentucky Derby in May.  It should be a three or four week trip, with five days at the derby.  It is a long trip to take for two minutes of racing, but the celebration that goes on with it should be a lot of fun.

Some side trips this year will be to the Oregon coast for crab fishing, and McCall, Idaho for the 4th of July celebration.  We have already spent the months of January and February in Lake Havasu, Arizona for a little winter warmth.  And then there are the usual hunting trips in Idaho in the fall.” – David Donovan, 2007 Chevy 3500, 2012 Chalet TS116

“I’ll be doing ten to twelve race weekends with my Boxster race car at venues such as Laguna Seca, Sonoma, and Thunderhill Raceways.  I plan to do a ten day fly fishing trip with a friend to Montana.  My wife and I are considering an East Coast fall color trip as we did about forty years ago!” – Chuck Krause, 2011 Ford F250, Adventurer 89FB

“We don’t usually make plans.  Our truck camping trips start at the end of the street with a simple question, “Left or right?”  The wife picks a starting direction and off we go to discover something new.” – Bill Gage, 2003 Ram 2500, 2007 Northstar TC650

“Since we live in Maine, our first trip will probably be in April to Acadia National Park and Blackwood’s Campground.  It’s a two hour trip for us from Jefferson, Maine.  Acadia is really wonderful and there is easy access to the ocean.

Our second trip is already reserved with a group of camping friends at Cathedral Pines campground in Eustice, Maine over Memorial weekend time.  It’s a wonderful campground with nicely separated sites and facilities.  It sits on the shore of the Dead River, which feeds Flagstaff Lake.  If conditions allow, we will go early and boondock on Flagstaff Lake for at least one night.

Our favored style of camping is off-the-grid as much as we can, and we do find many opportunities here in Maine.  If we were able, we would love to go to Newfoundland again as well as Labrador where we have not been.  The wonderful stories on TCM really get us wanting to go, for sure.  A big problem for many of us this year is, will the snow melt enough to get our rigs out?” – Jim and Genie Dailey, 2005 Dodge Ram 2500HD, 1997 Shadow Cruiser

“To answer the easy ‘why’ question is – pick one: 1. never been there, or 2. been there, and want to go back.  I like quiet, solitude and peaceful reflections with my favorite adult beverage, feeling like I am the last person on Earth.  I tend to look for places less visited by my fellow BDBs (boondocking buddies).  I tend to use interstate roads but, once I cross the Mississippi River, I earnestly start looking for the old U.S. routes, state, county and dirt roads – the roads less traveled.

My first major stop will be in the Black Hills of South Dakota, specifically boondocking south of Wall, just outside Badlands Park, on route 240.  Then I’ll go cross country to French Creek Campground in Buffalo Gap National Grasslands through the southern half of Black Hills National Forest into Wyoming and the Thunder Basin National Grasslands for more boondocking along route 450.  West of Buffalo Wyoming is Bighorn National Forest.  I will cross it on U.S.16 in the south and then re-enter in the north and make a loop on U.S.14 and 14A.

I will take U.S. 310 northward to U.S.212 and head south on the Beartooth National Scenic Highway into Yellowstone National Park.  We then go east on U.S. 26 to an intersection just before Dubois.  We will take forestry and township roads (240, 263 and 352) cross Bridger Teton National Forest to U.S. 189 north.  After a short visit to the Granite Creek hot springs, we will boondock in Bridger Teton National Forest overlooking the town of Jackson and the Teton Mountains, and head into Idaho on U.S. 26.

We’ll travel north of Arco on U.S. 93 to an unnamed road and cross the mountains to Sun Valley/Ketchum to visit friends.  Then, we’ll travel through Sawtooth National Forest to Stanley, west on 21 to Hells Canyon and get a jet boat ride.  From there, I’ll go north on U.S. 95, then 12 and State 11 to Headquarters and through Clearwater National Forest and into Montana at Superior on I-90.

We want to see northwestern Montana and the Kootenai National Forest using gravel forestry roads before skirting Glacier to the south (a later trip) and, by way of Flathead, Lewis and Clark, Gallatin and Custer National Forests, we will start to head home.  Total trip time, three months, give or take a week or three.

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