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Top Secret 2016 RV Products Revealed

Happijac Company, Hellwig Products, Rieco-Titan Products, Roadmaster, SuperSprings International, and Torklift International reveal six all-new RV products for 2016.  Vote for your favorite.


Two weeks ago, we challenged the leading-edge gear manufacturers in the truck camper industry to reveal what they’re developing for 2016.  We were absolutely shocked when they responded with detailed preliminary information on what’s cooking in their workshops, laptops, and laboratories for next year.

Make no mistake folks, this is a very rare sneak peek into the future of truck camper gear.  We can hardly believe they gave us access to this information, much less allowed us to reveal it.

At the time of publishing, there was no official photography or final specifications available for these products as they are still deep in research and development.  The purpose of this article is announce these exciting new products, and to gauge consumer interest.  At the end of the article there’s a short survey where you can vote for your favorite new product.

Happijac Pink-Buckles

Over the past decade, women have emerged as an increasingly important part of the truck camper marketplace.  Truck Camper Magazine’s own 2015 annual readership survey revealed that 12% of our readership are women.  While this is still a relatively small part of our readership, female readership and interest in truck campers has been growing steadily and shows no signs of slowing down.

To attract this increasing market opportunity, Happijac will be debuting its most popular turnbuckle system in hot pink for 2016.  Happijac Pink-Buckles will be otherwise identical to the standard stainless steel Happijac turnbuckle system, but will feature a hot pink powder coat on the turnbuckle barrel.  An optional set of hot pink Happijac Quik-Loads will also be made available with a stainless steel body and reinforced half-inch solid steel round hook.

Happijac also revealed that they are considering other hot pink products including hot pink powder coated camper jacks.  A set of Happijac 4800 series jacks has already been powder coated in hot pink, installed on a truck camper, and is on tour for testing with LA-based techno band Hot Pink Ferrari.

For more information about Happijac Company, visit

Hellwig Hair Wigs

Behind the scenes, TCM collaborates with interested truck camper manufacturers and gear companies to provide product and marketing consulting.  During our consultations with Hellwig Products in 2014 it was revealed – much to our surprise – that an inordinate amount of in-bound phone calls to Hellwig are for hair wigs.

According to Hellwig, these calls have presented a considerable nuisance cluttering available phone lines for legitimate Hellwig products including sway bars, helper springs, air springs, and self-adjusting stabilizers.

In response to this disclosure, we suggested, “Why leave all that potential business on the table?  If folks want Hellwig hair wigs, give them Hellwig hair wigs!”

We didn’t hear back from Hellwig Products for several months after that phone call, but they eventually came back to us with a plan to release not just one Hellwig hair wig, but a full line.

For 2016, Hellwig Products will ship the Hellwig Wild Wig with built-in cowlick, the Hellwig Swig Wig featuring a 64-ounce drink holder, and the Hellwig Twig Wig for skinny people.  Furthermore, every Hellwig Hair Wig product will feature steel elements forged at their Visalia, California headquarters, and will be available in Hellwig electric blue, lemon yellow, or swirled.

How the 2016 Hellwig Hair Wigs will complement Hellwig Product’s existing suspension gear remains to be seen.  We’re also unclear as to whether these wigs can be counted as truck camper gear, but our readership data does show a strong interest in hair products, and anything forged in steel.

For more information about Hellwig Products, visit

Rieco-Titan Jack Snacker and Jack Sacks

Reico-Titan decided to share not one, but two products they’re working on for 2016.

The first new Rieco-Titan product recognizes the fact that (a) truck campers like to be outside, and (b) truck campers like to eat snacks.  The Rieco-Titan Jack Snacker is set to take campsite snack convenience to an entirely new level.  The magnetic pouch puts campsite snacks where you want them – on your Rieco-Titan corner jacks.

Finally, you won’t have to open the camper door to get a cracker.  Just open your Jack Snacker, get some snacks, and go.  To complement the Jack Snacker, Rieco-Titan is also considering a line of snack products called Jack Crackers, and Jack Cracker Cheese.

The second planned Rieco-Titan product is called the Jack Sack.  The Rieco-Titan Jack Sack will be a convenient fabric weather shield designed to protect Rieco-Titan jacks from the elements.  If you need to store your camper outside, a set of four Jack Sacks will cover the entire length of individual corner jacks and protect the jack motor, tube, and feet from rain, snow, and UV sunlight.

According to Rieco-Titan, Jack Sacks could also be used during long-term camping situations, or – when not being used for camper jacks – for fishing poles, wrapping paper, camera tripods, and artificial Christmas trees.  Rieco-Titan is looking to have Jack Sacks available in camo, florescent yellow, and matte black by the Fall of 2016.

For more information about Rieco-Titan, visit

Roadmaster FastMaster

Beach camping and truck campers are a tradition that goes back for decades.  We have talked to dozens of truck camper owners over the years who trace their beach camping experiences as far back as the mid-1960s.  Partnered with with four-wheel drive trucks, truck campers are the prefect RV for beach camping.

An important part the culture of beach camping with a truck camper is flying a flag, or two, or three.  Flags are an established way beach campers show their patriotism, affiliations, and interests.  Some truck campers simply hoist an American flag while others run the Jolly Roger, Don’t Tread on Me, military flags, sports team flags, college flags, and various club flags.

Roadmaster is seeking to support this beach camping tradition with a new product designed to make flying flags on the beach from a truck camper rig quicker, easier, and more visible; the Roadmaster FastMaster.  With the supplied Roadmaster Dual Hitch Receiver, the FastMaster attaches quickly to the rear of a truck and extends instantly to a height of over 40-feet ensuring that your flags are always higher than the next guys.

For high wind conditions, the FastMaster will be stabilized with technology borrowed from Roadmaster’s Reflex Steering Stabilizer.  With this feature, the FastMaster can withstand wind speeds up to a Category 2 Hurricane (up to 110 mph).  When the other folks have to take down their flags and run for cover, your flag will fly high and proud with the Roadmaster FastMaster.

An optional heavy-duty marine-grade FastMaster cover will be available to protect your FastMaster from dirt and road grime while in transit.  A 75-foot high model is also under development and will debut in late 2016 as the FastMaster 2.

For more information about Roadmaster, visit

SuperSprings SumoSlices

In almost every truck used to haul a camper, one can find rub marks where the camper has come into contact with the truck bed and left a scratch, smudge, or smear.  Even in our nearly brand-new 2014 Ram 3500 there are already a few scratches from loading campers.  We could get a spray liner to protect the truck bed, but spray liners are heavy, and subtract valuable wheel well space for loading.  Our camper is already a very tight load.

While at the meat counter at the local grocery store, a representative at SuperSprings recently had an idea while watching his salami order get cut into sandwich thick slices.  What would happen if he took their popular SumoSpring airless airbag product and sliced it, like a delicious salami, into thin slices for use as stick-on bumper pads?  The SumoSprings patented microcellular urethane material offers progressive load engagement and, if placed properly, would prevent a truck and camper from coming into direct contact.

That night the SuperSprings representative went to Bed Bath and Beyond, bought a Chef’s Choice Gourmet Electric Food Slicer, and got to work.  Over the next few weeks, he meticulously dialed in the slice thickness and tested the SumoSlices on a truck and camper using removable Command Hook tape.  The Sumo slices worked like a charm, protecting the truck bed from scratches, and giving the camper and extra “squishy” feel when loaded.

While still in the testing phase, SuperSprings hopes release SumoSlices in early 2016.  SumoSlices will be sold by the pound and in various thicknesses.

For more information about SuperSprings International, visit

Torklift International GlowDirt

Debuted in 2013 as part of their popular GlowStep camper step and handrail line, the Torklift International Dirt Destroyer was an exciting breakthrough product in the truck camper interior cleanliness category.  Never before had any company successfully attempted to prevent dirt from entering a truck camper.

After years and years of dirt accumulation, it’s no wonder that many truck campers were over payload.  A cubic yard of dirt can weigh over 1,700 pounds.  Thanks to Torklift International, and their revolutionary Dirt Destroyer, this once hidden “Dirt Weight” is no longer a problem.

To further demonstrate the effectiveness of their Dirt Destroyer product, Torklift International’s team of engineers are currently developing a new product, Torklift GlowDirt.  Torklift GlowDirt looks, feels, smells, and tastes exactly like average Grade-A US dirt, but it has a unique feature.  When the lights go out, GlowDirt glows.

With Torklift GlowDirt, you will be able to test the Dirt Destroyer by simply sprinkling a few pounds of GlowDirt outside of your truck camper.  Once applied, use your campsite as normal; walk around your camper, de-dirt your shoes with Dirt Destroyer, and enter your camper.  When night falls, Torklift International’s GlowDirt will glow to reveal where the dirt is, and is not, inside your truck camper – no blacklight necessary!

Other benefits of GlowDirt include lighting the area around your camper at night, repelling most breeds of mosquitoes, fire ants, and furry varmints, and – in conjunction with the Torklift Fortress Fortress GasLock, PowerLock, PowerArmor, and Lock and Load – add an additional layer of security to your truck camper.  Should a thief enter the area around your camper during the day, GlowDirt will reveal their tracks that night.

Torklift GlowDirt will be available in regular and Magnum sizes (for multi-slide camper applications).  Torklift GlowDirt will be 100% made in the USA at Torklift International in Sumner, Washington and comes with Torklift International’s Legendary Lifetime Warranty.

To learn more about Torklift International, visit

Happy April Fools!

Sorry folks, none of the above products or announcements are real.  This is just Truck Camper Magazine having a bit of April Fools’ Day fun.  Please don’t call Happijac and order pink turnbuckles.  And for goodness sake, don’t contact Hellwig Products for a Wild Wig.  These products are all creations from the warped mind of yours truly.

If having a little fun is a crime, lock me up – preferably with a complete DVD collection of the Three Stooges, Soupy Sales doing White Fang, a few Firesign Theater LPs, and the keys.  Besides, it’s important to keep one’s sense of humor sharp.  If unused, funny bones can deteriorate leading to GPS, aka Grumpy Person Syndrome.  Please don’t let this happen to you.

Vote For Your Favorite April Fools’ Product

To prove that this whole April Fools’ thing can be more than shoes and giggles, and to test my “humor is good for humanity” hypothesis, we have created a survey so you can vote for your favorite April Fools’ Day truck camper gear product.

Here are the results of the April Fools’ Day Product Survey


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