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Truck Camping In Ireland

Paul: The only modifications were designed in to provide a set of bunk beds for the kids. Other than that it was just a case of adding the fixing points to the Land Rover.

TCM: What do you like to do when you go out truck camping?

Paul: I’m into climbing and canoeing.  The camper provides an ideal home away from home on trips.  Our climate in Ireland can be pretty wet, so a dry and warm base is ideal.  In winter, I often head out to Scotland to climb (ice, snow, and mixed).  I’m hoping the truck camper will save the hassle of trying to find a base while following the best conditions.  It also allows a great deal of freedom to get away as a family with the kids.  We intend to go to England this summer and probably down to the Alps next year.

TCM: What’s it like to go truck camping in Ireland?

Paul: So far it’s great!  One of the reasons behind the purchase of a truck camper was the ability to fully explore the west coast of Ireland.  There are lots of small beaches and coves.  Although Ireland is a small country, it is sparsely populated in places, so getting away from folks is easy enough.

TCM: Could someone fly in and rent a truck camper in Ireland?

Paul: I don’t think anybody is hiring truck campers here.  The rental companies have moved to fixed-body campers.  As far as I know, there is only my camper and one other here in Ireland.  I’ve seen a few in England, and I hired a truck camper in Scotland before I bought my own.  There are lots of companies renting fixed-body campers, which should be fine for a trip.

TCM: Have you been anywhere else in your truck camper outside of Ireland?

Paul: Just Ireland so far, but were planning for further afield.


TCM: Is Ireland truck camper friendly?

Paul: Ireland is pretty friendly all round.  You really have to try to upset people before you get any hassle.  Some communities have a bit of hassle from travelers ( Irish gypsies that are recognized as a separate ethnic grouping).  Genuine tourists are recognized and welcomed as such.  So there is no difficulty truck camping.

TCM: Are there any special rules about having truck campers in Ireland?

Paul: No, but I get lots of interest in the rig from owners of fixed-body campers.

TCM: What are some of the most amazing places that you would recommend others go to as they travel through Ireland?

Paul: The north and west coasts are spectacular.  The Atlantic Ocean spans all the way to America and constantly pounds the shore.  If your truck camper could float, you could drive the 3,000 or so miles.  The beaches are some of the best in the world and you can access most of them by truck camper.  I’ll do a more detailed response on this point in the future.

TCM: What unexpected challenges have you faced on your truck camping adventures?

Paul: I’ve bought a set of sand ladders and put them behind the rear cab seats for the inevitable day when I get stuck.  There’s also a 9,000-pound capacity winch on the garage floor that needs a service before fitting.  That should extract me from most things.  So far, despite best efforts, no epics.


TCM: Where do you typically camp?

Paul: I use a mixture of campsites and wild camps.  The best so far goes to Omey Island followed closely by a wild camp at a small fishing peir called “Port”.  It’s in County Donegal.  We spent a night there in March and didn’t see another soul until two fishermen came down to tend their lobster pots the next morning.  They said, “Hello” and went about their business.

TCM: What’s next for you in your truck camping future?

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