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Torklift International StableLoad Quick Disconnect Review

New Horizons Outdoors in Douglasville, Georgia installs a set of Torklift International StableLoad Quick Disconnect Lower Overloads on Truck Camper Magazine’s 2013 Chevy 3500 for a test and review.


Jack Kay, Owner and Vice President of Operations for Torklift International, sent in a response to the following review of the Torklift International StableLoad Quick Disconnect; Manufacturer Comments

In 2012, we shared our personal truck selection and camper matching saga in three articles; TCM Debuts 2013 Chevy Silverado 3500, The Payload Match Challenge 1, and The Payload Match Challenge Part 2.

In those stories, we revealed exactly why we selected our current truck, and how we matched it to a 2013 Lance 855-S.  In fact, we went into such excruciating detail that many readers have teased us at RV shows and rallies.  I mean who weighs their cat as part of their payload calculations?  We do.

While some may find it laughable, ridiculous, or just too much work to go to the lengths we did to (a) select a truck and (b) payload match it to a camper, we believe it’s important to practice what we preach, and to experience, as much as possible, what the typical consumer goes through during that process.  We learned a tremendous amount during that experience and did our best to share every ounce of it here in Truck Camper Magazine.

As a result of all that effort, we were rewarded with a truck and camper match that needed nothing; no air bags, no springs, so struts, no special shocks, no sway bars, no upgraded wheels and tires, nada.  These suspension enhancement products may improve the ride and handling of our truck and camper, but the stock truck itself handled the loaded camper well.

Overstated Bravado

Guys at rallies like to ask, “So what kinds of suspension mods are on your rig?”  At that point I should point my camera at their face to catch the look of complete shock when I would say, “Nothing.  The truck is completely stock.  Just like the day we picked it up at the dealer.  It’s naked.”  The really funny part is watching these guys look at our rig again, and then nonchalantly walk over to our rear wheels for a close inspection.

In truth, my naked truck bravado was a bit overstated.  Although our truck and camper rig handled beautifully with or without the truck camper loaded, there was a problem.  When we were going down the highway at night, people were flicking their high beams at us.  Upon reflection, we realized that the headlights on the truck must be raised just enough to be pointing into traffic.  While the truck and camper were properly payload matched, the loaded camper did cause the rig to sag.

Looking straight at the rig from all angles, we really struggled to see this sag.  If it was there, it was very slight.  We could of just adjusted the headlights, but I didn’t want to mask the problem.  If the rig was sagging, even a little, we wanted to find the most efficient and effective solution available and solve it.  Time for an aftermarket suspension enhancement product.

TCM’s Suspension Enhancement Position

Truck Camper Magazine’s position on aftermarket suspension enhancement products is simple.  First and foremost, always properly match your truck and camper.

Second, only use suspension enhancement products to solve the problems you experience with your rig.  For example, if your rig has too much sway, get a sway bar, but not until you experience too much sway.

While suspension enhancement products can make dramatic differences to the handling and performance of your truck and camper combination, they also cost money, add weight to your rig, and subtract payload capacity.  Our advice is to match your rig properly first, then add the suspension enhancement products you need to solve the ride and handling problems you have.  Don’t spend money or add weight unless you need to.

Torklift International Quick Disconnect Lower Overloads

Torklift International’s StableLoads are designed to pre-load the factory overload springs by engaging the overload springs before the truck sags.  Conceptually, they seemed like an elegant and non-invasive solution to the problem we were experiencing.

We then contacted Torklift International, told them about our truck, explained our sag problem, and sent a few pictures of our rear spring back.  To solve our sag, they recommended and sent us a set of Torklift International Quick Disconnect Lower Overloads.

We were surprised that Torklift had sent the StableLoad Quick Disconnect Lower Overloads as the StableLoad Upper Overloads appeared to be the more appropriate StableLoad product given our application.  In retrospect, we should have contacted Torklift International with our concerns, but we did not.

New Horizons Outdoors Installs the StableLoads

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