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The 2023 Most Funny and Most Practical Mod Winners

The Most Funny Modder of 2023 literally had us repeatedly laughing out loud. The most practical is a mod that many truck campers will likely consider, and it’s affordable. And the Most Funny and Most Practical Modders of 2023 are…

2023 Top Mod Most Funny Practical

For the second year in a row, we held a contest within the mod contest for the most funny and most practical mod of the year. The most funny mod was selected by yours truly, Knucklehead in Chief. The most practical was selected by Angela, Editor and Queen of Truck Camper Magazine. If who picked which award doesn’t make sense to you, this must be your first TCM article.

The Most Funny Modder of 2023

Let there be no doubt that I try my hardest to make sure that each and every Email Alert and article goes out with positive vibes and just a dash (okay, make it a dollop) of humor. With so much darkness in the world, I want Truck Camper Magazine to be at least a sliver of light in your day.

With that goal in mind, I created the Most Funny Modder of the Year award. And boy did I find exactly what I was looking for this year. I’m not just talking about a chuckle here and there. Oh no. The winner had me laughing out loud several times!

And the winner of the Most Funny Modder of 2023 is…

John Johnson of North Carolina for his Truck Camper Dual Table System

Dual Tables In A Truck Camper Dinette

Congratulations, John!

I was immediately laughing in the first paragraph when you said, “Obviously, the original table had died at some point in its 30-year history.” It was all downhill from there, in a very good (and hysterical) way; the ‘traffic game dance’, ‘that butt skooch’, ‘a truly strange wedgie’, and ‘STOOPID (don’t say it! Not a word!). Love it!

Thank you for bringing the fun and funny to our mod contest, and please enter more mods next year!

The Most Practical Modder of 2023

Where I look for funny, Angela looks for mods that make sense, are useful for the widest number of truck camper owners, and are both affordable and approachable to execute. In other words, practical.

And the winner of the Most Practical Modder of 2023 is…

We have two winners!

Andy Kelly of Pennsylvania for his 3M Command Strip Broom Holders Secure Shower Hose

3M Command RV Shower Fix

Kelly W. of Three Forks, Montana with her Handle Holders Bottle It Up

Handle Holders Bottle It Up

Congratulations, Andy and Kelly!

Your mods showcase the extremely sensible, useful, and versatile uses of affordable 3M Command Strip Broom Grippers. We use this exact product in our camper for a full-sized broom in our dry bath, but never considered the other purposes of 3M Broom Grippers.

How many fellow campers have a wet or dry bath shower with a wandering shower hose? The bottle idea is perfect to keep glass bottles from doing exactly what they want to do when traveling off-road; smash most triumphantly all over the floor. Been there and cleaned that up, many times.

And here’s what our three Funny and Most Practical Mod Winners have won:

Top Gun T Shirt Illustration

Your Top Mod T-Shirts are in the mail. Wear them with pride!

Thank you to everyone – funny, practical, or not – who entered this year’s Top Mod competition.


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